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  • New Yorkers Resists Gun Bill

    New Yorkers Resists Gun Bill

    Non-Compliance Resistance Evident at Buffalo vs NY State Q & A Forum on the Arms Bill! One New Yorker says he fought communism overseas only to find it here. One New Yorker mentioned Hitler.

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  • Newtown Dad Defends 2nd Amendment

    Newtown Dad Defends 2nd Amendment

    Newtown, CT resident Bill Stevens, whose daughter Victoria attends Sandy Hook Elementary School did a fantastic job explaining gun ownership and our 2nd Amendment rights to Congress! Spread it around.

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  • Pure Bred Puppies Are In Pain

    Pure Bred Puppies Are In Pain

    Genetic Selection in dog breeding is actually hurting dogs, one spaniel even having a skull that was too small for his brain. I heard rumors about the “pure breeding” of dogs being actually painful for them, but here is scientific proof. Go to Another good website about creation and science is Cornwall Alliance. (Photo: My darling dogs, Daisy and Buddy)

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  • Beyonce’s Pyramid Hand Symbol at SuperBowl?

    Beyonce’s Pyramid Hand Symbol at SuperBowl?

    Warning: Skip to 6:33 minute mark to avoid X rated lyrics Satanic, Occult, Freemason and Illuminati symbols litter hip hop and rap videos if you go to youtube and do a little research. I googled Beyonce’s strange Superbowl hand symbol and found this article. Newsmax reports, “I understand Beyoncé was making hand symbols of, what else, a pyramid, or triangle if you will, which is a sign of the Illuminati and the New World Order, at the end of the [...]

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  • Who Is Suhail Kahn?!

    Who Is Suhail Kahn?!

    Who is Suhail Kahn?! I was at CPAC 2012 finishing an interview in a busy, crowded hallway, when I bumped into Politichick Ann Marie and she excitedly told me about her encounter with Suhail Kahn! I had never heard of him! Who is he? Ann Marie said Suhail Kahn is, “One of the top people at CPAC, started in the Bush administration…” Apparently he has infiltrated conservative politics and he is also tied to the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood. [...]

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  • Government Squeezing Out Small Farmers

    Government Squeezing Out Small Farmers

    Government is growing too big. This is a Free Market issue. Small farmers are being squeezed out by the Government. This is part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 to separate American citizens from their private property. Go to Agenda21today. Story here. The Institute for Justice is helping fight this.

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  • Here’s the Irishman!  (from Mark Levin Show)

    Here’s the Irishman! (from Mark Levin Show)

    We all fell in love with him as he spoke on the Mark Levin show, expressing his love for America and his frustration at waiting for 9 years to be a U.S. Citizen, only to see illegal immigrants get special treatment. Jonathon Dunne writes a weekly blog for Young Patriots. God bless him and bring him here to join our fight to save freedom!

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  • “On Fire For God”

    “On Fire For God”

    My young friend Tessa texted that she went to church yesterday and was inspired to be ” On Fire For God.” That phrase is sitting in my brain and won’t leave. “I am second” is also stuck in my mind. Pressure and stress leave me when I realize that the world does not revolve around me; when I realize I was created to bring glory to God, our Creator, not to myself. “It’s not about me,” is how Rick Warren [...]

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  • Obama Fails E-Verify –  (good video)

    Obama Fails E-Verify – (good video)

    Homemaker Linda Jordan decided she was the employer of Barack Obama and she should run an “E-Verify” on the guy. Like about 59 other American citizens, she legally challenged Obama’s identity. In August, 2011, using his current Social Security #, E-Verify said that Obama was found “ineligible” to work in the United States! The story broke on 9/11/2011. Jordan spent a year making a case, which was dismissed. She filed an appeal. The Washington State Supreme Court dismissed Linda Jordan’s [...]

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  • My Gun Story

    My Gun Story

    In 1981, I was held up at gunpoint by a 6′ tall man with dreadlocks in the parking lot of the Variety Arts Center on Figueroa St. in downtown L.A. I was leaving my cigarette girl job in my French maid costume with my bag full of 20 hard-earned one dollar bills. Tips. My stupid-red-Dodge-used-car wouldn’t start as usual. It was 1 a.m. Suddenly, a man’s face and a gun were at my window, the gun pointed toward my face. [...]

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  • Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America

    Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America

    Vietnamese Communist Survivor , Quang Nyugen says communism is here in the U.S. 1) Obama’s Associates (Frank Davis,Jarrett, Axelrod, Ayres, Van Jones, etc.) 2) Obama’s Policies. (Executive Orders, Socialized Medicine, Ignoring Constitution, etc.) Quang says, “The only difference between socialism and communism is one has an AK 47.” Coming to the United States as a 12 year old immigrant, and then learning English and becoming a U.S. Citizen the legal way, Quang explains that SB1070 is not “discrimination.” Quang says [...]

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  • I Love Weird Al

    I Love Weird Al

    Stumbled upon this Weird Al video, “Tech Support.” I laughed out loud. I was lucky enough to play his love interest in his movie, “UHF.” Watch it. The best comedy is clean – Weird Al, I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, etc.

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