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  • Little Boy Street Preacher in NC

    Little Boy Street Preacher in NC

    I like street preachers. Do they make Christians look nuts? Are they too in-your-face? Is it rude? When I see them preaching God’s Word on the street I feel a flutter of joy in my heart and wish I was brave enough to be a street preacher too. Is this street preacher father goading on or brainwashing his son? Well, isn’t the gay couple who adopt a chid forcing their child to support their worldview? Aren’t they brainwashing their child [...]

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  • One World Government (video)

    One World Government (video)

    New World Order? Oligarchy? Fulfilled Prophecy? This 2 hour video, “Fall of the Republic” is very informative. Global elites pulling the strings? Can we fight back?

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  • New World Order (video)

    New World Order (video)

    Illuminati? Rothschilds? One World Government? Global Governance? Population Control? Agenda 21? Conspiracy Theory or Fact? Biblical Prophecy? I know a presidential candidate who went to the Bohemian Grove. He said it was “pagan” and he would never go back. I know a man whose job is to implement Agenda 21, the United Nations plan to separate private property from U.S. citizens. Watch and learn.

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  • Miracle of Birth (must see video)

    Miracle of Birth (must see video)

    As Jim Riley put it, “Life. The ultimate adventure. Praise God.”

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  • The Paralyzing Guilt of Abortion

    The Paralyzing Guilt of Abortion

    Katherine Davis, President of The Restoration Project, and a popular speaker for the National Black Pro-Life Coalition,, says abortion is causing devastation in every black community; the Pro-Choice movement has “taken the baby out of the equation,” and those who used to fight for “safe, legal and rare” now want the right to abort a baby even up to the 9th month. Katherine’s pro-life conviction began at a lunch hour Bible study in VA and then she read the [...]

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  • Brigitte Gabriel Comes to FL !

    Brigitte Gabriel Comes to FL !

    Powerful, passionate, brave, well-informed, “fire-cracker” Brigitte Gabriel and her ACT for AMERICA came to Dr. Dozier’s Worlwide Christian Center this week to inspire and educate us on the imminent danger of Islam. There were at least 4 bodyguards in the room. The church was packed with people, standing room only. Brigitte’s testimony starts in Lebanon where she was raised in a Christian family whose home was bombed by radical Muslims. She was rescued from under the rubble of her fallen [...]

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  • My New Movie “Marriage Material”

    My New Movie “Marriage Material”

    Here are two trailers to Marriage Material, a romantic comedy written by Ann Fishman coming out soon. We shot the film in Palm Beach, FL last summer and it was a blast!

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  • 85 Year Old Compares Obama to Hitler

    85 Year Old Compares Obama to Hitler

    Austria 1938. Kitty Werthmann is 85 years old. She describes how Austria was taken over by a dictator. It can’t happen here? “America truly is the Greatest Country in the World” By: Kitty Werthmann “What I am about to tell you is something you’ve probably never heard or will ever read in history books. I believe that I am an eyewitness to history. I cannot tell you that Hitler took Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history. We [...]

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  • Woman Escapes Iraq to Be Free From Islam, Rape & Execution

    Woman Escapes Iraq to Be Free From Islam, Rape & Execution

    Akeela Hayder Green has quite an amazing life story! She was sent to Iraq from England by her wealthy Muslim father and British mother to be married off (sold) at age 15. She was raped by an uncle, and due for an “honor killing” (shot in the street), so a relative took her to a backwoods doctor to “sew her up” so she would “bleed” on her wedding night. For two years she lived in a Muslim family, learning the [...]

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  • “How to Avoid Rape” by Julie Borowski

    “How to Avoid Rape” by Julie Borowski

    Julie (Token Libertarian Girl) does it again! She makes me laugh and makes a good, conservative point. I love her.

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  • I love this Funny Girl!!!

    I love this Funny Girl!!!

    Who is Token Libertarian Girl who makes all these hilarious, smart videos? It’s Julie Borowski. She’s 24 and describes herself as “a Policy Analyst who loves dogs and makes YouTube videos about libertarianism.” It’s encouraging to know there are more and more young people starting to “get it.”

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  • The Real War on Women: Pornography & Sex Slavery

    The Real War on Women: Pornography & Sex Slavery

    Jeff Shaw of Atlanta started a ministry called “Out of Darkness” that frees women and children from sexual slavery and the sex trafficking industry. He boldly proclaims the gospel of Christ and how Jesus can free us from the bondage of sin and addiction whether it’s pornography, alcohol, cigarettes or ice cream. Isn’t porn normal? Jeff says, “In our ‘fallen condition’ it is.” We are seeking satisfaction in things other than Christ. The deception is that porn is just ‘women [...]

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