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  • I Know My Redeemer Lives

    I Know My Redeemer Lives

    I was walking the dogs tonight and feeling down. I told God all my problems and then I got quiet and asked Him to talk to me. I didn’t hear anything. I looked at the stars in the night sky. I kept walking and listening. After a block I realized a song was playing in my heart and mind in a loop. I think that was God speaking to me. I went to youtube to find it ’cause I could [...]

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  • Quick Lesson on Forms of Government  (Great Video)

    Quick Lesson on Forms of Government (Great Video)

    This ten minute video explains clearly the different kinds of government that exist from zero government (anarchy) to total government (dictator/monarchy). Every voter should understand these governments and why ours, a republic is the best. We are not a democracy. We need to protect our republic from sliding into an oligarchy.

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  • “Rumblings of Dictator” by Wild Bill

    “Rumblings of Dictator” by Wild Bill

    Wild Bill, as usual, does a great job explaining what I am seeing and feeling.

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  • Ben Shapiro “Kills” Piers Morgan!

    Ben Shapiro “Kills” Piers Morgan!

    Ben Shapiro (author of “Bullies”) does a FANTASTIC job standing up to Piers Morgan’s bullying! Wow! I fell in love with brilliant Ben Shapiro when his book, “Primetime Propaganda” came out. I interviewed him. He has written many books since. Young and brave – he is a great asset to the conservative movement and a role model for young men. Huzzah! P.S. I mean “kill” in the comedic-metaphor sense of course, not in the literal bang-bang sense!

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  • “Obama is a Communist” on MSNBC

    “Obama is a Communist” on MSNBC

    This brave woman confronted by the leg-tingling-Obama-worshipper-Chris Matthews got a little nervous being on camera, I know the feeling of getting tongue-tied. But to help her out, here are a few facts that prove she was right: O’s grandparents were in the Communist Party USA (See Paul Kengor’s book “The Communist”) O’s campaign manager David Axelrod’s grandparents were in the Communist Party USA O’s top assistant Valerie Jarrett’s grandparents were in the Communist Party USA O appointed Van Jones, an [...]

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  • Islam is the Root of Terrorism

    Islam is the Root of Terrorism

    Keith Davies works with ex-PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat educating Americans on the threat of Islam, and is Director of “Rescue Christians” that helps persecuted Christians in the Middle East. He explains that the root of terrorism is Islam and that to stop terrorism you must first admit there is a problem and define what the problem is – Shariah Law and Islam are trying to take over America, and the world. For more information go to &

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  • Satanic Influence in Current Events

    Satanic Influence in Current Events

    At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, this is worth thinking about. Watch the video and tell me what you think. I know we are in a spiritual battle, Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” I know the movies and the media have a huge influence on us, more influence than family, church or [...]

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  • “Low-Information” Voters of 2012

    “Low-Information” Voters of 2012

    The apathy and ignorance of US citizens is mind-boggling. Now, I watch TV, and I see Hannity explaining how Obama is seizing power, bypassing Congress, on gun issues and immigration, like a King or dictator. We are watching the death of America on TV. I’m tired of trying to explain the evils of socialism/communism to people. They will get what they deserve. I’m just sad that my children will have to suffer the Marxism and the death of freedom. I [...]

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    I don’t believe in drugs. And, I hate pain. This video is about drugs given to children for ADHD and ADD. But, in general have you noticed that everyone is now on anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs, if not alcohol, nicotine, tranquilizers, Valium, NyQuil, etc.? My friend takes Alka Seltzer PM every night, even when she’s not sick. Whatever happened to God, love, family, sleep, fruits and vegetables? I knew Phil and Brynn Hartman. When she shot Phil they found drugs [...]

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  • Really Cool Downhill Bike Ride (Video)


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