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  • The Paralyzing Guilt of Abortion

    The Paralyzing Guilt of Abortion

    Katherine Davis, President of The Restoration Project, and a popular speaker for the National Black Pro-Life Coalition,, says abortion is causing devastation in every black community; the Pro-Choice movement has “taken the baby out of the equation,” and those who used to fight for “safe, legal and rare” now want the right to abort a baby even up to the 9th month. Katherine’s pro-life conviction began at a lunch hour Bible study in VA and then she read the [...]

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  • Woman Escapes Iraq to Be Free From Islam, Rape & Execution

    Woman Escapes Iraq to Be Free From Islam, Rape & Execution

    Akeela Hayder Green has quite an amazing life story! She was sent to Iraq from England by her wealthy Muslim father and British mother to be married off (sold) at age 15. She was raped by an uncle, and due for an “honor killing” (shot in the street), so a relative took her to a backwoods doctor to “sew her up” so she would “bleed” on her wedding night. For two years she lived in a Muslim family, learning the [...]

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  • The Real War on Women: Pornography & Sex Slavery

    The Real War on Women: Pornography & Sex Slavery

    Jeff Shaw of Atlanta started a ministry called “Out of Darkness” that frees women and children from sexual slavery and the sex trafficking industry. He boldly proclaims the gospel of Christ and how Jesus can free us from the bondage of sin and addiction whether it’s pornography, alcohol, cigarettes or ice cream. Isn’t porn normal? Jeff says, “In our ‘fallen condition’ it is.” We are seeking satisfaction in things other than Christ. The deception is that porn is just ‘women [...]

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  • Vietnam Veteran & Nurse: “We Are Not Baby Killers”

    Vietnam Veteran & Nurse: “We Are Not Baby Killers”

    Captain Donna Rowe was the head E.R. nurse in Saigon during the Vietnam War. In 1969 she saved the life of an injured newborn Vietnamese orphan by disobeying orders. A series of events led to their reunion more than 30 years later. The baby, Kathleen is now married with four children and living in CA. A movie was made about it and you can find it here – I am in awe of our military heroes, their bravery and [...]

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  • Confessions of Victoria Jackson’s Lover

    Confessions of Victoria Jackson’s Lover

    Today’s special guest is none other than, drumroll please, my husband of 20 years, Paul the cop!  Paul is not comfortable being on camera, but he did me a favor and came on the show.  I knew he would be funny and deep.  As you can see, we don’t have much in common, except religion and politics, which are the two most important things in a marriage, probably…and, the “overlap.”  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the ever-challenging institution [...]

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  • Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America

    Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America

    Vietnamese Communist Survivor , Quang Nyugen says communism is here in the U.S. 1) Obama’s Associates (Frank Davis,Jarrett, Axelrod, Ayres, Van Jones, etc.) 2) Obama’s Policies. (Executive Orders, Socialized Medicine, Ignoring Constitution, etc.) Quang says, “The only difference between socialism and communism is one has an AK 47.” Coming to the United States as a 12 year old immigrant, and then learning English and becoming a U.S. Citizen the legal way, Quang explains that SB1070 is not “discrimination.” Quang says [...]

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  • Vietnamese Survivor Thanks America For His Freedom

    Vietnamese Survivor Thanks America For His Freedom

    It’s an honor to have my dear friend Quang Nguyen on the show. We met at the Prescott Valley, AZ Freedom Rally in 2010. Quang came to the U.S. as a 12 year old Vietnamese refugee with only the clothes on his back. He could not speak English. He embraced freedom. His father and brothers had fought in the army against the North Vietnamese Communists who were killing the people in his village. Quang learned English, got a college degree, [...]

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  • God Does Not Rely On The Political Decisions of Men

    God Does Not Rely On The Political Decisions of Men

    I asked Pastor Woodrow Walker II, Sr. Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Lithonia, GA if Christians should be involved in politics. He replied, “Well, there is an aspect of politics we must be involved in, but we must not allow our politics to control every decision that we make…” I asked Pastor Walker why so many Christians voted for Obama when Obama supports “partial-birth-abortion” and “same-sex-marriage”, which are completely against Biblical values. Pastor Walker replied, “President Obama has become, [...]

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  • Islam is the Root of Terrorism

    Islam is the Root of Terrorism

    Keith Davies works with ex-PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat educating Americans on the threat of Islam, and is Director of “Rescue Christians” that helps persecuted Christians in the Middle East. He explains that the root of terrorism is Islam and that to stop terrorism you must first admit there is a problem and define what the problem is – Shariah Law and Islam are trying to take over America, and the world. For more information go to &

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  • Islam is Nazism with a Religious Twist

    Islam is Nazism with a Religious Twist

    We were honored to welcome to our show, Keith Davies, the Director of Rescue Christians, an non-profit organization that provides aid to persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and around the World. There are very few organizations that actually “hands on” help Christians escape prison, death, and torture and start a new life in a safe place. Keith also works closely with Walid Shoebat, former Muslim terrorist, in educating Americans on the threat of Islam and Keith is Director of [...]

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  • Planned Parenthood Hurts the Black Community

    Planned Parenthood Hurts the Black Community

    We had the pleasure of Dr. Tim Johnson joining us again to discuss the tough issues. Why are there so many abortions in the black community? So few fathers? So many incarcerated? What about the rights of the father in the case of abortion? Dr. Tim mentions Margaret Sanger and her Planned Parenthood which was simply “eugenics,” a means to erase a race that she deemed “not fit to live.” Tim mentions FDR and his welfare system that was set [...]

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  • Entitlements Are Another Form of Slavery

    Entitlements Are Another Form of Slavery

    Appearing in the award-winning documentary, “Runaway Slave,” is Dr. Timothy Johnson, the founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation based in Washington D.C. In November of 2008, after being frustrated with the election of Obama, Dr. Tim had a dream, a calling. “I got tired of hearing there were no black Republicans.” The Frederick Douglass Foundation is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage; it is “the largest Christ-centered, multi-ethnic and Republican ministry.” Dr. Tim explains that Martin Luther King was a Republican, as is [...]

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