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  • This Is What Banned Me From FB…

    This Is What Banned Me From FB…

    Why is this banned?! It’s true. It’s history. It’s fact. One of the first signs of communism is censorship. The media is controlled by the left, government. This is proof. How can we fight back? Keep spreading truth and reporting censorship. Elect representatives who are not progressives. Educate ourselves. Tell our friends what we know. This is the third time in a month I’ve been banned. Did the “trolls” report me to FB? There are a group of hate-mongers who [...]

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  • God Dis-Invited to Inauguration

    God Dis-Invited to Inauguration

    “Liberals booed God at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last year after skittish party officials reinserted a mention of him in the platform. Nothing has changed since then. The latest secularist push of the party is to remove God from the inauguration. Prominent liberals are questioning the use of the Bible for the presidential oath and the use of prayers in the ceremony. They have already made some progress in their demands….” Rest of story here.

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  • Good Job Scottie Hughes!!

    Good Job Scottie Hughes!!

    Friend of the VJ Show, Scottie Hughes defends the 2nd Amendment on the Piers Morgan Show! Way to go Scottie! And, you look gorgeous!

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  • Ex Soviet Agent : Marxism is complete in USA  (video)

    Ex Soviet Agent : Marxism is complete in USA (video)

    Former Soviet agent describes how Marxism brought down America. “The process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.” “There will be no place for dissent in future Marxist America.” Christians who didn’t vote in 2012 or who voted the Marxist back in …you dug your own grave.

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  • Dictator Obama’s 23 New Executive Orders Re: GUNS

    Dictator Obama’s 23 New Executive Orders Re: GUNS

    Joshua Wander shares the 23 Executive Orders “Dictator” Obama issued today regarding new gun laws. Don’t we already have gun laws? Hey, tell the Dictator to make a new law that no one (insane or not) is allowed to be mean or evil or hurt anyone else verbally or physically. Oh wait, God already made that commandment!

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  • “GUN-FREE HOME” Yard Signs!!

    “GUN-FREE HOME” Yard Signs!!

    Thank you James O’Keefe, for your Project Veritas and your passionate love for truth and the Constitution. In this video James uses his wit and wisdom to prove a point. Bravo James! Keep up the good work! To donate to his cause go to Project Veritas.

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  • I Know My Redeemer Lives

    I Know My Redeemer Lives

    I was walking the dogs tonight and feeling down. I told God all my problems and then I got quiet and asked Him to talk to me. I didn’t hear anything. I looked at the stars in the night sky. I kept walking and listening. After a block I realized a song was playing in my heart and mind in a loop. I think that was God speaking to me. I went to youtube to find it ’cause I could [...]

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  • Golden Globe Winner Hates Republicans

    Golden Globe Winner Hates Republicans

    Big Surprise! A “tolerant” liberal Hollywood producer/writer/actress hates Republicans! Wow. So surprised. So surprised. Yawn. HBO’s show “Girls” picked up a lot of awards at the ceremony last night. Lena Dunham, the show’s creator and star mentioned the show’s/her nudity often. And, here’s an article about her predictable hatred of conservatives. Story here. Such cowards, those Golden Globe sheeple all leaping to their feet to praise the surprise guest, the serial-adulterer-in-chief Clinton who didn’t answer the phone when our military [...]

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  • Condoleeza Rice on Guns…

    Condoleeza Rice on Guns…

    The event Condoleeza is referring to is the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963 which killed four girls, two of whom 8-year-old Condaleeza personally knew. “The bombing marked a turning point in the U.S. 1960s Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” according to Wikipedia.

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  • Quick Lesson on Forms of Government  (Great Video)

    Quick Lesson on Forms of Government (Great Video)

    This ten minute video explains clearly the different kinds of government that exist from zero government (anarchy) to total government (dictator/monarchy). Every voter should understand these governments and why ours, a republic is the best. We are not a democracy. We need to protect our republic from sliding into an oligarchy.

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