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  • Obama Arms The Enemy.

    Obama Arms The Enemy.

    Obama is helping our enemies kill us. “That’s right, at exactly the same time that 77 percent of American taxpayers face tax increases as a result of the most recent fiscal cliff deal, a radical jihadist government gets more than $200 million worth of American arms – for free,” reports Jay Sekulow at the ACLJ. Go here for the whole story and to sign a petition to stop this insanity.

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  • Kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes Smoked Pot

    Kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes Smoked Pot

    In this article about Jimmy Lee Dykes, the AL underground bunker kidnapper, Huff Po reports, “…The sounds of conservative talk radio filled his home and fed his anti-government attitudes, locals said.” Is the Huff Po inferring that conservatives are mentally insane or criminals? The article also says Jimmy Lee smoked pot. So, maybe marijuana induces kidnapping.

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  • Who Is Suhail Kahn?!

    Who Is Suhail Kahn?!

    Who is Suhail Kahn?! I was at CPAC 2012 finishing an interview in a busy, crowded hallway, when I bumped into Politichick Ann Marie and she excitedly told me about her encounter with Suhail Kahn! I had never heard of him! Who is he? Ann Marie said Suhail Kahn is, “One of the top people at CPAC, started in the Bush administration…” Apparently he has infiltrated conservative politics and he is also tied to the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood. [...]

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  • Government Squeezing Out Small Farmers

    Government Squeezing Out Small Farmers

    Government is growing too big. This is a Free Market issue. Small farmers are being squeezed out by the Government. This is part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 to separate American citizens from their private property. Go to Agenda21today. Story here. The Institute for Justice is helping fight this.

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  • Supreme Court Addresses Obama’s Fake I.D.

    Supreme Court Addresses Obama’s Fake I.D.

    From the Law offices of Orly Taitz as of Jan.9, 2013: “Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States John Roberts scheduled a case by attorney Orly Taitz dealing with Barack Hussein Obama’s use of forged IDs to be heard in conference before the full Supreme Court. The case titled Noonan, Judd, MacLeran, Taitz v Bowen provides a mountain of evidence of Barack Obama using a last name not legally his, forged Selective Service application, forged long form [...]

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  • “White History Month” – Backlash

    “White History Month” – Backlash

    I guess it’s shocking or “racist” to say nice things about white, conservative men. The Hollywood Reporter made a big deal out of it! I was being satirical! I was simply responding to a New York Times article that said the white race is the new minority in America. The New York Times says, ” White births are no longer a majority in the United States.” I thought well, if white is a minority, maybe they can have a White [...]

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  • Here’s the Irishman!  (from Mark Levin Show)

    Here’s the Irishman! (from Mark Levin Show)

    We all fell in love with him as he spoke on the Mark Levin show, expressing his love for America and his frustration at waiting for 9 years to be a U.S. Citizen, only to see illegal immigrants get special treatment. Jonathon Dunne writes a weekly blog for Young Patriots. God bless him and bring him here to join our fight to save freedom!

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  • Communist Survivor Finds Jesus

    Communist Survivor Finds Jesus

    Priscilla explains what it was like to grow up in the Communist country of Romania where “religion” was illegal – considered like “opium” she says in her sweet accent. (“The opiate of the masses” Karl Marx). Her life was sad and empty, especially when her father died suddenly. In college, she met a Christian boy who risked his life telling her about Jesus and took her to an “underground” church. See this and other great testimonies at I Am Second.

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  • “On Fire For God”

    “On Fire For God”

    My young friend Tessa texted that she went to church yesterday and was inspired to be ” On Fire For God.” That phrase is sitting in my brain and won’t leave. “I am second” is also stuck in my mind. Pressure and stress leave me when I realize that the world does not revolve around me; when I realize I was created to bring glory to God, our Creator, not to myself. “It’s not about me,” is how Rick Warren [...]

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  • Military Asked To Kill U.S. Citizens?

    Military Asked To Kill U.S. Citizens?

    I asked my husband the cop if his cop buddies would turn on American citizens if this communist president asked them to. He said, “No.” I asked, “But what if their job depends on it, their income, feeding their families? Would they disobey the Constitution and obey the president if it meant feeding their families? Would they take guns away from peaceful citizens with gun permits?” He said, “No.” I said, “Would you?” He said, “No, I would not violate [...]

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