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  • King Obama’s Crown Removed

    King Obama’s Crown Removed

    Well, it’s about time. Finally, Obama’s Constitution-violating has been recognized and his lust for power stopped, at least for the moment. Hallelujah. Huff Po reports, “President Barack Obama violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate last year to appoint three members of the National Labor Relations Board, a federal appeals court ruled Friday in a far-reaching decision that could severely limit a chief executive’s powers to make recess appointments. The court’s decision marked a victory for Republicans and business [...]

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  • Facebook Blocks Conservatives

    Facebook Blocks Conservatives

    “Chicks on the Right” was banned and then un-banned from Facebook for an anti-Obama comment. Red flag! Is our Freedom of Speech under attack? I was banned and am still banned this week. My story is here. The Blaze reports “the post in question was directed at White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and referred users to a post titled, “You Know What? Liberal Hypocrisy is Starting to Cause Me Actual Physical Pain.” Mockarena (one of the “Chicks on the [...]

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  • Visit the Old Folks – Don’t Kill Them

    Visit the Old Folks – Don’t Kill Them

    The hidden secret of socialized medicine is EUTHANASIA. In the United Kingdom, it has been said that the National Health Service, NHS kills off at least 130,000 elderly patients a year. “Professor Patrick Pullicino has claimed that doctors are using a care pathway (LCP) designed to help make people’s final days more comfortable as an equivalent to euthanasia.” “The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is used in hospitals for patients who are terminally ill or are expected to die imminently. Under [...]

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  • Inaugural Prayer to WHO?!

    Inaugural Prayer to WHO?!

    Um, was the Inaugural Prayer by Myrlie Evers-Williams…um…a prayer? And, to who? America? She didn’t say God, or Heavenly Father, or Lord. After 2 minutes she said, “Almighty”, and then..”diversity.” She did say, “…we invoke prayers of our grandmothers who taught us to pray ‘God make me a blessing.’” Then, she mentioned 5 times, “there’s something within me, there’s something within me…” which sounds like self-worship, humanism. And she ended the pseudo-prayer like this – “in Jesus name, in the [...]

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  • Stand Up on the High Seas!

    Stand Up on the High Seas!

    Sovereign Cruises is a great company to work with. I’ve gone on several cruises with the Sovereign Team! If you need to take a rest on your journey I highly recommend you sail away with them! Here I was doing stand up for a group of foot specialists! I held my handstand, even on a rocking ship! 53 years old!

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  • Who is Susie Meister?

    Who is Susie Meister?

    …and what does she want with me?! Pennsylvania beauty Susie Meister entered the entertainment industry at age 18, in 1998, when she was cast in MTV’s hit reality show, “Road Rules Australia.” Susie was then invited back to do six more “Real World Road Rules Challenges.” Susie was cast as “the virginal Christian” in the MTV show and then audiences watched her over the next six shows, “let go of her faith.” Susie is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Religious [...]

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  • Communist – Now What?

    Communist – Now What?

    On the street in Nassau, I ask 28 year old Larry and Ryan, fellow conservatives, “What are we supposed to do, now that Obama’s Communist policies are being implemented?” Gun control, Socialized medicine, 20 new taxes, increasing deficit, climate change hoax, homosexuality advocated, destruction of traditional family unit, Agenda 21, global marxism, government land grabs, loss of private property, bigger government, less freedom, etc… They say, “Spread the truth.”

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  • 28 Year Old in Nassau Gets It

    28 Year Old in Nassau Gets It

    Ryan and I were talking politics in the Bahamas! You just can’t get away from the fact that Obama’s re-election has horrible consequences for Americans. People earning less than $ 250,000 WILL be taxed more this year. Obama lied. There are 20 new taxes included in Obamacare, 7 of which apply to every income bracket. See article here. Even though Ryan is young, he understands the ramifications of Obama’s progressive policies and explains clearly, in this video, what Obamacare and [...]

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  • Terrorist is Keynote Speaker for Teachers

    Terrorist is Keynote Speaker for Teachers

    Unbelievable. “Left-wing ’60s radical and onetime domestic terrorist Bill Ayers will be a keynote speaker at the Association of Teacher Educators annual conference in Atlanta next month. Ayers gained notoriety alongside his wife Bernardine Dohrn as a member of the Weather Underground during the Vietnam War. He was involved in Chicago’s “Days of Rage” riot in 1969 and went underground as a fugitive from justice after an accidental Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in 1970 killed three Weather Underground members who [...]

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  • Earn Less Than $ 250,000?

    Earn Less Than $ 250,000?

    Obama lied. People earning less than $ 250,000 will be paying more taxes this year. With tax cuts expiring and new taxes (20 alone in Obamacare) starting with the new year, 90 percent of taxpayers will be paying more taxes, “with the typical household’s tax bill rising by about $2,000 in 2013, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.” Millions of Americans are now realizing that they’ve been had. “Remember when the media was parroting Obama’s line that “the rich [...]

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