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  • Little Boy Street Preacher in NC

    Little Boy Street Preacher in NC

    I like street preachers. Do they make Christians look nuts? Are they too in-your-face? Is it rude? When I see them preaching God’s Word on the street I feel a flutter of joy in my heart and wish I was brave enough to be a street preacher too. Is this street preacher father goading on or brainwashing his son? Well, isn’t the gay couple who adopt a chid forcing their child to support their worldview? Aren’t they brainwashing their child [...]

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  • “American Clubs” Springing up in High Schools

    “American Clubs” Springing up in High Schools

    John Heidisch is a brave young man. He started the “American Club” in his FL public high school. He got flack from the principal, from teachers, from the local media, and from other students. His Spanish River High School had a Gay club, a Black club and a Latin club, but when he asked to start a Caucasian American club he was denied the right and told that was racist! He was trying to prove a point, a point of [...]

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  • Saddam Did Have WMD’s

    Saddam Did Have WMD’s

    Hey, Joy Behar! Here’s proof that Saddam Hussein did have WMD’s, weapons of mass destruction! So, can you please, finally quit calling Bush a liar! Please! Story at WND and here.

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  • One World Government (video)

    One World Government (video)

    New World Order? Oligarchy? Fulfilled Prophecy? This 2 hour video, “Fall of the Republic” is very informative. Global elites pulling the strings? Can we fight back?

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  • New World Order (video)

    New World Order (video)

    Illuminati? Rothschilds? One World Government? Global Governance? Population Control? Agenda 21? Conspiracy Theory or Fact? Biblical Prophecy? I know a presidential candidate who went to the Bohemian Grove. He said it was “pagan” and he would never go back. I know a man whose job is to implement Agenda 21, the United Nations plan to separate private property from U.S. citizens. Watch and learn.

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  • Dark Knight Murderer now Muslim

    Dark Knight Murderer now Muslim

    “James Holmes, the gunman behind the Dark Knight massacre in Colorado last July, has reportedly turned Muslim and prays five times a day.” Read more here. Islam is growing in the black community and in the prison population.

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  • Brigitte Gabriel Comes to FL !

    Brigitte Gabriel Comes to FL !

    Powerful, passionate, brave, well-informed, “fire-cracker” Brigitte Gabriel and her ACT for AMERICA came to Dr. Dozier’s Worlwide Christian Center this week to inspire and educate us on the imminent danger of Islam. There were at least 4 bodyguards in the room. The church was packed with people, standing room only. Brigitte’s testimony starts in Lebanon where she was raised in a Christian family whose home was bombed by radical Muslims. She was rescued from under the rubble of her fallen [...]

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  • Joe The Plumber and “Tolerance”

    Joe The Plumber and “Tolerance”

    (photo is Breitbart, me and Joe, Searchlight, NV 2010) Joe Wurzelbacher, “Joe the Plumber” wrote a great article on “Tolerance,” the buzz word of the Left. Joe says, “Why are the people screaming about tolerance night and day some of the most intolerant folks involved in the discussion? Why am I not allowed to believe in the fundamental principles of my faith? Where is the tolerance? Here’s one: Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room: Gay. Homosexuality. Why are [...]

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  • My New Movie “Marriage Material”

    My New Movie “Marriage Material”

    Here are two trailers to Marriage Material, a romantic comedy written by Ann Fishman coming out soon. We shot the film in Palm Beach, FL last summer and it was a blast!

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  • 85 Year Old Compares Obama to Hitler

    85 Year Old Compares Obama to Hitler

    Austria 1938. Kitty Werthmann is 85 years old. She describes how Austria was taken over by a dictator. It can’t happen here? “America truly is the Greatest Country in the World” By: Kitty Werthmann “What I am about to tell you is something you’ve probably never heard or will ever read in history books. I believe that I am an eyewitness to history. I cannot tell you that Hitler took Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history. We [...]

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  • “Salon” Article on Victoria Jackson

    “Salon” Article on Victoria Jackson

    A few corrections are in order. Overall, Mark Guarino did a good job describing Victoria Jackson in Salon. His article was well-researched, and almost neutral, the way journalism used to be. His title though, “Can Victoria Jackson return from the fringe?” gives away his bias. Why is it considered “fringe” to believe in the Bible and the Constitution?! The Salon-picked photo of me is the worst angle a photograph can be taken from, all women know this, but more importantly, [...]

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  • Miami Muslim Imam Convicted of Terrorism

    Miami Muslim Imam Convicted of Terrorism

    “Hafiz Khan, the former Muslim leader of a Miami mosque, showed no emotion Monday when 12 federal jurors delivered guilty verdicts on four terrorism charges (conspiracy and financial aid to Taliban – terrorists) that could send the elderly imam to prison for the rest of his life.” Read more here. Every imam in America should be tried and convicted in court for this. They are all contributing to terrorism and civilization jihad. Go to

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