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  • I Know My Redeemer Lives

    I Know My Redeemer Lives

    I was walking the dogs tonight and feeling down. I told God all my problems and then I got quiet and asked Him to talk to me. I didn’t hear anything. I looked at the stars in the night sky. I kept walking and listening. After a block I realized a song was playing in my heart and mind in a loop. I think that was God speaking to me. I went to youtube to find it ’cause I could [...]

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  • Golden Globe Winner Hates Republicans

    Golden Globe Winner Hates Republicans

    Big Surprise! A “tolerant” liberal Hollywood producer/writer/actress hates Republicans! Wow. So surprised. So surprised. Yawn. HBO’s show “Girls” picked up a lot of awards at the ceremony last night. Lena Dunham, the show’s creator and star mentioned the show’s/her nudity often. And, here’s an article about her predictable hatred of conservatives. Story here. Such cowards, those Golden Globe sheeple all leaping to their feet to praise the surprise guest, the serial-adulterer-in-chief Clinton who didn’t answer the phone when our military [...]

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  • Condoleeza Rice on Guns…

    Condoleeza Rice on Guns…

    The event Condoleeza is referring to is the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963 which killed four girls, two of whom 8-year-old Condaleeza personally knew. “The bombing marked a turning point in the U.S. 1960s Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” according to Wikipedia.

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  • Quick Lesson on Forms of Government  (Great Video)

    Quick Lesson on Forms of Government (Great Video)

    This ten minute video explains clearly the different kinds of government that exist from zero government (anarchy) to total government (dictator/monarchy). Every voter should understand these governments and why ours, a republic is the best. We are not a democracy. We need to protect our republic from sliding into an oligarchy.

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  • Murder Statistics for World

    Murder Statistics for World

    From the World Health Organization, the latest Murder Statistics for the world are: Murders per 100,000 citizens – All of the countries listed here except the United States has a 100% ban on firearms. Honduras 91.6 El Salvador 69.2 Cote d’lvoire 56.9 Jamaica 52.2 Venezuela 45.1 Belize 41.4 US Virgin Islands 39.2 Guatemala 38.5 Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2 Zambia 38.0 Uganda 36.3 Malawi 36.0 Lesotho 35.2 Trinidad and Tobago 35.2 Colombia 33.4 South Africa 31.8 Congo 30.8 Central African [...]

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  • Patriot Survivalist Community Forming in Idaho

    Patriot Survivalist Community Forming in Idaho

    Wow. I love this idea. I wanna live here. Hey, maybe I can get some acting jobs here! “A group of like-minded patriots, bound together by pride in American exceptionalism, plan on building an armed community to protect their liberty. The group, named Citadel, intends to purchase 2,000 to 3,000 acres for the project in western Idaho. The community will comprise of 3,500 to 7,000 families of patriotic Americans who “voluntarily choose to live together in accordance with Thomas Jefferson’s [...]

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  • If Fox News C.E.O. is Not a Conservative…

    If Fox News C.E.O. is Not a Conservative…

    If the C.E.O. of Fox News is not a conservative, but a liberal like all the other propaganda news channels…can we really trust that Fox News is telling us truth? Politico wrote on 12/15/12: “Since Friday’s tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., News Corp. (Fox News) chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch has twice called on the President to ban automatic weapons. When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons?” he wrote on Twitter Friday night. “Nice words from POTUS on [...]

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  • Christian Persecution in America:  Pastor Canned for Biblical Stand

    Christian Persecution in America: Pastor Canned for Biblical Stand

    “A Christian pastor has been effectively disinvited from delivering an Inaugural Prayer because he believes and teaches Christian truth.” This is the beginning of Christian persecution in America. Atlanta Pastor Louie Giglio was un-invited from giving the Inauguration Prayer because a liberal group dug up a sermon he preached 20 years ago that said homosexuality was a sin according to the Bible. The article continues, “And there you have it — anyone who has ever believed that homosexuality is morally [...]

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  • Government Regulations Soar Since Election…

    Government Regulations Soar Since Election…

    I did not realize how BIG our government already is! (List of regulations below). And, “There has been a dramatic increase in new government regulations issued by the Obama administration after the election. In some cases the comment period for public feedback has also been reduced below the standard 60 days…there have been 1,886 newly posted regulations in the last 30 days and 5,481 newly posted regulations in the last 90 days, according to, the federal government’s regulation tracking [...]

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  • Benghazi: Intentional Abduction Conspiracy Gone Wrong?!

    Benghazi: Intentional Abduction Conspiracy Gone Wrong?!

    WOW. The Washington Examiner and Floyd Brown report, “It’s even worse than we previously thought. A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could “negotiate” the release of a “hostage” and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election? The Washington Examiner, quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: “the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi… [...]

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