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“Salon” Article on Victoria Jackson

salon 2

A few corrections are in order. Overall, Mark Guarino did a good job describing Victoria Jackson in Salon. His article was well-researched, and almost neutral, the way journalism used to be. His title though, “Can Victoria Jackson return from the fringe?” gives away his bias. Why is it considered “fringe” to believe in the Bible and the Constitution?!

The Salon-picked photo of me is the worst angle a photograph can be taken from, all women know this, but more importantly, here are the errors and the truth, just for the record.

1) I wasn’t on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show 6 years after moving to
LA in 1980. I got the coveted stand-up spot in 3 years, 1983. I
got the spot on SNL in 1986.

2) Robert Smigel did not write my Roseanne Barr impression “into
every sketch he could.” It might have been twice. I wrote one,
and Nealon, Carvey and Lovitz wrote the others. I never
found a writer who would write for me.

3) I don’t remember the political conversation about “health care”
Julie Sweeney remembers, and “health care” wasn’t even a hot
topic back then, but I must have been trying to “be
funny” when/if I mentioned heaven. Surely she doesn’t think I
would actually want people to die early to get to their eternal
bliss sooner!! Although, there is a Bible verse about just that,
(2 Corinthians 5:8 “We are confident, I say, and willing rather
to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” I
was probably trying to be funny and serious at the same time,
like I always am.

I remember a “welfare” conversation with Sweeney when I told her
I thought poor people should work. I was raised poor and I went
to work at age 16, earlier, if you count the family business.

*Just a note – Nora Dunn says it “tried her patience” that “there was not much difference between what she (Victoria) did in front of the camera and what happened off camera.” She’s right, of course. But, it’s amusing that Nora always played the same character onstage and offstage also. It was always the cold, “mean” arrogant character!! (IMDB her) It’s called “type-casting.”

Nora claims we never had an intellectual conversation. We never had any conversation. I do recall she slammed the door in my face when I asked if I could be in the Sweeney Sisters writing session.

If she would have let me in, we could have discussed Kant vs. the Apostle Paul, or the validity of the Bible vs. the validity of Michael Shermer, or is the new Green movement simply pantheism revisited.

4) This sentence is incorrect, “A 2007 appearance on Bill Maher’s
HBO show “Real Time” catapulted her into the conservative media
orbit, and she became one of the emerging Tea Party’s most
unexpected ambassadors of outrage.”

The truth is that in the mid 90′s, a series of 12 appearances
on Bill Maher’s show “Politically Incorrect” outed me as a
Christian. I stood up for Jesus against 4 atheists, sometimes
even holding a Bible. I was never invited to HBO’s “Real
Time.” In 2007 I stumbled into an “underground-conservatives-in-
show-biz-meeting” and got educated on the issues. My first
public political outing was probably a video of my speech at
Hollywood Congress of Republicans or one of my 2008 Tea Party
speeches, which led to a hard-won spot on Hannity and O’Reilly
who have never invited me back.

5) Second City’s Kelly Leonard had interesting comments about me,
since we’ve never met, but I understand her predictable
cynicism. Kelly says, “…so the armchair psychologist in me
says she’s (Victoria’s) blowing herself up to justify she hasn’t
been working. Because the whole political thing doesn’t jive.”

I turned down $ 100,000 from Wife Swap. If I desperately
wanted/needed TV exposure I could have done that. My passion
to warn the country about Obama’s Communist roots was solely
motivated by the fear that my children will grow up in a
communist country where their freedom to worship will be gone.
Christians are the first to be imprisoned or killed when
communism takes over a country. Historical fact.

6) Now, reporter Mark’s bias is revealed. After my song about
Islam on Politichicks, he writes, “…Her ideas seem so
far-fetched that you have to wonder…” Far-fetched?
Obviously, Mark Guarino has done no research on Islam or the
Islamization of America. I suggest I
attended a six-hour briefing at the Capital in D.C. given by
ex-FBI John Guandolo and Team B II. All of my political and
religious writing is backed up by legitimate research, books,
and fact. I don’t get my information from Jon Stewart.

7) This sentence is incorrect, “(Jackson espouses) “The Muslim
brotherhood has infiltrated the higher law of government.” I
said, “The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest
government offices. Sometimes Shariah Law has even trumped
our Constitution.” I was referring to a New Jersey court that
let a Muslim man off who beat his wife and to the offices of
Obama, Hilary’s assistant Huma Abedin Weiner, whose mother
started the Muslim Sisterhood, Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki
who trained the Pentagon’s Muslim chaplains, Homeland Security
Muslim Advisor Mohamed Elibiary who spoke at a Conference
Honoring Ayatollah Khomeini, and others.

Atheist activist Julia Sweeney’s quotes about me were very kind. I am an admirer of her work also. I once stayed up all night to finish reading her book, “And God Said Ha.” My favorite Sweeney quote was, “Every time I have an encounter with Victoria, I have so much thinking to do afterwards.” That’s my goal. I want people to laugh and think at the same time. The truth is hard to swallow without a spoonful of sugar.

I still pray Julia Sweeney Blum will listen to Beth Moore, Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley or John McArthur’s Bible teaching. Julia’s never heard the Bible from a true Bible teacher.

8) Mark Guarino writes, “…unlike other prominent Tea Party types like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann — when Jackson espouses anti-Obama rhetoric, she spews her rhetoric without venom.” I take offense to that sentence. Palin and Bachmann are more gracious in their pinkies than I will ever be and they have no venom, only love. Their truth offends the left.

Kelly Leonard who never met me did say I have talent. So, I thank her for that kind comment. Julia Sweeney said, “ She (Victoria) should be on a show. She is a fine actress and has charisma and she is funny… she would deliver. She was not somebody who didn’t show up and didn’t know her lines.”

Thank you Julia. Many, many times atheists are kinder than Christians.

Mark Guarino, overall, thank you for such a nice article, especially coming from the left, and for your almost perfect accuracy. You got this quote right, “God is real. Jesus is God. And, read the Bible all the way through before you dismiss it.”

A note: if there are any liberal feminists reading this article, please see my most recent interview with Akeela Hayder Green who escaped rape, violence and forced marriage in Iraq. Womens’ Rights Groups should be all over that.

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  • reliapundit


  • Pam D

    I absolutely love you. In an “agape” sort of way, of course. Your trek through Hollywood has been arduous, and I fear that it is going to get MUCH harder in the times to come. I have no doubt but that you will be a light, one who shows the world that the love of Christ overcomes everything.

  • k

    Very well done!

  • jude

    We’re all so proud of you!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Jason

    Thanks Victoria for all you do! I’ve always loved you from the SNL days till today! I got your two CDs and they are great. Hope to see more of you soon. Big hug! You are a speaking truth and defending freedom. I like that a lot.

  • Jim Abbott

    Keep up the good fight, Victoria…and know that “we the people” agree with you, and believe in your cause. May God bless you for your courage!

  • chilukki10

    Victoria, thanks for your good work, and not to worry, I don’t think Salon has much of a reader base, and we do’n't pay attention to them anyway. Saw you at Doral a couple years ago, you are great, the hell with your critics, if you have any.

  • Lartho

    Hi Victoria,

    I don’t know if you read comments, but I want to say how much I admire you for standing up for the right, literally & figuratively. Since I have little hope of ever becoming a published author, I thought would share one of my thousands of poems/lyrics. Hope you don’t mind. This one is a short poem.

    © Ben Burton 12-30-2012

    Twas Watergate which proved once more
    The pen is mightier than the Sworn
    With pomp and circumstance imbibed
    The deed did not, they said, but lies
    Though exile begs for sterner stuff
    The cover-up proved quite enough
    And with that vaunted victory
    The fourth estate, filled with esprit
    Entitled now to win them all
    Does cover up their leftist flaws
    Benghazi wrought a flood of lies
    Unworthy of a bloody “Why”
    Four fallen innocents ignored
    Obama’s press an undead ‘corpse’
    Yet, if the shoe had shifted feet
    They’d trample impropriety
    Though cover-up once ruled the day
    With democrats in charge, that changed
    Victoria will stand and fight
    But she’s decried for being right
    Benghazigate? Don’t hold your breath
    Truth won’t inspire the mainstream press
    And stealing secrets always
    trumps four deaths

  • Brian Woods

    Victoria, please don’t ever demean yourself with “reality” tv. I might not agree with your political beliefs, but I hope we can both agree you are way too talented for that mess. If you want to relight your career, why not get together with some people and start a web-based skit show? While I’d prefer for it to be more secular and less political, even if those elements are there, it could still be great.

    As a tolerant Christian, I wish you nothing but the best!

  • Glenn

    Bravo Victoria; I was getting a little pissed reading Mark’s Salon article, but he gave you a forum for a wonderful, accurate, truthful and sincere reply. Too bad progressive liberals have such an elastic grip of the facts. Love you, God bless!

  • Benny

    Dear Victoria -

    Your response to the Salon article is mature and reasonable in tone, so I’ll try to return the favor in my my response.

    “Why is it considered “fringe” to believe in the Bible and the Constitution?!”

    I don’t think it is, and I don’t think those are the fringe beliefs the headline refers to. On the other hand, the assertion that (for instance) President Obama is a “communist” is indeed a fringe belief, and reflects a lack of understanding regarding either the President’s actual policies, the actual definition of communism, or both.

    “I was referring to a New Jersey court that let a Muslim man off who beat his wife”

    Well… no. A New Jersey judge denied a restraining order to a woman already divorced from her husband, who had not been beating her but rather had forced her to have sex during their marriage. The judge ruled that because the husband’s past behavior had been based on his religious belief that a wife is duty-bound to submit to her husband, and because the behavior was not likely to recur now that they were no longer husband and wife, a restraining order was not justified. He did not “let the husband off” — the husband was not on trial. He did not cite Sharia in his decision. And the decision, in any case, was quickly reversed.

    (By the way, are you aware that in many states there was legally no such thing as marital rape until relatively recently, based on bible-based conceptions of a husband’s rights and a wife’s obligations in the sexual realm?)

    Your belief that religion has no place in American jurisprudence is well-founded in the Constitution. However, it seems to be evangelical Christians, more than anyone else, who dispute the separation of Church and State in this country.

    (You do realize your opposition to gay marriage is shared by fundamentalist Muslim clerics, right?)

    I always thought you were a funny and likeable performer. You also seem not to be the sometimes vapid, sometimes rabid character you portray on TV. I do hope you’ll allow love to overcome your fear — I think Jesus would have wanted it that way.

  • Dwightmannn

    You are one heck of a role model for all women, being funny is just part of that. You will always have my support in anything that you do. . .

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