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Miami Muslim Imam Convicted of Terrorism


“Hafiz Khan, the former Muslim leader of a Miami mosque, showed no emotion Monday when 12 federal jurors delivered guilty verdicts on four terrorism charges (conspiracy and financial aid to Taliban – terrorists) that could send the elderly imam to prison for the rest of his life.”

Read more here.

Every imam in America should be tried and convicted in court for this. They are all contributing to terrorism and civilization jihad. Go to

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  • Robert Norwood

    Good…now let’s convict every Muslim in this country of the same. There is no separation in Islam. You either believe in an all Islamic world – by any means, or your don’t.

    • Goldstein

      Just like how every christian is a branch davidian, huh?

  • Shane

    Most Muslims around the world are loyal to Islam first and their country second. Since most Muslims want to live under their barbaric Shara law, it makes no sense to allow them to immigrate into the USA.

    • Goldstein

      Riiiiiiight…and since every Christian wants to outlaw the eating of shellfish and the mixing of fibers (as forbidden in Leviticus), we oughta kick them out too! What part of “not-a-theocracy” is hard for you guys to understand?

      • Rose

        I’m with you Goldstein. Sadly, logic and rational thought come nowhere near this website.

        • Chuck Burke

          And sadly, liberals like you and Goldstein can’t just leave well enough alone. Since this is obviously a right-leaning site, isn’t it sort of like bullying for you two to bring your semi-literate, Liberal talking points oriented views here? Do you really think you can change these people’s minds with the sort of stuff you’re posting? Sadly, neither logic nor rational thought exist in either of your postings.

          • Goldstein

            Yeah, we’re bullying you by pointing out how hypocritical and anti-american it is to want to detain and imprison American citizens solely based on their religion. Riiiiiiight.

  • Goldstein

    Once again, I love how you righties want to demonize everyone else who is different. I think the Westboro Baptists are terrible people; does that mean that I should think EVERY christian is a terrible person, too? That’s what you guys are doing when you say “we should convict every Muslim of terrorism, because they’re muslims!” Tim McVeigh was a christian…so are all christians terrorists?

    • Chuck Burke

      So to you, Goldstein, we must be tolerant and give this guy a break? He was convicted in a court of law! Is that not enough for you? It is apparent that you lefties love to attack Christianity, love to provide comparison to Christianity and are the first to throw Christians under the bus. Perhaps you’re not a Christian? And, there you go again with the Tim McVeigh, citing it as the only example of home grown terrorism. Perhaps he’s just nuts, did that occur to you? How about Major Hassan then? You know, the one that Mr. Racist Holder refuses to call a terrorist? You know, the guy that was yelling Allu Ahkbar (sp) as he gunned down innocent recruits standing in line to get physicals! You loons are so predictable in your arguments, mostly because you get your argument points directly from major loons like Wasserman-Schultz. Go to some other website that is more aligned with your bile.

      • Goldstein

        Hey Chuck – pay attention to what I wrote, and what ol Vic Jack there wrote…and what the commenter here were saying. They want to round up ALL the muslims, JUST because they are Muslims, and send em all/deport em, PURELY because they equate muslim with terrorist. That’s pretty unamerican, you know, just wanting to detain and imprison people solely based on their beliefs, isn’t it? You know, as if we were going to round up all the chrisitians b/c of Timothy McVeigh? Get it?

        ALSO, maybe the Khan there is just nuts, and we shouldn’t be demonizing people based on the fact that there are crazies out there who happen to proclaim themselves as a member of one faith or another? Is it starting to seep through, yet?

  • Robert Dungan

    A damn good start.

    • Goldstein

      Yeah, to facist purges like they had in stalinist russia and nazi germany. You righties are always ready to start persecuting people on the basis of their identities and beliefs, huh? Awfully anti-american, don’t ya think?

      • Chuck Burke

        Yeah, perhaps it should be crooked noses and rabbis next (joking for those of you trolls that can’t tell the difference!)! How stupid can you really be to just start in on calling people righties based on a 4 word comment on an article reporting the actual conviction of a person by a Federal Judge with a jury of 12 men and women. Wow, are you part of the liberal folks that are assigned to monitor sites like this?

        • Goldstein

          So, should we start rounding up and detaining american citizens just because they’re muslims? That’s what ol’ Victoria here is advocating. To me, that sounds awfully facist and unamerican, you know, just rounding folks up solely because they’re different from you, but then again I guess I’m just one of those silly liberals who believes in laws, justice, freedom, and due process.

  • Chuck Burke

    This man was convicted in a court of law of the crimes reported above. There were jurors, that did the best they could to work through the intricacies of the information provided to them. This is the essence of the United States of America and its Democratic process. After reading the entire article, as presented in a liberal newspaper, the Miami Herald, it is apparent there were some holes in the prosecution’s case, however, read the first three sentences above again. Bravo to those jurors for making the decision they did. This person will serve time in prison, versus losing his life such as is the way of the Taliban and Al Quida, who have no regard for the preciousness of life! Again, bravo and may this person rot and die in jail where he belongs. It is too bad that we the taxpayers must pay for the leniency shown by our Democratic society. Do the same type of crime in Pakistan and/or Afghanistan and they will kill you; no questions asked.

    • Goldstein

      Sure – but then Vic Jack (and others here) start calling for the rounding up and imprisonment of all other muslims everywhere in the country, including U.S. citizens. That is anti-american.

  • stacy quick

    id be a tad more concerned about north korea at this point. they have an honor code and will GLADLY die for their cause.
    not to mention the nuclear hell they will unleash on us in the process.
    i can see how you kids might not fear a nuke. so go look it up.
    then you will know a new kind of fear.

    • Goldstein

      And, using the “logic” advocated on this blog here, we ought to be rounding up all Korean people and put them in jail! After all, if Kim Jong Un has a nuke, they all might!?

  • Eugene Lubben

    Lock the muslin terrorist up and throw the key away ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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