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“How to Avoid Rape” by Julie Borowski

Julie (Token Libertarian Girl) does it again! She makes me laugh and makes a good, conservative point. I love her.

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  • stacy quick

    Being crazier than your attacker can help! I know because a potential attacker tried to get me.

    He saw my “craziness” and fled the scene quickly.

    Would i do it again… and go even farther?

  • RichFromShowMe

    Joe “Biteme” has the solution; i.e., carry a collapsible double-barrel shotgun in your purse. If at risk, find a balcony and fire both barrels into the air . . . while the perpetrator breaks down your front door.

    Works for him, but it has something to do with 24×7 Secret Service protection . . What an idiot the VP is!

    These guys are certifiable, ready for strait-jackets and padded cells, but, unfortunately, they’re running our nation into the dustbins of history.

  • Stealth

    Julie Borowski is JUST GREAT!! Dang…if I was just thirty years younger and could’ve married a woman like HER instead of the LIBERAL ( disease-brained ) soon to be ‘ex’…

  • hongryhawg

    They have it bass ackwards. The object is to make the would be rapist pee his pants, or #2. A gun will do that.

  • ar077

    I invested in martial arts training for my daughter, who now has a black belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Any perp who attacks her will wake up from a choke hold to find his arms broken and his genitals crushed.