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I love this Funny Girl!!!

Who is Token Libertarian Girl who makes all these hilarious, smart videos? It’s Julie Borowski. She’s 24 and describes herself as “a Policy Analyst who loves dogs and makes YouTube videos about libertarianism.” It’s encouraging to know there are more and more young people starting to “get it.”

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  • Kimberly Wedel

    Her best was her take on the Lena Dunham Obama ad.

  • nobodysfool

    This sweet young lady needs to realize that Social Security is NOT a welfare program!! Every person who gets a legitimate job pays into this system (voluntarily, per its “daddy” FDR–but by force now!!) for as long as they work, and when they are finally able to retire and draw from the money THEY set aside for 30-40-50 years that they labored, they discover that they can not draw more than Uncle Sam determines for them. And it is not a living wage, let me tell you!! If you have not planned for retirement and saved independent of the SS system, you will be in a bread line for sure. You then discover, upon the death of a spouse, that you get a grand sum of $250 (or so) to bury that spouse, and if he/she doesn’t die on exactly the right date, his/her last month’s check will be snatched back. Yes, it’s true. Now the government, back in the 70s, I believe, decided that here was a fund set aside for the people who contributed to it. So Uncle Sam said, “See, here is a pile of money. What doth hinder me from dipping into this fund for my boondoggle projects such as The Bridge to Nowhere?” Now they are talking about SS being bankrupt–no, we’ve been ROBBED, and the thief is the United States Federal Government. So don’t call us seniors “welfare recipients”!!!! We WORKED for that measly, puny little SS check!!!

  • stacy quick

    just who do think blew all of america’s money?
    who left this country bankrupt?