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Join the “Get the Blaze” Campaign!!


39 percent of the country identifies themselves as conservative and 37 percent as moderate. Only 23% consider themselves liberal. Yet, out of all the networks, there is only one news station, FOX News, with a conservative perspective. And…this summer, Current TV will be switching over to (Muslim owned and controlled) Al-Jazeera America! Aaagh!!

Glenn Beck is trying to fix this ridiculous situation. Beck is starting a grassroots movement, “Get The Blaze” campaign, to add another conservative channel to the air waves. Hallelujah!

There are millions of Americans who value truth, the Constitution, and family values, and we demand our cable and satellite systems add TheBlaze television network to their cable or satellite system.

Beck is encouraging viewers and listeners to visit or call 1-800-996-2529 to let their TV providers know they want TheBlaze added to their channel lineup.

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