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NBC “deceptively edits” again!

The Blaze catches NBC lying again for Obama!!! Why? What’s in it for them?

“NBC News just can’t stop with its ongoing crusade to deliberately and maliciously manipulate content in order to push Obama’s agenda. Just how shamelessly and desperately dishonest is the Peacock Network? Let us count the ways…” Story here.

It’s probably like the Sopranos, a little threat here, a little bribe there, a few guys missing, a fake birth certificate, fake S.S., paid-off journalists, shaking-in-their boots journalists…

Most of the NBC lies involve attempts to make the Tea Party racist. The newest lie attempts to “make Second Amendment advocates look as though they did something as heinous as heckling the heartsick father of a child who lost his six-year-old son in the Sandy Hook massacre.”

Story here.

Seems like Steve Capus, president of NBC News, is the one in charge. Oops! He’s gone as of Feb. 1 ! I guess NBC will tell the truth now! Ha, ha.


When are we gonna find truth on TV again?? We can’t have FREEDOM OF SPEECH if the media are all propagandists/liars! I’m sick of them!

And, NBC, SNL, nice jabs at Jesus Christ! Last week’s Martin Short re-run jab, and the infamous Djesus Uncrossed! You must be so proud of how clever your blasphemy has become! It’s an art form.

I’d love to see you unleash your genius for sarcastic blasphemy on the Muslims. Are you afraid?

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  • stacy quick

    why does a believer have such fear? thats what i want to know.

    • stacy quick

      i really don’t havethis kind of stark terror you do. some things… not yours necessarily… concern me… and yet they continually prove Jesus is at the door… and i rejoice… soon and very soon, yes?

      i doubt God wants you to be so afraid, man.

  • Victor

    You know what they ALWAYS say Vicki. If NBC Lying Saves ONE LIFE, it was Worth It

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Yes, I actually saw that a month or so ago. They sure do sneeky editing to try and slant everyone to their agenda. As for stacy quick’s comments below, I don’t think you are scared and neither am I. However, you should continue to get the information out there in case it makes one non-saved person start to rethink things and then possible during that rethinking the Holy Spirit can touch their souls and they can make an informed decision to come to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep letting others know even if some call you scared for doing so. If you were scared you wouldn’t even have this page because you’d be afraid to say anything for fear that you’d be reported to the big bad re-education camps personnel. Hey, hopefully if they ever do throw us into those camps, maybe we can be in the same one and be friends while we wait for the call to come up from the Lord. Lying by the way doesn’t save lives Victor, lying deceives and doesn’t allow a person to make an informed decision. People stopping others from knowing the truth or from being able to make their own informed decisions will have to answer to God for such.

  • dexterlwilson

    Best way I know to make someone stop media bias is to contact their advertisers that they won’t buy any products they advertise on NBC. Get enough, like the 49% or their viewers to write emails to the advertisers to that effect. Then heads will role on NBC.