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SNL’s Julia Sweeney Defends Abortion and Atheism

Julia Sweeney was on SNL when I was! I was ’86-’92. She was ’90-’94.

In this video Sweeney defends abortion. She is sarcastic and confident but I can’t follow her logic. Her “separation of church and state” monologue completely ignores the rights of the baby. A baby has its own DNA. And, its own heartbeat. It is not an appendage to a woman’s body.

I remember one conversation Julia and I had at SNL, about welfare, but that was before I was “political.” I was just a Christian. She was a Catholic. Now she is an Atheist and making a career out of it! She wrote a play about her journey into atheism called “Letting Go of God.” It’s smart, funny and blasphemous. I actually took my family to see it and we all hugged afterward. She was very sweet and said she appreciated me being there and my passion for God even though our views are opposite. I bought her a study Bible with her name on it and am trying to find an address to send it to.

I stumbled upon Julia’s photo today while researching I am to be interviewed on Dr. Gluck’s show tomorrow, about my book, and I wanted to see if he was legit. He has a funny name.

There was a link on his web site to The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and I saw that Julia was an honorary board member of the FFRF as was Ron Reagan whose bio says Ron describes himself as an “Unabashed atheist, not afraid of burning in hell.”

It seems they have a new word for Atheist, “freethinker!”

Here is a quote from Julia Sweeney’s bio, “It took me years, but letting go of religion has been the most profound wake up of my life. I feel I now look at the world not as a child, but as an adult. I see what’s bad and it’s really bad. But I also see what is beautiful, what is wonderful. And I feel so deeply appreciative that I am alive. How dare the religious use the term ‘born again.’ That truly describes freethinkers who’ve thrown off the shackles of religion so much better!”

The term “born again” was from Jesus, (John 3), who was talking about a spiritual birth. If the atheists/freethinkers have never awakened to the lordship of Christ, they cannot be born again, they are still only a one birth-er -”born of water,” of the flesh. They don’t have the Holy Spirit living inside. The gospel is foolishness to them.

I Corinthians 1:18 “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”

And, stop stealing our words! We are free. You are chained to sin and death. It isn’t simply semantics. This is a spiritual battle, Ephesians 6:12, and it’s very interesting to me that usually the words – evolution, atheist, abortion, pro-choice, liberal, etc.- and the spirit of darkness always go together.

Believers are humbled by the grace of God. I am Atheists/freethinkers are arrogant and proud of their disbelief. Their website should be called, I am First.

“God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, that no flesh should glory in His presence.”

“Freethinking” is the oldest false religion – started in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 3)

Julia’s spiritual journey never included a Bible teacher. She asked her Catholic priest about the Bible and he told her the Bible was a collection of nice myths. According to her play, that was her Biblical research. I would suggest Julia take a couple classes with Beth Moore . Then, she would hear the real truth. God is real. Jesus is God. And, we can be “saved by grace, not of works lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8,9)

(The second video was a little ditty I wrote in response to Julia’s play, “Letting Go of God.” It’s a bit sarcastic, but I was trying to speak their language.)

Why do I care what Julia Sweeney believes or does not believe? Because I love her and I don’t want her to go to hell.

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  • JBM425

    “Julia’s spiritual journey never included a Bible teacher. She asked her
    Catholic priest about the Bible and he told her the Bible was a
    collection of nice myths.” That is the problem with the Catholic Church today… the spineless bishops tolerate priests like that (not to mention “pro-choice” politicians) yet condemn the “Traditional” Catholic priests who stand for Christ and the faith.

  • Samuel Bronkowitz

    Julia Sweeney is a lot more talented that VJ. She’s way funnier!!

    • Carol Golembiewski

      And that has what to do with this discussion??

    • marahnatha

      Sweeny wasn’t funny at all. At least VJ had Toonces the Cat.

    • Knybee

      So that means that if a person is talented or funny they are also wise? I suggest that you buy a dictionary so that you can tell the difference between attributes. I would also suggest that this sounds like something Beavis or Butthead would say. Heh heh she’s funny heh heh. Not such a brilliant argument is it?

  • Wimps, Keep Left

    Miss Sweeney is going to suffer when she has to answer to God because she ran away and even goes on to promote soullessness in her lifetime. Maybe God will have it that she returns to Him. After all, this really is a cry for help on her part.

  • Carol Golembiewski

    My experience is that most atheists are angry. Ironically they’re angry at a God that they don’t think exists.

    • MBC

      You just proved your significant lack of knowledge regarding atheists. We aren’t angry people at all. We’re just sick of having religious views shoved down our throats. And before that we were sick of being burned at the stake.

      • marahnatha

        You mean you’re sick of people exercising their Constitutional right to free expression? As for being burned at the stake, we were much more often the recipients on that one.

      • Bob McNesby

        So having religious views shoved down your throat means you have to become an Atheist. I stopped buying into my Catholicism when I was 7, but kept looking for a spiritual path I could follow. I finally found it at age 40. I never stopped believing in God just because I wasn’t comfortable with the Catholic religion. So no I wouldn’t say you’re angry, but shallow yes.

      • Dustin W. Taunton

        So now you understand why we are sick of having un natural acts shoved down our throats. Were told to deal with it, so…DEAL WITH IT!

      • rmwayne

        Don’t give me that crap. Any time a Christian so much as opens his mouth you atheists start with your ridiculing and insulting both God and we Christians. You’re too cowardly and hateful to say anything to Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., but since it’s hip and cool with liberal retards to hate Christians you scumbags go at it full time. Hope you like it in hell idiot.

      • Knybee

        Wow you really need a history lesson. Should have went to a Catholic school. I always like how people say we to self include themselves in someone’s else’s suffering from the past. As if they feel their pain or somehow receive a credit in their own column. But also if you listen through your throat might I suggest that you would have a more fruitful life if you try using your ears. Just sayin. And I would like to remind people here that atheists do believe in a god. Themselves. For since we know God exists we should understand that these have chosen to replace Him with their own counsel and ways. Stepping into His shoes so that noone can tell them what to do. The epitomy of selfishness and the opposite of love. If you love you wouldn’t care where the truth came from but delight in it’s application. When you do not love, again, no one can tell me what to do.

  • Wally Crawler

    You can’t follow her “logic” because your don’t have “logic”, you have opinions. “Logic” examines general forms that may take mathematics &/or science, “Logic” was also used in Theology, but mostly to prove against one another’s religion…. So you see you aren’t logical, So your not understanding is valid.

    • Elizabeth Cox

      Sorry but your reply is invalidated because of your picture. No credibility can be given to someone with such a juvenile picture. Grow up.

      • Jennifer King

        Gee, if Atheists aren’t angry folk, then why the nasty profile pic? That just screams angry to me.

    • Knybee

      Duh no, her “logic” doesn’t make sense. But I’m sure that you feel that in your high exalted and elite position of Mr. Know it all only the men of supreme logic can understand what she is saying. Reminds me of liars who look at a piece of garbage and call it art and then try to sell it to you as art. If you say that it isn’t art they say that you don’t understand art. No sir you don’t understand garbage.

  • Lori Barcus Servies

    Satan is mired in our “religions” as well as today’s hedonistic culture. Satan has twisted our leaders, infected their faith, and destroyed their ministries and testimonies. Thus making the face of our faith look foolish. Alas, these leaders are just people, forgiven by the grace of God. The sad part is that the vocal entertainment industry and the mainstream media (among others) have used these leaders, promoted their errant ways and and solidified their positions as Christian mainstream thinking/faith. This bishop that she talked to for her research is obviously not Christian. He says he is yet he spouts all these beliefs that contradict true Christian faith and then everyone hails him, and those akin to him, as representing what all Christians believe. Well, sir, if you believe the Bible is a collection of nice myths, then you ARE NOT a Christian. Just like VP Biden CANNOT be a pro-choice Catholic. He might be pro-choice but that knocks him out of being a true Catholic because it contradicts Catholic theology. These have become stumbling blocks to unbelievers and those searching for Truth. I have prayed for Julia Sweeney, Dr. Gluck, Ron Reagan, and this bishop. I prayed that God would remove the blinders that satan has placed on their eyes to prevent them from seeing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that God would soften their hearts and bring someone, something, or some way for them to hear about the love of Jesus and accept that love into their hearts. It is a shame that this Ron Reagan is “not afraid of burning in hell.” If he truly believed that hell is his choice and his ultimate fate and what that really means, if he could only grasp what Jesus has saved us from, he would sprint to that Love. My heart breaks for him and I pray that he will come to the understanding of what hell really is. Blessed be God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from everlasting to everlasting.

  • Joe Robinson

    My biggest problem with atheists is that if you are so confident in your beliefs (or rather non-belief) in God, why would my beliefs have an impact on your life? That the fact that I beleive in God will sway your non-belief?

    • Justin B

      It is not that it will sway Atheist’s beliefs it is that most Christians shove their views in everyone’s faces. They demand that their views be tolerated and held up regardless of everyone else. An atheist would come along and not tolerate it and the religious people would get in a fuss saying that they are being persecuted or attacked, when in reality they are the ones attacking everyone else (atheist or another religion) with their beliefs by not allowing the others to be heard. We could care less what you believe however if you should have the benefit of shoving it in everyone’s faces, then so should those who believe in something different, which is rarely the case.

      • Joe Robinson

        First you are making the assumption that every ‘believer’ shoves their opinions down other peoples throats. This is far from the truth. That might be your experience, but it isn’t fair to generalize the way you are. I honestly couldn’t give a rats ass what you believe in and I expect the same courtesy. What is wrong is that society has become so PC that you can’t say anything without fear of offending someone. The left is only tolerant of those that agree with them.

        • Justin B

          Please carefully read the first line of my post. I did not say that “every” believer does it. Also everyone is only tolerant of who agrees with them, its human nature. A large percentage of christians are not tolerant of people who do not believe what they believe. A large number of muslims and jews and hindus are also most likely tolerant of those who believe with them.

          • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

            What atheist call shoving religion down your throat is when a christian states what they believe. Mostly it’s atheists becoming upset someone says what they do is a sin. Why it bothers you is beyond me since you don’t believe in God anyway. Why do you care what we say. Also how can any christian shove religion down your throat?

          • Justin B

            Thats the point, going up to someone and telling them what they are doing is a sin is shoving it down their throats. No one gives a crap what you think is right and wrong. A “sin” is a word made up by the religious right in the beginning and is not really anything solid. Saying something is a sin is an opinion, to you it is wrong but to someone else it is right.
            So directing that an someone who doesnt believe in it is shoving it down their throats. Also if you say that why shouldnt we care what you say, then why do you care what we say? Exactly.

  • Jennifer King

    In a way it is a church and state issue, but Ms. Sweeney has it all wrong. The fight over the contraception and abortion mandates has to do with forcing a religious institution to cover those things that they find MORALLY wrong. No one said that the Catholics want to ban coverage for everyone, just those that have a religious moral objection. It doesn’t surprise me a bit that the FFRF would say such a thing, as they tend to blow things way out of proportion to further their immoral cause.

    • marahnatha

      Since when is abortion “medical?” It’s terminating a living being, contrary to the hippocratic oath of Physicians for centuries. People should pay for their own contraceptives & if they can’t, there are free fishbowls of condoms at any Social Services office & public school office.

      • Knybee

        The trick of this government is to “wash it’s hands over the issue” and let women make the decision. Yet in the background calling it a medical procedure thereby earning tax dollars from every death. So in reality on the one hand the government says that they’ll have nothing to do with it, while on the other they’re making money by it. This is a perfect example of the scripture “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

  • Bart

    Victoria I’m proud of your stance on things! Having faith and a relationship with Jesus is the only way to heaven. The way I’ve always looked at it is, if atheists/freethinkers are right, then we all have nothing to worry about. But if us as Christians are right (and we are) then……. God bless you Victoria! I will be praying for Julia and all non-believers!

  • docscott777

    Howard Stern and his crew are devils. He is nothing more than a worldly idiot.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Such a Smug Evil HE / She or IT who thinks she knows it all typical Liberal with a Reprobate Mind given to her because of ITS EVIL. Just an Angry Pitiful, Pathetic man / woman. Of course IT has the right to express ITS own opinion on any thing.

  • ER12696490

    This women, Julia Sweeney, I wonder what happened to her to make this women a stupid women. Taxpayers paying for her aborations and birth controls is no longer seperation of church and state. This is just another person that suffers from CWS, better known as made cow disease, also known as Chronic Wasting Syndrome. God Help America from people with CWS.

  • Brother Fidelis

    Ummm, do any of you who are posting against Julia Sweeney – I take no position on what she says… but about your multiple comments about the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible: do any of you realize that it was the Western Church (Rome) and the Eastern Church (Constantinople – now Istanbul, Turkey – a Muslim country) that assembled the various books of the Bible into one codex or large text. It was done in the year 325 A.D. I find it rather ironic that the Church responsible for discerning the Bible (say, why choose the Gospel of Matthew versus the Gospel of Jesus — yup, Jesus versus the Gospel of Judas Iscariot – how he wrote after having hung himself, I don’t know)… but anyway that Church that has over the centuries disseminated the Bible, rightly or wrongly, in good times and bad.

    • Knybee

      So what???? Do you know that from the findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls scholars have found no deviance from a later translation such as the King James Bible. And do you understand that if God wants a book to come down though the centuries without error He can do that. Or do you think that someone could corrupt His book without His knowing it. You think of God as a paltry man with limited powers. He is Almighty. And evidently you don’t know Him. If Ananias and Sapphira dropped dead on the spot as spoken of in the “Acts of the Apostles”, what do you think He can do to anyone who tries to change His words? Even so there are false versions out there now, but that is where we have to show God that we care about Him that deeply and sift through them by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God has allowed this to happen in these times to test how deep our love of the truth is. The versions that are true are found by those who love the truth. And it’s a great test. One that so far you have failed at. Try again.

      • Bro Fidelis

        No deviation between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the KJV? Well, other than that the scrolls are in biblical Hebrew and the KJV is in 16th Century English, there is also the fact that the King had portions of the translation changed to show favour to the monarchy, viz. monarchy of England by the subjects of the crown.
        I also posit this question: Adam and Eve begat, at first two sons, Cain and Abel. Both of these had wives… From whence do the wives come?
        How many animals did Noah take on the ark? Pairs of each kind? or seven of each?
        On Easter Sunday: which evangelist is right in their account? Were there two angels at the tomb, or one?
        Just wondering… Yes, there is Truth in the Holy Scriptures. I profess and preach it each Sunday — but we have to allow God’s word speak to our situation: our world, our life, our needs, today.That, I daresay, is where the inspiration lies and the power of the Holy Spirit is made real.

        • Knybee

          You should not be teaching anyone anything about the Lord God Almighty until you know Him better. The KJV was faithfully translated and many acknowledge it as the best translation. What you speak of as changes by King James is false. You have a problem with kings. Many do. But remember if someone is King of Kings that means that there has to be more than just one king. James was faithful. Your judgment is false. You weren’t there and are not a witness to what you are testifying to. You are giving false witness and therefore by your own accusations you will have to testify against him at the judgment. You best be absolutely positive that you want to do that. Even so, do you know the meaning of the word hearsay?
          It will be hard to give solid food to an infant but you asked for it. Do you understand that there are two different passages about the creation of man? Do you know that Revelations speaks of a beast that is a man. Did you also know that the scripture of Genesis which says that “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast …” I could go on but the point is that this is a mystery until the appointed time where it will be revealed and understood. For your benifit why is it not possible that there were men without the spirit of God who were rightly catagorized as beasts before Adam? Were you there? Thoughout the scriptures men are referred to as a host of different creatures. And what do men become but beasts when they do not have the spirit of God?
          But you have no faith in Gods Word so you doubt. And so to you no explanation can suffice because of your lack of faith. As evidence your lack of faith is captured in your own words. You yourself said this. “I profess it and teach it each Sunday”. I suggest you find the scripture of Nebuchadnezzer where he also speaks your words. To paraphrase “Look what I have built”. Indeed, we can do nothing in and of ourselves. There is no studying or great works that anyone can do to reveal the mysteries of God, though you think yourself wise enough by yourself to teach others. It is only by grace that doors are opened. Those doors of understanding are therefore closed to you because you do not acknowledge His authority over scripture and also because of your lack of faith.

          The other questions are easily answered but why should we waste time on what you are unable to understand. Know yourself and you will know others. You do not know yourself but seek greater mysteries. If you knew yourself you would not have spoken like Nebuchanezzer. But that is a major illness that has closed the eyes of many. The remedy is quite simple. In all your ways acknowledge Him. Whether He has given you the understanding of a mystery or not. Those who have faith can rest assured that again, no man can alter the words of God. And if Nebachanezzr had said “By Gods grace I have built this” or “The Lord God has built this through me” he would not have fallen because he would have acknowledged God first. If you don’t understand these words you will remain blind and think that you are able to understand anything if you study or even desire it. And therefore God has to give it to you. The love and goodness of God does not work that way. Rightfully so. It is by grace through faith that we receive. Grace always comes first to glorify the Almighty first.

          Also, I would point out that it is not “our world, our life, our needs, today” that comes first. Priorities. We are to do His will and all these things will be provided. If we are as spoiled children using God to obtain our own desires and our own desired order of things then we can’t teach others about the selflessness of God, can we? Or do you not understand the words, “Not my will but yours”? All is for the glory of God, not for our own glory. So you tell me, do you think that God can be pleased with someone who doubts His Almighty power but then teaches others? How can you teach others not to doubt when you do? But God can be sure that you know these things seeing as you are considered by some to be a learned man. Even so bless you.

  • Brother Fidelis

    Dear Victoria Jackson: I watched the video by Julia Sweeney. I have a question for you: did we watch the same video? Let’s ask this question… how many of your viewers use birth control – such as the pill or condoms? Do you? Who do you think should determine whether a person has the right to use contraceptives – like the pill or condoms… Now, to be clear, we are NOT talking ABORTION!!! Julia Sweeney did not mention abortion. She did not even refer to it. She did not even hint at it.

    What Julia Sweeney asks is one person, or one group of persons – in her example, Roman Catholic Bishops, should determine what people working in their organizations should receive as benefits. Now, on the one hand, you might say `Hey, Catholics don`t allow birth control`. But, Julia Sweeney asks, does that policy then mean that if I work for a Jehovah“s Witness, does he have the right to deny you or me the medical coverage for blood transfusions? Or, if the boss is a Christian Scientist, does that mean that based on their belief, there would be no medical coverage. And so on…

    What Julia Sweeney asks of the Roman Catholic Bishops is, of all the issues demanding their attention at the present time; and there are many! why would they focus solely and only on that one? Contraception as a benefit. As an aside, many polls done in the United States show that regardless of Church teaching, women do use oral contraceptives. Several studies have also concluded that increased use of prophylactics (condoms) in Africa will stop rapid spread of HIV-AIDS. (and HIV-AIDS is spread from husband to wife there).

    Maybe you might want to cut Julia some slack, and judge her less… (let God do the judging). My favourite thing to do with Atheists is to pray for them… drives them smart ;-)

    • Knybee

      This is the typical reply of those who can’t take a stand. “Don’t judge”. And you add the foolish rejoinder, “Let God judge”. Would it surprise you to know then that He already has given us His judgments. Or don’t you read? If a man makes his own decisions he is indeed judging. Like an atheist. Therefore he will have to take sole responsibilty for his actions. But if a man goes by the judgments of God then that transfers back to being Gods’ responsibility. After all, when God gives His judgments will He deny that He has done so and hide? By example there is a scripture that says “Make no dinstinctions among yourselves”. Yet why is it then that God made distinctions among us. Some are male some are female. Some are black some are white. There are greater creatures and lesser creatures. Etc. Because He is God and does so without error. We do not have the same infallibility without the Holy Spirit guiding us. Yet what if we, by the spirit of God are sent to reveal His judgments? Are you saying that we should keep quite and that God will have to speak for Himself? Because that is exactly what you are doing. Leave the hard stuff to Him, while you relax and get along with everyone. That’s fine for your “well-being”, but when you love someone you speak the truth to them even if they hate you and make your life uncomfortable. Were you ever a parent? Do you understand the Biblical term elders? When were Jesus, His disciples, or the prophets silent about the judgments of God? Or are you the one to say who God can send? And don’t be a hypocrite. The judgment is upon what this woman is doing not upon her soul. For there is no doubt whatsoever that the woman who has God in her heart loves far greater than the other who has rejected Him. But of course I’m sure that you already know that since you don’t judge!

      • Bro Fidelis

        1- “Judge thou not lest thou be judged”
        2- “Let he without sin cast the first stone”
        3- “why look at the speck in your neighbour’s eye, when you have a log in your own?”

        p.s. why not check out John 3:17 — it’s the sign that IMHO people should be holding up at games and other events, along with 3:16

        • Knybee

          Tell me then, do you judge that murder is a sin? You can’t, can you? Because you are withholding judgment on the matter. Nevermind that God has called it so. You can’t say one way or the other because if you opened your mouth you would be judging and a hypocrite.

          Who is casting stones but yourself? I am pointing out what is a sin or what it is not. What is just and what is not. Did you tell your dad, mom, family elders, or caretaker to back off when you were three if they said something you were doing was wrong? No, you weren’t old enough to know any better, were you? How much more wise is an “atheist” than a three year old? Do you believe that this woman who denies God is better served by someone who can not speak the truth to her because he’s afraid of what he might say? In other words God does not speak through you. Who then are you a brother to? Surely not the disciples who had no such fear in speaking the truth and giving themselves to their God speaking through them. And do you in your own exalted position take into account that I was defending someone?

          Show me the log in my own eye sir and then you yourself will not be a hypocrite according to your own words. For are you not judging me???

          Those who love to use the do not judge line have little love. For they love their neighbor so little that they don’t care if what their neighbor is doing is wrong and can lead to greater sins. They themselves never speak judgment except to judge others when they speak the truth.

          And why do you quote scripture when you deny the authority and supremacy of the One who wrote it?

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    Too bad Julia’s mom didn’t have one. So Im outta line big deal.

  • Louis Klar

    Thank you Mrs Jackson, thank you. Amen, Halleluyah Jesus Son of God. ( gotta put my plug in for somebody that does not exist…… :-) ) You Gloria we just have to realize our obligation is to pray for peeps like her continuously and never let her forget that a state separated from church is dead. And boy are we gettin there.

  • DeadBuffalo Podcast

    I’m going to start Freedom From Atheists Foundation. Who’s with me?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    When you create a Godless society; you must be prepared to live in a lawless world.

  • cmcw89

    I watched both videos in this article. Sweeney’s video is less harsh about religion as a whole than Jackson’s video mocking Sweeney’s viewpoints. Having Jackson write a song about Sweeney talk about her viewpoint of religion “all day long” is like calling the kettle black. Being that VJ seems to be making her career out of a bible-preaching, conservative. I stepped away from my church years ago, and I would say I have about the same level of attitude then as I do now. I would actually say I am a better person. I no longer think that non-catholics aren’t complete people like I used to. It is that sort of mentality that Jackson and the people in this thread portray that turns people away from religion and annoys non-believers. Christian’s wonder why atheists seem angry. Maybe look at your actions and check to see if you are actually being Christlike, instead of Christian “for he is without sin that cast the first stone”. Carol, the atheists you encounter, do you tell them they need Jesus in their life? Do they get angry with you after that, if that is so, do the math… If not, I apologize for assuming. I understand spreading the gospel is in the bible, but To Each Is Own. Maybe you met an atheist that happens to be angry. Just like I have met a lot of angry Christians, like in the comment thread, for example. Which goes back to my second sentence.

  • fredh

    I am sorry to say , but most women today are for abortion and it has been the same for the last 40 years. Women after having a baby starting in 1972 were told by the federal gov. ,you are to valuable to stay home and raise, get a career and keep on working. To allow women to keep on working the federal government created all kinds of paper pushing jobs, by creating regulations to control companies. The workforce double from 70 million people (80% men, 20 % women) in 1970 to 135 million people by 1983. In 1970 the average family own one vehicle, but since women were now working , they needed their own vehicle. To buy that vehicle she had to go into DEBT, DEBT = BONDAGE, she could afford to have a baby, hence ABORTION. Since 1974 American women have murder over 55 million potential Americans. Most European countries follow this madness, I would love to see world wide what the abortion rate is. Maybe this is why the muslims are taking over Europe. Since the civil Rights Bill of !964, the family was destroyed, before 1964 the family was one economic unit, after this bill was passed every person became an economic unit , From 1964 to 2011, congress has passed over 400 laws to empower women, 0 laws for men.

  • Ronnie Lee

    The reason why atheists attack Christians and not other religions is because of this: JOHN 15:18 – If the world hates you, you should realize that it hated me before you. Atheists hate the Messiah! That’s all it boils down to, people! It also proves that there is a Satan the Devil that puts that hate in their hearts because Satan is the one who really despises the Savior. Satan doesn’t hate other religions because they did not come from God. There is only one true religion. The belief in the Holy word of God – the Bible – and in the Eternal Godhead, Who is the Father of the only Son by which all men can be saved and born into the Kingdom of God! That is the Gospel – and Satan and his worshipers hate it! Personally, I long for the day that I will live forever with the one who suffered and died for me! That’s worth more than anything this world has to offer! Thank you.

  • johnnywoods

    What an ignorant fool this chick is.

  • slickzip

    There are no “ATHEIST” when they are in a foxhole or on their deathbed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • tdstec

    The flawed logic here is that contraception is not health care. Blood transfusions and psychiatric medication are measures to treat medical issues over which an individual has little or no control. Condoms cost a quarter in any bathroom vending machine–if you can’t afford one, you shouldn’t risk either a baby or an abortion, cause you sure as hell can’t afford either. And it isn’t anybody else’s responsibility to pay for the prevention of your pregnancy. Whatever happened to accountability for your own behavior??

  • iprazhm

    This woman is embarrassing to watch. To witness an adult behaving badly is hard enough to watch but an adult encouraging others to behave badly is beyond nauseating, it’s criminal.

  • Patricia Reynertson

    Catholics aren’t against people OBTAINING birth control. They are against the STATE forcing a religious organization from betraying its principles. You know, to keep church and state separate.


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