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I’m Not a Republican Anymore

Feb 18, 2013
“The Republican led General Assembly has let Virginia down.”

“When faced with the federal encroachment on our rights and freedom, Republicans in the General Assembly caved, voting to begin the process of implementing Obamacare at the cost of billions to Virginia taxpayers,” says the campaign for E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor of Virginia. “Defy-Don’t-Comply-With-Obamacare” is his slogan because he believes in the 9th and 10th Amendment to the Constitution, unlike the Republicans of the VA General Assembly.

Feb 12, 2013
I was un-invited to speak at an upcoming Republican Event in Pinellas County, FL where Governor Rick Scott was to speak. Why was I un-invited? I was told by Michael Guju that the Republicans running the event decided I was “too controversial!”

Why am I “controversial”?! Everything I have said or written on the Internet lines up with our founding father’s Judeo-Christian values and their vision for a constitutional republic. How is that controversial?

The Republican Party no longer stands for The Constitution, so I am no longer a Republican.

E.W. Jackson and Rand Paul and Ben Carson seem to reflect the ideals the Republicans used to have. I suppose “Constitutional Conservative” or “Tea Party” is our label now.

Labels aside, shame on you Republicans for caving to the pressure of the left, for being afraid to say the “c” word, (communist), when the evidence is all around you, for wimping out when the going gets tough, for not holding Rubio and West to a Constitutional standard, for ultimately believing in nothing.

Shame on you for being afraid to have me speak because I don’t follow the sheeple or drink the Kool Aid, but speak without a teleprompter from the heart.

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  • Samuel Bronkowitz

    So entertaining watching the implosion of the Repugnicant party. It must get tiring looking for communists under your bed and in your closet Victoria.

    • Teresa

      You better hush. He who laughs last laughs the loudest. You Dems are in for a more rude awakening than we are. The republicans have wimped out since Obama keeps blaming them for everything and I wanted them to stand firm in their convictions. But it got to them and they caved in. I’s so sad

      • EatSomeTruth

        So sad that the ignoramuses are being exposed for their complete lack of brains? Grow the hell up, moron. Maybe study English while you’re at it.

        • Linda Brush Lang

          In typical liberal fashion you offer no rational arguments, but instead resort to calling names. The clueless one on this page is you.

    • Kyle Becker

      I’ve studied communism for years, including in Moscow, and Victoria is right.

      • EatSomeTruth

        If you believe Victoria is right, then your studies were a magnificent failure.

        • marahnatha

          I think immigrants that lived under Communist oppression know more than “fad” American “Communists” who are usually living in their parent’s house & have no concept of reality.

  • Steve

    I left the Republican Party last year. They’re pretty much to blame as much as the Democrats for the problems we face. After reading George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796, I realized that what is happening now was foreseen by our greatest founding father. The parties put party loyalty ahead of principle, money ahead of the constituents. Neither party gives a rat’s butt about the people. Why people remain loyal to corrupt, deceitful men of the Democrat and Republican parties is beyond me. I have a new motto in life, and I will take it to my dying grave: DOWN WITH THE PARTY SYSTEM!

    • Donnie Jackson

      I became a Libertarian because of the nonsense of the Republicans. At least the Libertarians believe in fiscal responsibility

      • EatSomeTruth

        Too bad they don’t believe in reality as well.

  • Steve

    This is why I left the Republican Party last year. They are as much to blame for the problems America faces as the Democrats. I was further inspired to leave the corrupt and broken party system behind after reading George Washington’s Farewell Address from 1796. Our greatest founding father, who showed the true meaning of being an American citizen and leader, prophesied the problems the party system has, including loyalty to party over principle, and the type of corruption and deceit that come along with political factions. How anybody can remain loyal to a broken, corrupt, and deceitful political organization is beyond me. My new motto is this: Down with the party system! Let’s move back to where our country was at the very beginning. No parties, and an open ballot. No picks for VP. When the results are tallied, the man with the most votes is elected President, and the man with the second highest number of votes becomes Vice President. Might get these igiots to work together finally.

    God bless!

    • EatSomeTruth

      Don’t stop at the Pres/VP level – extend the general elections to the Senate and House as well. Eliminate the gerrymandering BS once and for all, and let the representatives truly reflect the wishes of those that they are tasked with representing.

  • riggy001

    To misquote Ronald Reagan, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican party left me”. Today’s republicans are like puppies with their tails tucked between their legs, or better yet men with their dicks tucked under to look like pussies. Look at Rick Scott (R-FL) Gov. In ONE DAY he caved on Obamacare and decided to take fed $, AND wants to have all gun owners purchase liability insurance. HELL NO! RINO! Maybe they should chant that on S Monroe & Apalachee or his residence at W Brevard & N Adams! I think if they do that they should each bring a gun! I Call on all Floridians to tell Governor Rick Scott HELL NO! I supported him when he ran. Is he really any better than Charlie Crist? I am SO SICK-TO-MY-STOMACH of goddamned democraps donning Republican veils in campaign mode to take off the veil once in office and legislate like full-fledged commie dicKtators! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! If we cannot get this under control it will be time for a call to Arms–see Madison, Jay, Hamilton in The Federalist Papers if you disagree.

    • EatSomeTruth

      If you were stupid enough to support Scott when he was running for office, you deserve whatever you get. He perpetrated Medicare fraud that resulted in the largest fines in the history of this country, and yet, you somehow found him to be fit for office. You’re just a flat out idiot. Quite your whining, put your tinfoil hat back on, and crawl back into your bunker.

    • Molly Barbara Loveday

      Riggie you watch your mouth God doesn’t have a last name. This is why I don’t trust any politician. They smile at you,they have a charm of a snake. Like how Rick Scott did.

  • EatSomeTruth

    Hilarious. You got bounced from some event in Florida because you’re “controversial.” Ever occur to you that “controversial” actually means “completely clueless”?

    • Elizabeth Cox

      Apparently the only thing you eat is liberal media bias. Go troll Rachel Maddox, maybe you’ll sound intelligent there.

  • Linda Brush Lang

    I am changing my voter’s ID to reflect my disgust with the Republican Party. They are as much to blame for our problems as the Democrats. I don’t believe there is enough bone matter in the whole party to construct one spine. The idea that they “compromise” with Obama is repugnant to me and they don’t deserve my vote. I am appalled that they didn’t even attempt to address the voter fraud in the last election and someone needs to explain to me why the House, which holds the power of the purse and is dominated by Republicans, doesn’t just put on their big boy pants and tell the Democrats that they are done funding all these boondogle projects, including Obamacare, and let the chips fall where they may instead of caving in like little old ladies.

  • Molly Barbara Loveday

    I don’t see how arguing helps any, calling people morons,telling people to put on their tinfoil hats and get back in their bunkers. We have cowards in the GOP, so what is the solution to this problem?

  • marahnatha

    If Meghan McCain represents the Republican Party, I’m out. I think it’s time to “Whig out” & start a new party.

  • Difster

    I left the Republican party about 25 years ago. I’m a libertarian (note the small L, not a LP member).

  • Laura Thompson

    I wish I could vote for him. I have left the GOP too and I believe they are leaving in droves! Unless the Republican Party begins to stand on the principles set out in their very own platform, they will continue to lose voters every year. The DNC has organized and in full support of one another are swinging left, left, left and because I that, the GOP is going “right” along with them, left, left, left. Well, I have “left” the Republican Party and will support candidates like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Mike Lee. Even those I would have considered a year ago, I would not consider now as they are sipping often the kool-aid of Washington D.C. and falling deep into the cesspool of political correctness, crony capitalism, and under the table dealings with the senior representatives who need to leave their deep trenches of corruption and single-mindedness, representing only themselves in the fights of D.C. rather than representing the desires of their constituents. Rand Paul just returned to the Federal treasury, money his state did not spend. He is cutting expenditures and practicing what he preaches.

  • rjim

    Good for him… We responsible e-rebulican need to find a new home! And I agree with “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican party left me”

  • Dempseycoleman

    I would place Rick Scott Marco Rubio Karl Rove and a lot more as
    almost joining up with our last two Governors Jeb Bush and
    whats his name that just joined the Democrat Party

  • Robert Dungan

    My sincere thanks to you E.W. Jackson, for your public declaration of what many of us have known for a while. It must have been a painful decision. I salute your courage and your commitment to and support of our Constitution and the way of life that the Founding Fathers saw as desirable for God-fearing Judeo-Christian Citizens. It is this mindset that created this nation, and it is this mindset that will save it, with the help of Almighty God through Christ Jesus. You have my respect and agreement sir. God Bless you, and God Bless The Constitutional United States Of America.

  • iprazhm

    Wonderful speech! I no longer want to be in a party operated by RINOs, but chooseing another is turning out to be difficult. Finding a socially conservative party isn’t easy. A party that represents and welcomes God’s laws, Jesus Christ and those who follow His teachings, is elusive. I’ve found a couple that sort of dance around God and hint at an acknowledgement of Him, but fail to proclaim His omnipotence.

    They place God in the background somewhere, claiming that they cannot be successful with Him prominently placed in their political standings categorys. OR they can’t find it in their heart to justify America’s support of Israel.

  • markie71

    I heard from Pam Bondi that Scott has changed his mind on “Obamacare”. The healthcare providers are set to get money from it in great quantities.
    Why Tea Party Gov. Rick Scott Flip-Flopped on Obamacare | Mother Jones
    Health care companies in Florida are set for a massive windfall from Medicaid subsidies.
    Scott has also divested himself of the Tea Party.


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