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Vietnam Veteran & Nurse: “We Are Not Baby Killers”

Captain Donna Rowe was the head E.R. nurse in Saigon during the Vietnam War. In 1969 she saved the life of an injured newborn Vietnamese orphan by disobeying orders. A series of events led to their reunion more than 30 years later. The baby, Kathleen is now married with four children and living in CA. A movie was made about it and you can find it here – I am in awe of our military heroes, their bravery and honor. I salute Captain Donna Rowe, all of our Vietnam Vets, and all veterans, those who sacrificed all for the protection, defense and freedom of our country and even for others abroad.

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  • 2War Abn Vet

    My son commented on this subject about a year ago. He remarked, “You know, the real baby killers didn’t serve in Vietnam.”
    Actually it has turned out that the baby killers were the ones protesting Vietnam. Moreover, they continue to kill around 3,000 babies each day.

  • old cold war vet

    Good job, Captain. Well done. God Bless.

  • Sean

    So very proud of you Captain….God Bless!

  • marahnatha

    Our boys in Vietnam won every battle but one, PR at home. Our Government caved to the protesters who knew nothing about living life. Most were high school kids who showed up for reasons other than caring about war. The same liberals are at work today, trying to make us a third world country. We continue to sacrifice our best in wars that we have no intention of winning. God help America.