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Public School Kicks Christian Speaker/Musician Off Premises

American ClubSchools are allowed to have “gay clubs” and “black clubs” and “latin clubs” but “The American Club” is censored and under attack.

I recently spoke at this school, Spanish River High School in Boca, FL at the request of two brave, young students named John and Daniel who care about this country and are trying to educate their fellow students on The Constitution, our founding fathers and the principles and Judeo-Christian values that gave us freedom and the greatest country in the world. John and Daniel have met with resistance from their teachers and principal every step of the way. Although the school has a gay club, a latin club, and a black club, they were told they cannot have a conservative club. Eventually, they were permitted to have “The American Club” which debates current issues, after school, allowing both sides of an issue to be represented, conservative and liberal. Sounds fair. I spoke to this club a few months ago. There were about 8 kids. Four kids were huddled in the back whispering, and four were near the front of the room listening. I told the story of how I got on TV, SNL, and how I’d never been involved in politics, or my country, until later in life and how I regretted not being involved at a younger age. There was a teacher present, a chaperone of sorts, who would not speak. When I asked the teacher his opinion on the state of our nation, he wouldn’t answer. I met a few more teachers in the library who were afraid to speak about politics or religion for fear of losing their jobs. They were mute. It was sad. Oppressive. It felt like I was in a communist country.

Here’s a press release from February 13, 2013:

“The Principal of Spanish River High School of Boca Raton, FL kicked off its premises nationally known Christian speaker/musician Bradlee Dean (Sons of Liberty Radio) after his having been invited by the student group, “The American Club.”

In this surprising move, on the actual day of the speaking event and with no notice, the Principal acted arbitrarily since that same student club had invited other conservative speakers recently but without incident, including singer/entertainer Victoria Jackson.

After being booted from the building, Bradlee Dean moved his speech out to the grass in front of the public school property where he is holding the attention of an audience of a few dozen students who refused to bow to the intimidation and strong arm tactics of their principal….

The address of the school is: 5100 Jog Road (at Yamata Road).

According to Dean spokesman Jake MacAuley, a lawsuit is likely to be filed over the incident.”

As of today, February 14, 2013, Matt Staver’s Liberty Counsel has sent a letter to the Palm Beach Schoolboard. If the school doesn’t allow Bradlee Dean to speak tomorrow, there will be a law suit. This is based on our First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the Equal Access Act which protects the right of student clubs to be treated equally to other student clubs.

I’ve heard Bradlee’s anti-drug, pro-America message. It’s a great story of redemption, how a fatherless boy, left a life of drugs and crime to drum in a successful band, Junkyard Prophet, raise 5 boys with his beautiful wife, and maintain a successful radio show, Sons of Liberty Radio.


This is Sue Trombino (of W.I.N. Women Impacting the Nation), Bradlee Dean (Sons of Liberty) and me. (I should’ve worn a bow) at the last Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party meeting.

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  • Kelly

    What is the principals problem? Why are the teachers afraid to talk to someone-anyone? Is this not America??

  • Rick Wykoski

    They teach socialism but not the founding principles of our nation.They pass out condoms and BC pills but won’t teach abstinence. So much for “choice.”

    • proud american

      you are so right . There are no morals anymore .

  • Tommy Kissner

    He should be FIRED!!!!!

  • ggswede

    Do I see a major lawsuit involving freedom of speech on the horizon ? I sure hope so ! And I hope the principal is formerly named in the lawsuit along with the district.Lets put and end to his career,this kind of nonsense needs to be addressed and stopped dead in it’s tracks.

  • ltfbhh

    I used to teach in Florida public schools. Teachers are not free to express conservative values and must always be careful what they say or do. On the other hand, virtually any far-out liberal view is openly welcomed. As much as I loved working with the kids, I could never again teach in a public school, as they have become nothing more than liberal indoctrination centers which are undermining society.

    • proud american

      so true , My son has a liberal teacher and she is free to say her beliefs , I dont agree with a lot of what she says, and she is trying to sway her students to her point of view, My son and I are constantly discussing what she talks about in class. I believe teachers should teach what is in the history books and not how she feels about it. I am planning to go to the school and have a meeting with the principal about this situation.. I am sure if it was a conservative teacher talking about morals one parent would speak out and that teacher would be disciplined. More parents should look into what their children are learning

  • Daniel W. Cote

    Liberals idea of free speech is this: You can say anything you want as long as I agree with it. They don’t believe in the Constitution and want to rewrite it. They don’t like our constitution because it puts limits on the Federal Government. You are only free to do what the government says you can do. Liberals want all aspects of life controlled by the government. They don’t want to be responsible for themselves. They want the Government making all the decisions so they don’t have to worry their pretty heads about anything. Just look at how they are teaching in schools. They teach the students to expect to be taught everything they need to know. That puts a lid on invention because they are not taught to teach themselves they expect to be taught. You don’t get new inventions that way and you don’t advance. Advancement usually entails doing things that have never been done before but if you don’t know how to learn on your own how can you do anything that has never been done before. I worked as a computer programmer for 40 years. With the exception of military training I was self taught. I didn’t have a degree. I worked as an IBM Computer repairman when computers took up large rooms. I also worked as a computer programmer, systems analyst and systems programmer. Most of my career I spent doing things with computers that had never been done before. I couldn’t go and have someone teach me how to do it. What I found now you’re hard pressed to find anyone who can do anything that they haven’t been taught. When I was still working I had young people with degrees working for me and every time I asked one to do something new they would say “I don’t know how to do that, Someone going to have to show me.” When I was coming up in my field I didn’t dare say that. I would’ve been given my pink slip right there on the spot. Today schools are actually telling their students that whoever hires you will send you to school for the things you need to know. That isn’t true in most cases. What’s happening because of the schools teaching this non-sense businesses are now more picky in their hiring. They now won’t hire anyone who doesn’t have experience in everything they need to work with because they’ve found that most young workers out of school don’t know who to learn on their own and businesses aren’t there to spend money on teaching their workers that was supposed to be done in school. The expect new people not to be able to learn on their own. That hurts all workers and that’s the fault of this Socialistic School System. They believe that instead of people being responsible for themselves to keep their jobs by hard work the socialists believe in unions protecting all jobs even those who are lazy slugs. You can see the results of that in any communist or socialist society where everyone has their hand out. Look at France and Greece. They don’t get the idea there is no more money. That’s happening here too we could take every penny every company and every individual has and it won’t payoff what we owe. Someday our creditors are going to demand payment and we are going to end up signing away our natural resources to pay the debt. Obama should be tried and convicted with treason same goes to most of his staff, all his Czars, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, and just about everyone that backs this jackass. He should be arrested for treason and he should be hung, drawn and quartered which was the old punishment for treason. He is destroying our country. Obama must go.

    • proud american


  • Nadine

    Enough is enough! They want to tell us how to pray, wear, talk, walk, vote..etc! They are fanatics & NOT Americans!

  • Robert Dungan

    The Socialist Teacher’s Unions are turning our Education System into a CULT organization. Oppression, Repression, guilt, and ostracism are typical characteristics of such CULTS. Students risk their passing grades and/or suspension or expulsion for simply stating their opinions. This has been going on for a long time now, and currently, the ONLY viable alternatives are either Home Schooling, and in some cases, Charter/Cyber Schools which at least remove the students from the direct, all-day control and dehumanizing brain-washing of the Socialist Teachers.

  • CalvaryledPatriot

    I know it didn’t, but this all seems to have popped up overnight. Especially since our ignorant youth decided a slogan was good enough to elect a president. This school district will definitely be facing a lawsuit, and as for the hanging as punishment for obvious treason, may I also inject casturation as a prelude. That’s just crazy enough to get the liberals excited and the gays exstatic with more obaminable curiousity. I’m definitely fed up with the socialist, muslim, and communism infiltration in this country. You give one lousy inch in the name of mercy and some pervert somewhere finds a back door for promiscuity. WE THE PEOPLE are already up in arms and remain one nation under God. This president has brought out what’s wrong in this country and divided us with it, masterfully, which seems to be his goal. As I pray for our nation, I refuse to weep over it. Anything, without exception, I can do to restore morality and dignity to this country, I’ll do or die trying. I guess you can tell this little lamb has teeth and horns.

  • R B

    It’s pandemic. My sister teaches in California and anyone who dares to speak out against it gets their walking papers. If they happen to be tenured teaches speaking out then their lives are made miserable.


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