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Marco Rubio is not a Constitutionalist?!


KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney, Educator and Author called me after I posted, “Rubio 2016!”

She quickly informed me that Marco Rubio voted for the Patriot Act, the NDAA, HR 347, to increase the debt ceiling, etc. etc. – all things that a Constitution adherent would abhor.

KrisAnne agrees that Rubio is a great guy. He went to my family’s church in South Florida, Christ Fellowship, Palmetto Bay, and even attended the “small groups” for Bible study and prayer. And, this was before he was in the national spotlight. He’s a great family man. I love the way he explains the beauty of capitalism as seen through the Cuban refugee experience. My hometown is Miami and I’ve experienced the Cuban-mass-exodus-from-Communism personally through my friends and neighbors.

But KrisAnne insists that one cannot vote for Anti-Constitutional Policies, that take our freedom away, and claim to be a Constitutional Conservative.

Rubio voted for the Patriot Act, (read Stamp Act Resurrected), which allows the FBI with “National Security Letters,” hand-written warrants, to have the power of search and seizure with no probable cause! It violates our 4th amendment! “Suspicious activity” lets the FBI seize bank accounts and these new powers of the government carry “gag orders” so you can’t tell anyone what is being done to you!

A 2006 report found that 49,000 security letters had been served and 60% were served on U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

The NDAA, which Rubio and Allen West voted yes to, gives the government the power to detain a U.S. citizen indefinitely without a trial!

And, HR 347, The Federal Building and Grounds Improvement Act violates our 1st amendment. The government now decides if we are interfering.

KrisAnne says no one person is perfect, but Constitutionalists will not trade liberty for security. So I asked Constitutional expert Krisanne Hall, if not Marco Rubio, who is the Republican Savior? She said, “Rand Paul.”

She said Rand Paul voted against this stuff… and unlike his father Ron Paul, Rand supports Israel!

Check out KrisAnne’s web site. It should be a required college course. In her blog called “Stamp Act Resurrected” Krisanne writes, “At a recent forum Dennis Prager said, “We have forgotten what it means to be Americans. We have been sorely negligent in teaching our children about our Founding Fathers and the tyranny they overcame. We have failed to teach our children the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the principle of Natural Law which teaches us that our rights are gifted to us by our Creator and not the government.”

This negligence has been perpetrated for so long that we have entire generations that have no clue what tyranny looks like, or why it is important to fight for the rights we all hold by the very nature of our birth. This ignorance has permitted citizen and leader alike to sit idly by as many fundamental principles of our Republic are attacked.

George Santayana, philosopher and poet declared, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Yet, here we are today, seemingly doomed to repeat the history that separated our people from the tyrannical rule of a British King.”

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  • Jack Hannan

    Rubio’s only real agenda is to increase latino representation in the house and senate, to pass more amnesty an immigration to increase more latinos to vote for more latinos to vote for more latinos to vote for more……………………..

  • Maranatha Mark

    Obviously Rubio is not a “Constitutionalist”, the Establishment GOP is grooming him to be their “Great Hispanic Hope” to regain the White House. They are trying to sell the Tea Party that Rubio is their candidate! But Rubio’s stance on Immigration is cause enough to cause most Tea Party folks to stop in their tracks about supporting him. There are several indicators, some of which this article correctly pointed out that while Rubio is much more conservative than McCain, McConnell or Lindsey Graham, he is still moderate enough to garner the RINO’s support! Rand Paul seems to be the only logical candidate for any serious conservative and the Tea Party’s champion. Paul isn’t perfect either, but he is head and shoulders better than Rubio! Of course if he was of a minority heritage, and would be a little more tough on immigration, he would be better. As for Immigration issues, they are very simple – make it a felony to hire illegals with a manditory 3 years in prison and confiscation of business property plus a $10,000 fine for each illegal found working for the business/individual; take away all social security, welfare and medical cards, as well as prohibit children of illegals from getting a free public education and the illegals will tear down the fences to go home! We wouldn’t have to spend a penny to send them home! Make any one caught forging documents a manditory/automatic 7 years in minimum security prison, and confiscation of property and assets. You cut off the hand outs and jobs, and there would be no reason for them to come to the U.S. unless they really wanted to become Americans! Giving 11 (20+) million illegals Amnesty and voting rights even though they are not legal citizens is a sure way to finish destroying this country!

    • efred1

      Good points! We are NOT learning from our mistakes! When the GOP foisted Romney as THE Tea Party candidate, I was shocked at how many blindly ignored his past and like “mind-numbed robots” wandered like zombies to the polling booths to vote for him. The same thing happened in 2008, with McCain being foisted on us as “the MOST electible candidate” (I swear to God, if I ever hear someone say a candidate is “the most electible”, I’m gonna punch them in the head, or at least Gibbslap them). If we make this same bone-headed mistake again, we’re done.

      So far, Rand Paul is towing the line quite well; he’s seems to be different/better than his father, which is very good. He does not come across as anything like a libertine anarchist that his father does.
      Regarding illegal immigration amnesty, I believe that one of the best programs/policies would be that they’re granted amnesty, but no citizenship for about 25 years. This means that they cannot be bought for votes by Democrats as they are now. Also, government welfare programs are not available to them until they become citizens; no SNAP money, no medicare, no medicaid, etc. If they are arrested and convicted for a crime, they are deported to their home country’s law-enforcement for prison there, and their 25 year waiting period starts over after they manage to sneak back over, IF there’s a next time.

  • Domino

    Rubio isn’t eligible to be president nor vice! His parents weren’t American citizens yet at the time of his birth, he has stated as such in his book. Let us not repeat the same mistake in not vetting the pos in our White House again, that is if we ever get rid of the dictator we now have. True the vote~Voter ID laws need to be upheld. Then hold them all to the constitution or vote them out.

    • efred1

      There does need to be some voting reform in nearly all states. First, CLOSE the primary elections to REGISTERED Republicans. And it takes five years to become a voting Republican, to eliminate “pissing in our punchbowl”.

      Then, scrap the electronic/computer voting machines; they’re too easy to corrupt with malware to swap votes. A computerized voting machine should be like the old mechanical voting machines: a tiny, small-bit processor, that is set up for who you vote for by jumpers, like the old pre-286 computers. The optical readers are good, but with all, there should be redundant records of the votes tallied – votes registered, paper ballots, and electronic ballots.

      Then, DEATH PENALTY FOR VOTER FRAUD!!! Our right to vote is so precious, so sacrosanct to our form of government, that lackadaisical attitudes to voter fraud gives us representatives who are NOT the “Will of the People”, but the whims of tyrants, be they in office, behind the scenes, or in front of the cameras every night at dinnertime. We need photo ID at the polling booth, where the poll worker compares your face, and the picture with your polling record that they hold, to your driver’s license photo. The poll workers have the same photo as your own photo ID, because the Secretary of State controls both state driver’s licenses and voter registration. Both photos and your own face have to match close enough, or they’ll have to take your photo and run it through a facial-recognition program. Any caught will be arrested on the spot, and punished to the fullest extent of the law. No more people bragging “I voted early and often”.

      The poll workers and people setting up the voting machines/readers must go through a stringent vetting process, much like Federal Agents. And once the machine has been set-up and tested in front of the State Polling Inspector, the machine has a seal put on it to protect against further tampering.

      If there is a discrepancy between any of the redundancies, the votes are withheld, and a full investigation is conducted to determine what happened and who’s at fault. The votes are voided, and everyone must come back and re-vote, this time under full scrutiny of the State Polling Inspectors, to make sure there is no “funny business”.

      I’m personally inclined to support open/concealed carry at the polling booth. If a liberal is “intimidate” by this and doesn’t vote, then they must be an illegal voter who was intending to produce mischief. At the very least, have the polling stations guarded by the informal militia, as defined by the Dick Act of 1903.

      All candidates MUST publicly disclose ALL pertinent information: School records, from primary through college; work history; records from all affiliations; a complete medical history, to prove physical/mental strength to handle the job; military records, including all awards/disciplinary actions; all Social Security records; all passports; all voting records to prove their engagement in our voting process, as well as when a representative in local, state, and national venues to give a history of their political thought process; and lastly, but most importantly, PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP, i.e., their birth certificate, to prove they’re qualified for the position they’re running for. I also believe all political candidates MUST go through a security clearance investigation, like people applying for high-security jobs. If they do not qualify, they cannot run. Simple as that.
      The reason behind this is, these candidates are contract workers applying for a short-term contract JOB, working for We The People, the EMPLOYERS; they are not gods nor lords that we must worship and fear, but OUR EMPOLYEES – contract workers that follow the Constitution and do OUR bidding, not the other way around. And as the EMPLOYERS, we have the right to scrutinize their qualifications for the position that they’re applying for. And they hold that position as long as WE see fit, not until they are good and ready to leave for greener pastures.

  • efred1

    On top of that, Rubio is NOT Constitutionally qualified to become President, because he isn’t a Natural-Born Citizen.

    There are three different levels of citizenship: 1) naturalized, 2) native-born, 3) natural-born.

    1) A naturalized citizen is a foreign-born person who comes here and decides he/she wants to become a citizen. He/she must go through a Constitutional education process (which, ironically, is MUCH more informative that what our children receive in public school), and then must swear an oath of loyality to this country and Constitution, and renounce all ties to other countries and principalities before becoming a citizen.

    2) A native-born citizen is a person who was either born here from foreign citizen parents, or only one parent was a citizen at the time of their birth.

    3) A natural-born citizen is defined as someone whose parents were BOTH citizens of this Republic at the time of their birth. Rubio’s parents were NOT citizens at the time of his birth, but became citizens a few years afterwards. A great guy, but cannot and should not become President.

    We should ALL know what happens by now when we decide to ignore citizenship of a Presidental candidate by now. And if you STILL have no clue, stand still while I break this 2×4 across your dumbass head.

  • MeMikeT

    OK, so we got McCain and we got Romney. I voted for both…why? Because the other guy was the Obama! I am not smart enough to understand why or how we got McCain or Romney as our candidates. However, I am smart enough to know I had to vote for them to hopefully stop the Obama. WE are the ones that failed, not the GOP or the candidates we had. Most of WE the conservatives, republicans, constutionalist, whatever, don’t vote in the Primary. We get what we get because we suck. We let others pick our candidate by skipping the Primary. And than we cry and make a lot of noise and some even don’t vote for our side candidate. If it is Rubio that the GOP, the news, your next door neighbor wants to run 2016 and he is not right for the job, we better get to work now. I will fax Rubio and in a nice way ask him to explain his votes for the Patriot act, the NDAA and so on. I can’t believe all we have is Rubio and Rand Paul. The way things are…the way we performed in the last election, we will lose the House 2014. WE are the ones that better get our act together.

    • David Weakland

      With all due respect, We are not totally to blame. The established GOP are. They are the ones who put Romney up as “their” candidate, even though Romney DID NOT want the nomination. Allen West or Herman Cain would have been better even with the “minor” indiscretions the “main stream media” dug up. If the media had been as vicious with Obama, we would not be in this mess. Also the problem was not voting in the primary as much as it was NOT voting in the regular election. That along with our “judicial” system ignoring the numerous challenges to Obama’s ineligibility set the stage for our current predicament. And YES “We the People” need to get involved and stand up NOW!

  • quiet_forest

    Marco Rubio is simply another polished politician, with his own agenda. Politicians can be very nice people. I’ve heard it said more than once that Bill Clinton is personable, charming, and friendly. He’d probably be a fun neighbor – just keep a close watch on your teenage daughters, and avoid any real estate deals with him.

    Rand Paul is closer to what we need, but he sports a tiny, dangerous streak of self interested pragmatism that his father lacks. He sometimes displays a willingness to cut deals with the establishment types that I find disturbing. Occasionally, compromise is necessary, but not when it sells out your principles, such as endorsing an obvious lock step establishment RINO. His voting record since has been very good, so it might be assumed that he learned from that error in judgement. Time will tell.

    What we need now is another George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson, and after the travesty of the Republican conventions and primary, it seems certain that we aren’t going to get it, at least not from the Republican party. This is why I recently changed my affiliation to the Constitution Party. I hope I’m wrong, but I do believe that our last chance to restore the Republic without a Constitutional Convention, and a great deal of suffering, went down the drain last year.

  • Zoomie72

    Rubio is not a natural born American citizen. His parents were not naturalized until after he was born. So, like Barry Soetoro, he is not eligible to be President of the US.

    • David Weakland

      I concur! His parents were only legal immigrants at the time of his birth. IIRC he was 5yo when his parents became naturalized.

  • Jared Myers

    I’ve been a supporter of Rand Paul since he got elected, and would definitely take him over Rubio any day of the week.
    Also, Ron Paul DID support Israel, contrary to the claims of some uniformed folks…..


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