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“Government Can’t Change Weather” !


“The government can’t change the weather. I said that in the speech. We can pass a bunch of laws that will destroy our economy, but it isn’t going to change the weather,” Rubio said on Fox and Friends, as part of a series of interviews on the morning shows following his response Tuesday. “Because, for example, there are other countries that are polluting in the atmosphere much greater than we are at this point — China, India, all these countries that are still growing. They’re not going to stop doing what they’re doing.” Huff Po reports this here, and then continues to mock Rubio by listing links to “science” that supposedly proves “anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming.” Red Flag. The Huff Po link is to the EPA and IPCC which are controlled by the U.N. and Progressives (communists.)!! Just like the Huff Po’s “survey by the League of Conservation Voters” fraud.

If Huff Po were a legitimate news source, they would be un-biased and have links to scientists who do believe man causes climate change and to scientists who do not believe man causes climate change.

Informed Conservatives know this “anthropogenic climate change” fraud is simply an attempt for the government to seize control of our energy. Just like environmentalism is being used by the U.N. to separate U.S. citizens from their private property. (See Agenda 21.)

The busy, uninformed masses don’t know, so Huff Po is using propaganda (lies) to convince them otherwise.

WND reports, “Habibullo Abdussamatov, the head of space research at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, has published a paper in which he tracks sunspot activity going back to the 19th century to argue that total sun irradiance is the primary factor responsible for causing climate variations on Earth, not carbon dioxide.”

“Abdussamatov’s paper is featured on page 140 of a report issued this year by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, documenting more than 700 scientists who disagree over the proposition that global warming is a man-made, or anthropogenic, phenomenon.”

Read rest here.

Why didn’t the Huff Po link to this scientific study? Does the Huff Po have an agenda? A Progressive (communist) Agenda?

Huff Po thinks we have all forgotten about the leaked emails that proved fraud was involved in the “scientific” anthropogenic climate change stats. I haven’t. Go to Climategate for all the articles. Another story here.

“Critics say the hacked messages show that climatologists in the U.S. and U.K. have engaged in a conspiracy to manufacture a case that global warming is occurring due to auto and factory and other emissions related to human activities.

Critics say Hansen, who has called for a worldwide tax on carbon emissions and advocated a ban on the construction of coal-fired power plants, is an activist with a political agenda.”

Read more here.

Read Senator Inhofe’s book, “The Greatest Hoax.”


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  • Difster

    I comment at HuffPo all the time. I manage to get the liberals seething with anger over my comments; it’s so much fun.

  • tod

    Can’t change the weather my butt! What about their Haarp machine in Alaska ???

  • Ted Crawford

    John Holdren, who back in 1971 was adamently warning that our use of fossil fuel was certain to bring about the much dreaded “New Ice Age”! Now Obama’s, somewhat confused, Science Czar, seems to believe we can develop some kind of cover to block the Sun and cool the Planet! Is this an example of the differing delusions that are brought about, by marijuana as opposed to Crack?


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