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Obama’s Pick For CIA is Muslim!!!

john brennan

“President Obama’s pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, converted to Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia.” !! Isn’t that a conflict of interest?! Hello!

Read more at WND here.

“Brennan served as CIA station chief in Riyadh in the 1990s and today holds the official title of Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. On Jan. 7, Obama nominated Brennan as the next director of the CIA, though he has yet to be confirmed.”

5 Questions John Brennan Dodged in his Confirmation Hearing are here.

Go to Shariah the Threat for more info.

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  • Greg Eddolls

    Nice catch Victoria. Thanks for the heads up. I think we will only see more of this insanity being dominated by Islam in the USA. The world has lost its mind, and the American way is no longer calling the shots.

    It has taken me the last nine years to complete the book I just published regarding what is we can expect to happen in the last days according to Bible Prophecy. I wonder if you would read it and give your opinion on it…perhaps it would add to your already astute observations about where the world is headed.

    Thanks for doing your blog…I found you quite by accident…I did not know you had your own blog. Congrats.

    Check out my book, “The Glorious Battle – Road Map To Armageddon” at and check out by blog at I am always looking for guest bloggers who share the same mindset of Christian and Conservative. Cheers! Greg Eddolls

    • Charles Purdy

      Hey Greg, stay down your rabbit hole with the Mad Hatter and your Wholly Babble, and use your decoder ring to determine how many days left until your genie in the sky comes down to take your smug ass to an eternity of mahjong games and all the macaroons you can eat.

      We are personally all sick of this “My God’s Better Than Your God” crap. Religious beliefs are responsible for the global mayhem presently, and have no place in the 21st Century anyway. Who are you to judge someone else with a different godflavor of the month than yours? Your particular choice of delusion only captivates the hearts of about one third of the globe’s population.

      The world hasn’t lost its mind, you zealous whack jobs have. The failed economic and social policies of the past have reached their terminus. We must now recover and seek a new game plan globally. It will happen, and we will all adapt. I give more credit to the tenants of this spinning rock for having the desire for a better lifetime and seeing the need for some re-thinking. You life-haters are no help with any solutions. All you want is for the fairy tales in your dusty old tomes of Jewish folklore and fables to be true so you can finally exist in a Utopia, surrounded by carbon copies of yourselves to spend an eternity of pontificating and farting clouds of incense. You’re not going anywhere, you’re stuck to this spinning rock with US……adapt, evolve, or face your inevitable extinction.

      • Silhawk

        You’re allowed your views Charlie simply because that’s how this country works. But you will be judged by the one that matters and that one is not you.

        • Jason Valentine

          Life after death and who judges who is a matter of opinion. What is a matter of fact is that radical Islam and Radical Chritianity teach the same thing, just under different labels. Kinda like the 1980′s cola wars only with more bloodshed hatred and dead children.

          • Silhawk

            You’re also entitled to your opinion but it does not in any way mean your opinion is the same as anyone elses. Radical islam is in no way the same as Christianity. And you’re right about judgement. Religion is probably the most faith driven behavior known to man. You have been taught something your whole life and it is the teachings and real life occurrences that keep your faith strong or not. I do believe Charlie was right about one thing…the world is very quickly losing it’s mind. And the US, being founded on a religious platform, and you can not dispute that, is leading the way simply because we are trying to be too politically correct and not hurt anyone’s feelings. I believe in live and let live. You’re free to practice whatever faith you want but you better damn well respect my right to do the same thing. I demand the same respect I give!

    • Goldstein

      Hmm…last time I checked, being a Muslim wasn’t illegal, in the same way that being Jewish, or Christian, or an atheist isn’t illegal. It’s amazing how all these so-called “christians” are SO eager to start demonizing and attacking people for their personal beliefs. Kinda like how the Romans did to you guys, huh?

      • J_Merrill

        Hmm, maybe the Christians “demonize” Islamists, is because their religion teaches them to kill all Jews, Christians, and unbelievers. Which would include you, if you’re not a muslim. Maybe you should look into the Koran and the hadith before you start talking like you know what you’re talking about. A Muslim can freely live in America, and not have to worry about a Christian, or an athiest, or whoever persecuting them and killing them, and burning down their churches. Try going to an all Muslim country, like Indonesia, and see if the same would apply to a Christian. And just to clarify, I don’t believe Catholics are Christians. Back in the dark ages Catholics were three times worse than any Muslims now are. So please, don’t try and say that “Christians” do the same as muslims.

        • Goldstein

          Guess what? We have protections in this country that make it illegal to burn down churches, to murder people, etc. They’re called “Laws”, and they function perfectly well without recourse to your magical Sky Father myths. That’s why, when those good christians down south in the 1950s and 60s burned all those black churches, we were able to overcome the institutional prejudices inherent in the American Justice System at the time, and get them tried in Secular courts, and thrown in secular jail.

          And by the way, I don’t buy for a minute that tyranny under one religion is somehow different from tyranny under a different religion – keep ALL of your archaic, bronze-age myths away from me and my basic Human Rights, regardless of whatever book of fake, self-contradictory stories you take them from.

          • J_Merrill

            Okay, putting religion aside, you just helped prove my point. We have laws in this country to protect us. Have you ever looked at the sharia law? Bringing Muslims into our government, or positions of power, is so dangerous because, you can’t seperate a Muslim from his law. Their religion, and their law run hand in hand. A Muslim head of state (Caliph) is exempt from crimes such as murder, theft, rape and more. And just so you know, sharia law never abolished slavery, or sexual slavery and highly regulates it. And a master has the right to kill his slaves without punishment. Homosexuality is punishable by death. A man is allowed four wifes, and can divorce them simply by saying “you are divorced.” A women must have 4 witnesses to prove rape, and if she claims she was rapped, with no witnesses, she can be severly punished. Now, having said all that, I believe they have the right to have those laws. But, not in America. Why is any of this relevant? Because our constitution is weakening every day, and we are putting Muslims into our government. There are already places in Illinois and California, and probably many other states, that are pushing for sharia law! So you go ahead, and keep defending them. I believe they have the right to be in America, and believe what they want. But I don’t believe they should hold positions in our government.

          • Goldstein

            That’s as ridiculous a thing to say as claiming that ALL Christians completely follow the insane tenants put forward in Leviticus. Here’s the point: believing that we should discriminate against CITIZENS of this country on the basis of their creed, religion, beliefs, race, gender, sexuality, etc, is ANTI-American.

          • J_Merrill

            That is not ridiculous! That is their law! The sharia law is their constitution. And I’m not discriminating. I’m saying they shouldn’t be in positions of power. Just like if you believe abortion is wrong, you won’t support or vote for someone who believes abortion is acceptable. So, here’s my point. Putting someone into office, or position of power in government, who believe things that are completely contradictory to what our laws and constitution says, is ANTI- American.

          • Goldstein

            You’re ASSUMING that these CITIZENS espouse Sharia law, just because they are Muslim. Stay with me here: that’s the same thing as thinking that all Christians don’t eat shellfish and don’t mix their clothing fibers as per Leviticus. That’s just ridiculous. NONE of the ACTUAL muslims in the gov’t believe in Sharia law, just like not all of the christians want to kill children for being disrespectful to their parents.

          • J_Merrill

            Excuse me for saying this, but your ignorance is astonishing. I’m gonna guess that you’re one of those hippies from the 60′s and 70′s who are showing themselves again now-a-days in saying that Islam is a peaceful religion. If the people in our government, who claim to be Muslims, are actual true muslims, then they are espoused to sharia, they just haven’t gotten it through yet here in America, like in their Muslims countries. You know, one of the sharia laws is, “It is obligatory for a Muslim to lie if the purpose is obligatory.” You know what that means? It means, a Muslim is obliged to lie if it is for the purpose of fulfilling Allah’s commandments such as jihad. No guilt or shame should be associated with this kind of lying, which has become an instinctive defense mechanisms among most Muslims to protect Islam. Allahs plan, as found in the Koran, is to convert the world to Islam. Of course the Muslims in American government won’t show their true intentions, because how things are right now, it wouldn’t help them. But if our government keeps deteriorating like it is, you will see sharia play a stronger role in Americas not so distant future.

          • Goldstein

            So, just because you have an irrational fear of people different from you, we should lock em all up, huh? I find everything you’ve espoused here to be absolutely reprehensible and decidedly anti-american. Should we lock you up?

          • J_Merrill

            You’re level of intellect is astonishingly low, and you are incredibly rude to people. Good luck getting anywhere in life by insulting people. Thanks for the conversation, talking to people like you help me to remember that some people just choose to remain woefully ignorant. Good luck, and goodbye.

  • Angela Barrett

    Charles, you sound like the psycho.

    • Goldstein

      Yeah – SO unlike the calm, carefully reasoned arguments of that great scholar of foreign policy, political science, and history, Victoria Jackson.

  • RH

    Oh terrifffiiiccc! Why not just let them have everything while you are at it.

    • Goldstein

      Yeah, man, it’s not like we live in a country where personal religious beliefs are held sacrosanct and protected by law, and that regardless of our personal creed, race, religion, gender, etc, everyone is given a fair shot and equal opportunities! Just like the constitution says “If you aren’t a Christian, you’re an enemy of America!”
      …oh wait…it doesn’t say that, does it? Hmmm!

    • MARYANN33

      If someone doesn’t do something soon, but talk, we will lose everything and they will lose it too. You cannot have America without good solid American people in charge..Get the fool out of the White House…It is our right to get him out.

      • Goldstein

        Hey, guess what? A MAJORITY of American Citizens voted for him. That’s how representative democracy works! If you don’t like it, why don’t you move to a good ol’ fashioned theocratic dictatorship like you guys seem to be yearning for…a place like, I don’t know, Saudi Arabia?

  • Goldstein

    This is not true, by the way. It’s a made-up allegation from a disgraced former FBI agent (who left the FBI after sleeping with a witness in an investigation) who made his way into the delusional, self-referential world of professional Islamophobes.

    • Goldstein

      Not that it would matter even if it were true, of course, since we live in a country that is not, in fact, a theocratic despotism, but actually a secular representative democracy that protects EVERYONE’S privacy and right to whatever religious (or nonreligious) beliefs they want.

      • MARYANN33

        We do not allow terrorists to serve in our government…We put them in prison camps ala WW!!, we used to not be so stupid…

        • Goldstein

          Yeah! Let’s ILLEGALLY imprison American Citizens! That’s really awesome!


    Obama needs to be removed and be removed NOW…There is no time to waste. Bombard D C to remove this terrorist, selling arms to our enemies etc.


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