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Muslim TV Preacher Tortures and Kills 5 Year Old Daughter

5 year old

“Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a preacher who’s a popular talking head on Muslim TV programs, and …whose extremist preaching was often on Saudi television, was originally accused of abusing Lama (his five year old daughter), last April. That attack was so vicious that she suffered a fractured skull and brain damage. Tragically, he was still permitted access to her, leading to her death in December. He was then arrested in November after Lama died. He admits responsibility and says his assault began because he suspected her, a mere five-year old, of losing her virginity. A social worker said she was “raped” everywhere, but her mother says that part of the story isn’t true. Lama was beaten with electric shocks, whips and an iron. Her skull was crushed. Her back and arms were broken. Her ribs were fractured. The hospital said al-Ghamdi even tried to burn her rectum closed.”

Reportedly, Al-Ghamdi got a “slap on the wrist.”

Religion of peace?

Read story here.

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  • Sandy

    That poor little girl. A father should love and protect his little girl. So he was worried about his child losing her virginity and his response is to sexually abuse her. Burning her rectum closed?! What a monster of a human being.

  • Higgs

    Did the father take her virginity? We know just how “animalistic” these people are.

    • Ralph Coffman

      These people???

      • Your Better

        Yes, “these people”. Are you ignorant? “Religion of peace” my arse.

        • Ralph Coffman

          What about our own Christian religious nuts who want to usher in their New World Order by bringing about Armageddon thereby murdering Billions. You sir are being played,conned & manipulated into guided hatred. There is a Genocidal Crusade going on against Muslims or haven’t you noticed. Just look at one example of what I am talking about. Benghazigate. Do you believe the Benghazi Bullshit that clinton,obomba,panetta,rice etc. told about the attack being because of a “movie”? -or- Do you see that the “movie” was a CIA/FBI/Homeland security Ruse just like the Christmas-Underware Bomber- and all the other FBI/CIA Fabricated False Flag “events”. Did you see the Black Al-Qaeda Flag flying over the Benghazi City Hall/Courthouse when America/NATO “liberated it? Did you know that there was a mass release/escape of the worst terrorist prisoners, many who had killed our troops in Iraq & Afganistan. AND Did you know that our ambassador and the scores of CIA, MI6 were hiring these murderers of our military and paying them with YOUR money and supplying them with heavy weapons and artillary to go murder and spread mayham at will. Just who are “these” murdering “animalistic” Christians who think they are doing God’s bidding. We have ALL been manipulated and propagandized. Back in the Vietnam Era we called these asians GOOKS so they would be easier to kill. What do we call them now???

  • Ralph Coffman

    Nothing to do with religion. This guy was a crazy nut. We have them everywhere. Why was he on Saudi TV? Because the House of Saud is controlled by the “city of london” International Bankster Crime Syndicate who controls the unaudited Federal Reserve that creates “OUR” money. This is the group who are the War Mongers who secretly, behind the scenes, start all the wars,terrorist acts,etc. MI6 & AL CIAda are the real terrorists who train and hire patseys & mercenarys to do the dirty work. The House of Saud emptied their prisons of 1,000+foreign condemned prisoners and sent these Terrorist Criminals to Syria along with weapons and 10′s of millions of dollars. USA,England,Germany,France,[NATO] have sent $100 million+ dollars in Weapons,Terrorists,NATO Trainers,Missles,Drone coverage,Radar,etc. All to attack & destroy Syria like we did to Libya. The American Ambassator and the scores of CIA & MI6 that were in Benghazi were there shipping weapons and Terrorists to Syria. Weapons like Assault Rifles,Shoulder Launched Missles,Explosives,Communication Devices,etc.They were also hiring Mercenarys, Thugs,Cutthroats,Escaped Prisioners.Terrorists etc. and personally shipping them to Turkey and then to Syria for the purpose of destroying the country and having these Foreign Terrorists murdering,raping,pillaging,plundering & stealing whatever they wanted. Among these mercenarys that obomba/clinton/panetta etc.hired were hundreds of the worst jihadi Al-Qaeda Terrorists that they could find. Benghazi was the capital for Al-Qaeda, especially after hundreds of terrorist prisoners escaped or were let out. These al-qaeda terrorists were trained in Afganistan & Iraq by killing American & NATO & Iraq/Afganistan Forces. First they become good at murder by killing Americans and then “our” political leaders hire them with our money to go slaughter innocent Syrians.THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT WITH YOUR NEWS.Look at how the house of Saud has invaded Bahrain and the terrorism they have unleashed on the people. Look at the 10′s of thousands of Bahrainians gathering in the streets to protest the Murders,Tortures and Disappearances of their fellow citizens.Vicky, I’ve been all over the world. I’ve held elective offices. I know how it works and what’s going on. I was/am an officially registered candidate for president of the United States of America. obomba was an unqualified candidate and now an illegal usurper of the position I, (or another), should be holding. The Supreme court is scheduled to hear a case on his eligibility on feb.15. At any rate if you want to learn some interesting things I would like to be of help to you. And please look into what the “city of London” is all about. The “city of london” is 1 square mile within London where the laws of England don’t even apply. This is who controls “our” federal reserve.No Laws, No Rules, No Audit or Accountability. It is it’s own City-State. It is an on-shore/off-shore Bankster Haven. This is where they practice their ” NO-LIMIT REHYPOTHECATION” This means that they can print up all the money they want and that’s exacty what they have been getting away with. They get your $100. and they can leverage it to $1,000 and more. Their Fraudulent Derivitive Debt totals somewhere around $1,800 Trillion Dollars. The Gross Yearly Product of the entire World is $70 Trillion Dollars.Their Fraudulent Debt can never be paid off.This is why there are starts to wars everywhere. This is why we are on the verge of Marshall Law. That is why “our” government is passing out 1.8 Billion Rounds of Hollow Point and Ballistic Ammunition to all government agencys like NOAA and the Social Security Administratin etc. I’ve lived under Marshall law with Assasinations and Mass Killings of Civilians. I’ve carried people blown apart who’s only “crime” was exercising their Right to Free Speech. If you want to talk sometime let me know. I’ve fought long and hard for our Civil Libertys all the way back to 1970 in Wichita,Kansas where I spoke out about what a Crook vice-president spiro agnew was. I was assaulted,jailed, & tried twice, before getting found NOT GUILTY. Agnew was found to be a Crook and removed from office. I spent the first 20 years of my life in the military. Both of my Fathers died due to military service connected causes. Yes, my mother gave 2 Husbands to our country. Our country can be turned around tomorrow but the corruption has to be confronted.obomba needs to be Disqualified or Impeached as does the entire gang around him. We need to End the Federal Reserve. Cancel all Fraudulent Debt. Have our own US Treasury issue our own Debt Free Currency,[Why are we paying interest to this Unaudited Foreign Bankster Crime Syndicate???]. Then we can develope our infastructure and fix & modernize everything.there are so many development projects I could be telling you about but right now I have taken up enough of your time. Thank you,……………….. Hon. Ralph Coffman

    • EducateYourself

      I just find it interesting that if a Muslim does something “crazy” it has nothing to do with religion, yet you seem to believe Christians are out to kill everyone. I’m a Christian and don’t wish death on anyone nor have I met a Christian who believes in this New World Order you speak of. So you are a walking contradiction. Just say what you really feel. You hate Christians. Otherwise you’d use your same “it has nothing to so with religion just a crazy person” theory to justify any persons behavior including a “Christian”.

      • Ralph Coffman

        Exactly! you caught my irony. The “christians” That I am talking about are no more Christian than this idiot/nut is a true Muslim. you want names? Bush,Bush,Rumsfeld,Cheney,gonzales,wolfowitz,pearl,obomba,clinton,panetta,rice,kissinger,silverstein,napolitano,chernoff,to name a few…,

  • Sav

    my heart is truly broken for this little girl, shame on her father. He will one day be judged when he stands before God. For now i take relief knowing he can never harm her again for she is in the heavenly Father’s arm’s now.

  • timeforchangeourway

    there is no word I can think of to describe him, but we know she’s in heaven and he’ll be in hell and he’ll get 72 + demons not 72 virgins

  • Greg

    Islam is a undestanding, peaceful and loving religion. Bull s_it.


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