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“Atheism Responsible for Most Murders in History”

D’nesh D’Souza, president of the King’s College in NYC, and author of many best selling books, including “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” and the documentary “2016,” explains how “religion” is not the cause of most of the mass murders in history, but atheism.

He concludes his speech given at Cal Tech in 2011, with “thank God for Christianity.”

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  • GodIsDumb

    A story that Fox News published about a woman burned for sorcery in Papua New Guinea implied that the woman who was burned may have been targeted by other pagans, and this could certainly be true. In much of the world, mob justice is carried out all too often by people trying to protect themselves or their traditions from perceived threats. On the other hand, it might not have been other pagans. 96% of Papua New Guinea residents identified themselves as members of a christian church.

    Christianity as a whole, specifically it’s leaders, has a history of attempting to obliterate pagan religions – both by violence toward pagans and the suppression of pagan holidays. The various Inquisitions were the physically violent aspects of the church’s desire to wipe out pagan practices. Torture and death by torture were carried out by christian priests during the Inquisitions.

    The legal authority to ban pagan practices, altars and places of worship was finalized by the Roman Emperor Theodosius when he made it a crime for magistrates to not enforce anti-pagan laws.

    The pagan rituals and holidays were also removed in non-violent ways, such as replacing them with christian holidays with a few similar ritual or purposes. The Christmas tree, wreaths and the Yule log are all pagan traditions that have been incorporated into modern celebrations. St. Valentine was excecuted by a non-christian Roman emperor on a pagan holiday where Roman men drew names of women who were eligible for marriage, so the church made Valentine the patron saint of love and banned the pagan version of the holiday.

    Some christians are very opposed to celebrating the assimilated pagan holidays, even Christmas. Here’s one lady that has listed her theological reasons why she thinks it’s wrong to celebrate Christmas and Easter.

    The US has, in the past, persecuted various religions and religious organizations – notably the Masons and the Mormons, both of which survive and even thrive today. While those two organizations are not actually pagan, they have been met with suspicion, divisive rhetoric and violence.

    Pagan religions in “civilized” countries where people have rights of religion, expression, speech and most importantly – the right to not be killed, are themselves respectful and non-violent. I think it has something to do with mutual respect among people, or at least, equal protection under the law.

    I guess it’s a good thing we live in a country where burning people for any reason is no longer tolerated.

  • David Brown

    Atheist Sam Harris claims atheists are more moral than religious people and “enjoy” life more fully because they don’t waste time thinking about an after life. He says such thinking is delusional. He uses the alleged low percentage of atheists in jail to “prove” atheists are more moral. He also claims communism was not driven by atheism but by power hungry maniacs an obvious ignoring of the facts.

    I find most atheists, especially Sam Harris, are very bitter and angry and seem to be trying to convince themselves more than others that there is no God. They claim there is no Scientific evidence of God. 152 years ago French chemist Louis Pasteur proved that God is the “force” that drives ALL life with his discovery of the Law of Biogenesis. (All Life MUST come from pre-existing Life.) He proved once and for all that non living matter cannot spontaneously form a living creature disproving abiogenesis. Ironically, in order for Science to support its’ “need” for a beginning to life…they claim abiogenesis (life from non-life) has occurred at least once violating their own Scientific Laws. Sadly, even theists “need” a beginning ignoring that the Bible reveals that God and Jesus existed BEFORE Creation of “our” Cosmos in Genesis 1. The “In the Beginning” of Genesis is obviously a description of the Creation of our Cosmos since Existence always was and always will be, unless you consider that God was “Created” by Himself or “another God”. Modern Cosmology has revealed that what we “see” as our Cosmos is not ALL of Existence verified Scientifically by the mathematical discovery of the Infinite “Multiverse” of “Bubble Theory” and Multi-dimensions of String/M Theory. The simple Truth revealed in the Bible is Existence never had a beginning… is IAM.

    Atheists “need” evidence? …..Here it is…..One can place ALL the active organelles and active cytoplasm and biochemical solutions into an active plasma membrane “bubble” and no matter what you do to it…IT WILL NOT START TO LIVE. What’s missing? GOD! The ONLY thing that can make a living cell is another living cell..PERIOD!

    Science claims that the Stanley/Miller experiment that spontaneously produced amino acids , the building blocks of proteins, was the first step in abiogenesis. This “step” does not prove that over time the remaining biochemicals of life, carbohydrates, lipds, nucleic acids and vitamins, formed spontaneously. In fact it is impossible for this to happen because the biochemical pathways involved in the life process require catalysts to lower activation energy for biochemical reactions to occur at temperatures that result in stable products because the tempertures required for non catalyzed reactions would result in denaturization of the products as fast as they form preventing life to form. The required catalysts for life to occur are made out of proteins called enzymes. The catalytic action of these compunds requires the very molecules they act on to work..the “enzyme substrate complex” resulting in “induced fit” based on shape. The shape of the protein molecule depends on what amino acids are present and in what sequence AND the sequence is determined by macromolecules called nucleic acids. (DNA and RNA) The obvious problem is that these molecules require the pre-existence of the others in order to exist. This is called the “Enzyme Paradox.” It is the molecular equivalent of the old philosophical question…”what came first..the chicken or the egg?” The answer is NEITHER. Life constantly changes via Darwinian Natural Selection and Intelligent Design via Recombinant DNA resulting in the wonderful diversity of life on Earth and throughout the Cosmos.

    Because Science and Religion (including Christianity) do not KNOW the God revealed in the “flesh” by Jesus Christ…their understanding of Creation is an illusion. Science says man evolved from apes and Religion says man was Created by God in His Image by “supernatural” Intellignt Design. BOTH are as wrong as they can be although Creationists are closer to the Truth than Science because they at least know man did NOT evolve from apes and was definately Created by “Intelligent Design” in the image of God just as the Bible reveals. Anyone who knows the TRUE God revealed by Jesus knows God Created Adam, the first man, in His image by Recombinant DNA THROUGH His Creation…. His Cosmic Family….the SAME Family we belong to that will SOON be restored to our planet because of the fulfillment of the Fig Tree Prophecy on May 14, 1948, the restoration of Israel after 2500 years, and will commense with the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

    In Christ….David Brown Oswego, NY


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