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Blacks Taught to Hate Whites?


“Black people have been encouraged to hate whites and to discriminate against them from the so-called civil rights leaders,” said author and syndicated talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson: “And that is evil. The evil will get worse from generation to generation if you don’t deal with it.”

Taleeb Starkes is a social worker, film maker and author of the book called “The Un-Civil War.”

“These schools are reinforcing the long-existing, deep-rooted, victimization gospel that’s religiously practiced in the African-American community,” said Starkes. “Moreover, denunciation of this victimization gospel by any African-American is sacrilegious and leads to the questioning of ‘blackness.’ Even scarier is the fact that this ideology is spawning urban terrorists whose actions are always justified by another tenet of the victimization gospel called P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder).”

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