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Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America

Vietnamese Communist Survivor , Quang Nyugen says communism is here in the U.S.

1) Obama’s Associates (Frank Davis,Jarrett, Axelrod, Ayres, Van Jones, etc.)
2) Obama’s Policies. (Executive Orders, Socialized Medicine, Ignoring Constitution, etc.)

Quang says, “The only difference between socialism and communism is one has an AK 47.”

Coming to the United States as a 12 year old immigrant, and then learning English and becoming a U.S. Citizen the legal way, Quang explains that SB1070 is not “discrimination.” Quang says he has never been racially profiled or discriminated against.

Quang and Professor Lovell produce videos explaining current issues from a factual point of view. Go here to see their take on immigration.

Quang refused welfare and works 14 hours a day, he owns his own business. His wife is an R.N. and a teacher. His son Casey is applying to the Air Force. His daughter’s goal is “Marine Pilot.” Quang travels the country thanking Vietnam Vets for fighting for his freedom. I cannot think of a more true-blue American then Quang and his family. We are honored to know them.

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  • Deborah Luper

    Indeed! It is an honor to know men and women like Mr. Quang. Thank you for introducing him to us!

  • CincyJim

    “discourteous behavior”? This “program” IS discourteous behavior.

  • Eric Mowrey

    I knew Vietnamese “boat people” in CA when the first wave came in. They arrived with literally nothing. Most didn’t speak English.These people never complained. They worked like crazy at minimum wage jobs. Slowly but surely they worked their way up into better positions. They bought cars and houses and took care of each other. They considered shameful to seek any form of government aid. They stayed out of trouble, faithfully paid their taxes and bills and raised family. Now many of their sons and daughters serve in the military. They are bitterly hated by the one minority group that stubbornly refuses to follow their courage and faith in honesty, perseverance, independence and hard work.