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Ireland Guy calls Mark Levin Show


I had just gotten in my car, after listening to Nashville singer Tanya Reynolds, who will soon be appearing on The Voice, when the Mark Levin radio show had a caller (go to the 56 minute mark) named John from Ireland who has waited nine years for a U.S. Visa. He has an opinion on immigration. He said, “…It hurts when I see Republicans are putting forward a bill, where 11 million people, potentially, where they broke the law, will jump in front of me…” Levin said that Marco Rubio’s Immigration Reform Plan supposedly places John at the front of the line. John replied, “In reality..there’s the law of possession. They’re there, I’m not…”

John from Ireland continued, “…There are three words that are not used anymore… it’s “The American Dream”… that’s all you need to do to win elections…it’s not about equality of results, it’s about “Opportunity”… there are no limitations in America.”

Levin then says, “Let me tell you something, we have tens of millions of citizens in this country who have been conquered by the leviathan, they’ve been conquered by the big government programs, and Obama’s attempting to conquer many, many more of them, trying to destroy the American Dream, really the American psychology, the American mindset…and so, that’s the real fundamental transformation, what’s going on between the ears of millions and millions of Americans who are being sucked into this, being hooked by this…”

Turns out this great patriot, John from Ireland, is a contributing writer to Liberty Alliance’s web site,, Young Patriots. Welcome to the Tea Party Movement, John. We need you to help us bring back the America of 1776! Huzzah!

If and when John from Ireland gets here, will he still find “the shining city on a hill”?

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