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Who is Tim Scott?

Kevin Jackson writes on The Black Sphere, “Tim Scott is a modern day Hiram Revels. In case you weren’t aware of it, Revels was the first black Senator and was sworn in Feb 25, 1870. Republicans in the Senate chambers at the time broke out in applause as senator-elect Hiram Revels entered the chamber to take his oath of office. Meanwhile, Democrats conspired to keep him out of the Senate, claiming Revels was not qualified.

According to the racist Democrats, Revels had not been a citizen for 9 years, an ironic technicality since blacks weren’t recognized as citizens by racist Democrats; true even after the passage of the 14th Amendment.

Imagine the weight that was on Revels’ shoulders to be the first black man in the Senate during Reconstruction. Tim Scott doesn’t have to imagine this, because he is living it. A second Civil War is afoot, and America is in need of another reconstruction. Racist Democrats of today need another wakeup call.”

Article here.

I had never heard of Hiram Revels. So, I looked him up.

Wikipedia says, “On February 25, 1870, Revels, on a strict party-line vote of 48 to 8, with only Republicans voting in favor and only Democrats voting against, became the first black man to be seated in the United States Senate…

Revels advocated compromise and moderation. He vigorously supported racial equality and worked to reassure senators about the capability of blacks. In his maiden speech to the Senate on March 16, 1870, he argued for the reinstatement of the black legislators of the Georgia General Assembly, who had been illegally ousted by white Democratic Party representatives…”

And, who is Tim Scott?

Wikipedia says, “Scott is the only African American member of the United States Senate as well as only the seventh African American to have ever served in the United States Senate….Scott, a fiscal and cultural conservative, ran for Congress on a platform of reducing federal spending and taxes.He was endorsed by Tea Party groups.”

Kevin Jackson continues his piece on Tim Scott, “Had the protagonists in this play, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott been Democrats, this news would have been trumpeted as the pinnacle of diversity, a tribute to the Progressive movement. Since Haley and Scott are not Democrats, there has not been nor will there be any such hoopla from the racist Left on the…

John Fund writes in National Review, “Scott knows the cadences of Sunday preaching well. He has boiled down his message into sound bites that express support for free markets and traditional values, and opposition to all tax increases — all views that are “nothing more than common sense,” he said. When he asked his audience on Sunday what his platform represented, he wasn’t satisfied with the chorus that answered “common sense.” “I can’t hear you,” he exclaimed. The crowd shouted louder, and he spread out his arms and yelled back, “It’s just common sense!”

This Sunday was special to Scott because, he said, “I have the privilege of speaking to both the NAACP and the Tea Party in the same day.” “I love civil rights,” he told the crowd. Then he flashed an impish grin and added, “I just want civil rights for everybody.” With just a few words, Scott instantly bonded with his almost entirely white audience, sending the message “I know you’re not racist, your positions are valid, and it’s the other side that plays favorites.”

Scott finished his brief talk with another message sure to motivate the base: “By the way, I’ll say this to President Obama. You can’t use an executive order to amend the Second Amendment on guns.” The crowd went wild and gave him a standing ovation.”


“Sexy Brilliance brings levity to the political discourse in this country. It puts a comedic spin on what’s happening in America, and showcases the ironies and hypocrisies of politics in America.”

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  • PoliticalBrew

    This is so refreshingly true. Right up there with hearing CL Bryant on the Michael Savage show tonight. @runawayslave

  • Martha Belt

    Hang tough, Tim!! You are just what we need!! <3

  • Eugene Lubben

    Good for the Republicans ,,, TIM is a good man ,,,,,,,,,,


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