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Who is Susie Meister?

…and what does she want with me?!

Pennsylvania beauty Susie Meister entered the entertainment industry at age 18, in 1998, when she was cast in MTV’s hit reality show, “Road Rules Australia.” Susie was then invited back to do six more “Real World Road Rules Challenges.”

Susie was cast as “the virginal Christian” in the MTV show and then audiences watched her over the next six shows, “let go of her faith.”

Susie is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Religious Studies with a focus on evangelicalism in the United States at the University of Pittsburgh. She also hosts The Meister Piece podcast, which features celebrity interviews and commentary on pop culture.

This is where we met. Having similar church backgrounds, Susie did a great job interviewing me for her podcast. We both quoted Scripture. She asked me, “What is in the trunk of your car?” My answer: “My uke and it’s uke case covered in conservative, political bumper stickers.” We ended the interview with a promise to write a song together, exploring the left and right view of every issue, tentatively titled – “Can We Ever End Up Somewhere in the Middle?”

Susie lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Adam and her 8-month-old son, Lincoln. Oh, and she plays the banjo, but “sometimes it makes her baby cry.”

Since our interview, I checked my car trunk and there was my uke and a Bible! Susie just emailed me that she is re-thinking her relationship with God. I think the Lord and Satan are fighting over her soul. I pray the Lord wins!

To hear our interview go here or here.

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