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This Is What Banned Me From FB…

Why is this banned?! It’s true. It’s history. It’s fact.

One of the first signs of communism is censorship. The media is controlled by the left, government. This is proof. How can we fight back? Keep spreading truth and reporting censorship. Elect representatives who are not progressives. Educate ourselves. Tell our friends what we know.

This is the third time in a month I’ve been banned. Did the “trolls” report me to FB? There are a group of hate-mongers who constantly leave bad language and “hate speech” on my 3 FB accounts. I have a person whose daily job is to delete the haters. I don’t post anything mean or untrue. My goal is to educate the uninformed with the facts I learn through my travels and studies. So, why would people waste their time posting bad words and evil slurs? If they believe in liberalism or communism, I guess they find this is the most effective way to promote their beliefs?

My first FB ban, a 24-hour ban, was when I posted an article saying Obama was a hypocrite to shed a tear for the murdered children in Newtown, when he fought hard for legislation not only for abortion, but for “partial birth abortion” which is murdering a child that has survived an abortion. Former nurse, Jill Stanek testifies to holding partially aborted babies in the hospital while they die. Maybe the left found the truth, or the graphic photo of an aborted baby offensive. It is offensive. Murdering fetuses, babies, and children is offensive. How does one show the facts without showing the facts?

My second FB ban, a 3-day ban, was about a Hitler photo that’s message was anti-gun control. I am fighting for the 2nd amendment because history proves that nations whose citizens were unarmed were easily taken over by cruel dictators. Power corrupts. We must stayed armed.

My third FB ban, is a 7-day ban. I received it today. They showed me the photo I am being punished for. It is the above photo.

I am outraged. What should I do? Post FB pictures only of food and puppies? Call my representative in Washington, D.C.? Tell the President I demand my freedom of speech?!

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  • Paradigms

    Facebook is a passing fad.

    • AL, Orange Park FL


    • John Holliday

      It’s a good thing I held onto that MySpace page!

      • Dave Maitland

        see my post

    • Jocon

      I banned them from my things I do on line!!! I have grown to dislike them INTENSELY and dropped them. They suck, big time.

  • tara davis

    Keep the Faith! Prayers for Strength, Obedience & Favor of The Lord!

  • Jeff Walters

    Want to know something that will make you even more outraged? There are literally thousands of radical Muslims on Facebook espousing their hatred of the Jewish people and the State of Israel every day and Facebook never censors them. I know because I got into a battle with one of them after he posted some virulently hateful comments about murdering the Jews and “Death to Israel.” I posted a comment in the same thread, encouraging everyone who read it to report him for hate speech. Then I reported his comment and his page as hate speech. Facebook did NOTHING. I sent messages to Facebook demanding to know why. NOTHING. I repeatedly sent them the same message with an excerpt of their own hate speech policy, asking them why they did nothing about a clear violation of their own policy. NOTHING. So I resorted to posting the messages and the excerpt of their hate speech policy on my page every day for 3 weeks. That got a response, but not the one I was looking for. They started examining all of my comments and giving me the pop-up message. You know the one “Posts containing offensive language or threats of violence may result in suspension or loss of your Facebook account. Are you sure you want to continue?” In the meantime, Mr. Muslim extremist idiot wanted to get in a messaging war with me. After some back and forth, he concluded by threatening to come after me personally, to which I replied the following. “Listen you little raghead terrorist, I’m a redneck with a .45 and I’m not afraid of you. So come ahead but be prepared to meet your 72 virgins.” Then I told him there was no use arguing with a reprobate like him and deleted him.

    In looking at his page and following the links to his friends I discovered hundreds, if not thousands of people just like him. I am baffled at how a man like Mark Zuckerberg can tolerate the vile threats and abuse that the Muslims heap on his own race. (I may be wrong but with the name Zuckerberg, I assume he’s Jewish.)

    • rockribbedrushy

      Marc Zuckerburg is a self-hating Jew. He is a Liberal Jew who supports Obama and as most Lib J’s do not support Israel unless it is to make points and look good.

  • PennyME

    I truly love your voice in these “sensitive issues”. Too many people shut up and back down. Our country is sliding down a steep slope and the masses keep pushing everyone toward the cliff. Can anyone say “lemmings”?! We are responsible for what we know. To stay silent is to snuff out a candle in the darkness because it’s to contrary. Isn’t that what being a light is for — to push back the darkness and ignorance?Jesus said we will be hated because He was hated first. Thankfully it’s still “psychological warfare”/opposition and not yet imprisonment. Keep speaking the truth, Sister! :D

  • Deadweezyl

    Short version: Censorship is step one, kill thought to stifle any other point of view (or actual truth) from being spoken of or realized. Step two is to fill the vacuum with propaganda, repeat propaganda until it is accepted. Step three is to disarm the populace so they can now neither physically or mentally defend themselves. Step four…Place the boot on the people’s collective face. Watch “Deception Was My Job”- the interview with Yuri Brezmanov, he laid out the process many years ago and we have been watching it happen ever since. Also look into the 1958 communist goals read into congressional testimony. Interesting stuff.

  • Henry Hawk

    Edmund Burke’s “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

    Those uneducated sheeple that voted for Obama not have a grim future, based upon their ignorance of the past. That they don’t remember or know the past is their excuse to ask forgiveness when their servitude and usage is over.
    They not only condemned themselves, but others to their fate.

  • sha49tn

    Well, I just shared the article AND the picture. If they want to ban me, go for it. I’m sick of the way FB does people anyway! I joined a group @ & they don’t pull any of the junk that FB does, & most of the posters are conservatives too. So, if you’re looking for a group where you can be yourself, check this one out.

  • Scooter Van Neuter

    These days it takes real guts to speak out against issues liberals hold sacred (trust me, I know).
    My hat’s off to you Victoria, you are an intelligent voice for morality, in an increasingly dark time.

  • Dave Maitland with the rest of us banned EX-FB

  • Bruce Deitrick Price

    Hurray for Victoria Jackson.

  • Molly Barbara Loveday

    After this stunt I’m about ready to leave FB for good. (In case no one noticed I’m furious.) VJ I know you have better things to do besides sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for this STUPID ban to lift!!! You should call Liberty Council and the ACLJ.


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