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Fixing America -the movie

“What if regular Americans were asked for their ideas on how to fix America’s problems?

That’s not the plot for a fictional movie, it is what Fixing America, an emotional and inspiring grassroots documentary shows, laying bare what everyday Americans realize; the political elites of both parties have destroyed the country financially.
Fixing America takes the viewer on an extraordinary journey across the byways of America where seemingly ordinary, yet truly exceptional folks bare all and offer solutions to fix this great country.

In a time of unprecedented global financial disaster, the “ordinary” American People are most suited to disentangle problems and crucial issues. In fact, they are the ones who deal with complexity everyday, struggling to make ends meet and put their children through college.

In this documentary they offer simple ideas, but it is not the need for simplicity that they are conveying. Their insight is grounded to the principles that are the make-up of the Nation. They refer to the forefathers, the Constitution, to the historical revolutionary acts that have propelled the country forward during tough times. It is not simple, we learn, it is a matter of having a vision.

Steve Laffey, two-term former mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, financial expert, and producer Stephen Skoly are promoters of this uncommon human affair and social adventure. Laffey improvises himself as a journalist with the support of renowned scholars, such as professors Lawrence Kotlikoff, John Friar, and Khalil Habib; passionate journalists such as Dylan Ratigan and Louis Free and keen advocates such as Lew Ward, Grover Norquist, Steve Forbes, Robert Scott, Ned Ryun, and Scott Paul, and they intertwine with the TRUE protagonists of the documentary… the American people! They ultimately bring a sense of hope and cooperation with these interactions, and let Americans appreciate “they are not alone” in this colossal struggle.”

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