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Dictator Obama’s 23 New Executive Orders Re: GUNS

Joshua Wander shares the 23 Executive Orders “Dictator” Obama issued today regarding new gun laws. Don’t we already have gun laws? Hey, tell the Dictator to make a new law that no one (insane or not) is allowed to be mean or evil or hurt anyone else verbally or physically. Oh wait, God already made that commandment!

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  • Kaweah Partisan

    The New World Order and the puppets there of think themselves to be gods and therefore of the commandments of the one true God…

  • Mike Fair

    Share the link so we can read them for ourself !

  • Michael Wolfe

    I feel better already. I know this claptrap will stop criminals immediately.

  • JJM123

    So the Unconstitutional ObamaCare thwarts the efforts of his Gun Control efforts and therefore singlehandedly changes the law?? Doctor – Patient confidentiality no longer matter??
    Other than the EOs that reiterate existing gun laws we are facing further attacks on Laws, Confidentiality and of course on our Rights.
    23 EOs in 1 day exceeds his dictatorial monthly average. ‘Teddy Roosevelt issued 3 exec orders, then the next pres was FDR who issued 11 in 16 yrs., from Truman to the 1st Bush each pres averaged approx. 2 exec orders per 4 yr. term.. Clinton made 15 in 8yrs., but George Bush came in and made 62 exec orders in his 8 yrs. Any idea where Obama was at as of Sept. 2012? 923 in 3.5 yrs.’