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“GUN-FREE HOME” Yard Signs!!

Thank you James O’Keefe, for your Project Veritas and your passionate love for truth and the Constitution. In this video James uses his wit and wisdom to prove a point. Bravo James! Keep up the good work! To donate to his cause go to Project Veritas.

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  • Guest

    Love it, love it, love it~!!! Sharing! God bless you, Project Veritas, this is great, keep up this important work!!

  • Mary Schultz

    Love it!! Thank you, Project Veritas for continuing the important work you do, and pointing out the hypocracy of the left~! God bless you, please keep up the good work, if I can help, let me know!

  • hollywoodron

    Oh my gosh!! Glorious!!!

  • buzz

    great work guys.. nice to see someone actually does the work to SHOW what unbelievable hypocrites these people are.

  • Carla Jean Page

    i am proud to say that i don,t have a gun don,t want a gun don,t own a gun my home is proudly gun free zone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slickzip

    Liberals are all blow and no suck ,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Justin B

    What none of you seem to realize is that as of the other day and the new legislation in NY, your precious gun ownership information is now private so you can stop popping a rod over it.