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Quick Lesson on Forms of Government (Great Video)

This ten minute video explains clearly the different kinds of government that exist from zero government (anarchy) to total government (dictator/monarchy). Every voter should understand these governments and why ours, a republic is the best. We are not a democracy. We need to protect our republic from sliding into an oligarchy.

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  • Justin B

    I stopped watching at 28 seconds into the video where they made their first wrong claim about Communism being a total government. The funny thing is Communism is not a style of government at all, it is an economic style. Pure communism is actually no government. Phase 1 has a current government that begins the process of conversion, Phase 2 has the government handing over the resources to the people and getting them to do their respective jobs. Phase 3 is where the government renounces its power and is dissolved.

    Dont get me wrong, Phase 3 communism has never been achieved and will probably never will be. Communism (in the world today) is usually coupled with totalitarian dictatorship, which is why people believe that Communism is a form of government, when really it is not. So that is a more appropriate quick lesson.

  • JJM123

    Great 10 minute video. Frightening comparison between actions in the US and Rome, where Rome transitioned from a stable Republic to a Democracy and then to an Oligarchy ruled by elite tyranny.