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Government Regulations Soar Since Election…

I did not realize how BIG our government already is! (List of regulations below). And, “There has been a dramatic increase in new government regulations issued by the Obama administration after the election. In some cases the comment period for public feedback has also been reduced below the standard 60 days…there have been 1,886 newly posted regulations in the last 30 days and 5,481 newly posted regulations in the last 90 days, according to, the federal government’s regulation tracking website.”

These regulations will “dampen the prospects of an economic recovery and cause layoffs at a time of high unemployment.” This is why I believe the Obama Administration is purposefully crashing our economy and destroying the middle class in an effort to create a welfare state – socialism/communism.

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“Our government regulates our showers. They regulate our toilets. They regulate our light bulbs. They regulate our electric and heat sources. They regulate our water. They regulate our home and self protection, and want even more regulations on that.

They regulate, in many cases, what we can and cannot put into our bodies. They regulate what our children eat in schools. They regulate what our children learn in schools. They regulate how much we earn, be it too much or too little. Through federal, state and local taxes they regulate our finances. They regulate the cost of labor while regulating the young and inexperienced out of jobs.

They regulate our health care…”

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