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If Fox News C.E.O. is Not a Conservative…

If the C.E.O. of Fox News is not a conservative, but a liberal like all the other propaganda news channels…can we really trust that Fox News is telling us truth?

Politico wrote on 12/15/12:

“Since Friday’s tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., News Corp. (Fox News) chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch has twice called on the President to ban automatic weapons.

When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons?” he wrote on Twitter Friday night. “Nice words from POTUS on shooting tragedy, but how about some bold leadership action?” he wrote again Saturday.

Murdoch’s stance is a stark contrast to the position most often advocated on Fox News, which Murdoch owns.”

Article here.

Fox News’ “second-largest holder of voting stock in News Corp. (owns 7%) is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a nephew of the Saudi king. And through his philanthropies, Waleed has given generously to initiatives pursued by the Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf,” including the Ground Zero Mosque. Story here.

So, I don’t really trust Fox News. I’ve noticed the channel ignores a lot of important stories – which is lying by omission. I find truth from eye witness accounts online. Hannity seems to be a true, blue conservative American, and Glenn Beck is, but his show mysteriously disappeared from Fox.

I guess Rupert Murdoch is just in it for the money and doesn’t really care about truth or the Communist take over of our once free republic. We better fight for freedom of the Internet and radio or we will have no truth on the public airwaves…just like Orwell’s 1984.

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  • Daily Kenn

    Recall in 2007(?) when Murdoch made a sizeable contribution to Hillary’s campaign.

    Hence the pejorative, “neo-con”.

    In his younger years, his Australian media peers referred to him as ‘Red Rupert’ because of his hard-left slant.

  • Justin B

    Any station or public company that is owned by someone with a strong political affiliation is bias regardless of which party. That being said. ABC has a strong liberal bias. Fox has a strong conservative bias. Neither station gives clear cut “fair, and balanced” news. Arguing that you need a stronger conservative at the head of your station only points out the fact that you do not understand the term “truth.”