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“Low-Information” Voters of 2012

The apathy and ignorance of US citizens is mind-boggling. Now, I watch TV, and I see Hannity explaining how Obama is seizing power, bypassing Congress, on gun issues and immigration, like a King or dictator. We are watching the death of America on TV. I’m tired of trying to explain the evils of socialism/communism to people. They will get what they deserve. I’m just sad that my children will have to suffer the Marxism and the death of freedom.

I keep muttering under my breath, after every headline I read, “Thanks a lot Obama voters.”

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  • Barney Goodbrake

    Victoria, the problem with the Obama supporters (that are educated) is that even when confronted with the evidence of his rampant disregard for our Constitution, they still deny that he is a dictator; a socialist; a Marxist. “He would never do those things.” “You’re just being paranoid.” The seem to hold on to a notion that because he has the title of “The President”, he could not possibly wish to do anything that would hurt our country.

  • Lindsay