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What is ICLEI?

Here is a great and informative article on the danger and deceit of ICLEI. Please read and spread around.

“Social engineering and behavior modification are some of the true objectives being implemented under the guise of environmental and climate protection…It is… ICLEI’s job to implement United Nation’s policies that restructure our representative form of government through global and regional development. Policies and programs take control from our representative government and put it into the hands of regional, non-elected boards. This allows elected officials to shirk their responsibilities. It turns us into a soviet system that is based on Regionalism. It facilitates both communism and fascism. Representative government with defined limits is the basis of a free and just society.

This is a must read article for everyone.

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  • Samuel Bronkowitz

    Must be terrifying being so paranoid

    • ihateliars

      This is a reality dude (Samuel Bronkowitz), I guess when your oblivious reality disappears you will see the real truth in all this!! Maybe when you get arrested for doing nothing and sent to jail without a trial and found guilty you wouldn’t mock anyone for telling the truth!!!

    • Esther Mae Egan

      Paranoid or not, are you ready to meet the Lord. When it all comes down to what is going on it makes no difference if we survive if that is all we do. This is a war between satan and God, and we are caught in the middle of this war. At the same time we are called to make a choice for or against Jesus. I understand about paranoid as that is where I lived right from the beginning of the Clinton administration until a couple weeks before the election 2012. No matter how many times I confessed my sin of paranoid it still hung on. I asked prayer of the church, and that resulted in people shunning me as I am not suppose to have fear if I belong to Jesus. I did and did not know what to do. There has come a peace that I can not understand, and a joy knowing all any human can do is kill my body. I will continue to live on in eternity, and that is all I want, but more then that I want to hear “well done”. Should God continue to allow me life here on earth, I imagine it is to honor Him more by helping others see their purpose on earth. I use to get angry with people who were claim and tell me things like this and I would say they just don’t understand. They didn’t understand as God was not dealing with them as He was with me. Even this morning I was thinking that when the Israelite finally had enough they would cry out to God, and that is what He was waiting for. He had it all ready what was going to happen and then they had a few years of peace, but then forgot the Lord and went back into idolatry. :Yes it is terrifying being so paranoid, so help people, show then your strength of character and pray. Pray that people will confess their sins and call upon the Lord for deliverance.

  • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

    The greatest threat to this plan is the United States of America! We are a shining light on a hill! Obama is following the pattern set by his BFF Hugo Chavez to have unlimited term of office and become King/Dictator of our nation! WAKE UP! AMERICA! We must throw this Illegal man out who is NOT a child of two American Citizens and never, ever was! CONGRESS, where on earth is your brain! Do you want a Dictator? Aren’t you familiar with Venezuela? Google it! Here are some tips from Google! > QUOTE: we recommend:

    New link section* INFOVENEZUELA – ESDATA – OAS Reports – Human Rights – Amnesty reports
    important info: Red Flags on Venezuela’s Electoral Roll
    Smartmatic: all things connected
    Venezuela Information Office & the USA: the VIO files
    The Unfulfilled Promises of Hugo Chavez
    Venezuelan Oil Policies: Boosting Others at Own Expense
    The Venezuelan Story: Revisiting the Conventional Wisdom
    Read the Article: SMARTMATIC: ALL THINGS CONNECTED By Aleksander Boyd – In about 2007, the country was already a mess under Chavez. Read the article: Why Hugo Chavez Must Be Kept Away From U.S. Voting Machines By Dave Price | Dean’s World

    In this “Oil Rich” Nation, 55% of the people live below the international poverty line! Did you see the Broadway Play, EVITA? We are watching it played out in America! Only this time, It’s in My Country…. The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Where is the FBI? Where is Congress? Where is our wonderful Military? This is a pattern also used by Slobodan Milosovic in Yugoslavia to pull off his multiple “Fraudulent Elections” with TRAGIC results for the country! God Help us, please! Deliver us from this EVIL!
    This same company, SMARTMATIC, through their subsidiary, SEQUOIA, tallied our latest election results! Obama isn’t even original! WAKE UP AMERICA!


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