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Al Jazeera and Cyndi Lauper vs. Glenn Beck and Victoria Jackson

Al Jazeera just bought Current TV from Al Gore. The Muslims just bought the Earth Worship channel from the Lying Politician. No, it’s even creepier, Gore has united with the terrorist group, he is on their board of directors, explains Tom Trento of The United West.

Glenn Beck explains how he “had a higher bid than Al Jazeera’s but because of his conservative political background, he was rejected. “He didn’t sell to the highest bidder,” the host said. “We were not allowed to the table. He didn’t sell to the highest bidder. He looked for, who do I ideologically align with.”

Al Jazeera has long been the subject of Beck’s derision, as he believes it is an “anti-American” network. And so, Beck and his co-host Stu Burguiere mocked the former Vice President for believing Al Jazeera to be more closely aligned with his ideology than an American television company.” Read more here and here.

I choose the Constitution-truth-loving-Beck-network over the Shariah-Islamization-indoctrination-globalism-green-network.

Cyndi Lauper has a new reality show. She and I both got famous in the 80′s. We both have kooky voices. We’ve both been married 20 years. We’re both political activists and we both just published our autobiographies. (I actually played her on SNL’s We are the World sketch.) One of the major networks approached my agent and manager last month about me having a reality show. They thought I was “interesting.” At the end of the conversation the network said, “…but we are concerned with her political and religious views.”

Are they concerned with Cyndi’s political and religious views? No. Why? Because her worldview is accepted on TV. It is the only worldview accepted on TV. Her politics line up with the propaganda, the progressives, and the anti-Christian movement. They also line up with Al Jazeera and Al Gore.

I just read Cyndi Lauper’s autobiography. She says she is against socialism, but voted for Obama. She is a political activist for LGBT causes. She supports Planned Parenthood, and has had an abortion. She was a stripper and had a lot of sexual partners before marriage. Perfect. That is the lifestyle all the TV shows promote and praise, with a few exceptions. Lauper’s show is called “She’s Still So Unusual.” Unusual? She is the cookie-cutter, prototype, singer, TV personality. They’re all like that!

“Unusual” is a conservative, Christian SNL alum!

We should both have shows. Aren’t all voices supposed to be heard? Aren’t we supposed to be TOLERANT of all people? I’m not boring. Howard Stern said so. You don’t have to be a stripper to be interesting. I tap dance. And, I can still hold a handstand.

Cyndi Lauper writes about homosexuality, “…an inclusive society is much stronger than an exclusive society. If you keep cutting yourself off at the knees, you’re never gonna stand strong. You can’t just weed out people because they’re gay. You never know who it is who’s going to have the brilliant idea to cure cancer of fix the economy. How ridiculous are we going to get here?”

I can’t follow her logic, but then again, she admits to flunking out of high school. I agree that we should be “inclusive” and love everyone and give everyone equal respect, that’s in the Bible, but uh, Cyndi, why abort a baby? – in your own words…”You never know who it is who’s going to have the brilliant idea to cure cancer of fix the economy.”

Like Cyndi, page 269, I also had a friend die of AIDS in NY and I also visited him in the hospital and was afraid when I sat on his bed and found a hypodermic needle laying next to my leg. Her reaction was to fight for gay causes. My reaction was to bring Julian a Bible with his name inscribed on the front. We both love gays, but we express our love differently.

Cyndi writes that “it was so evil in the seventies. People were buying Nixon’s and Agnew’s lies. I’d get depressed because my friends and I all thought, “Wow, Americans believe everything they’re told. What happened to the generation that was going to change and save the world?”

Victoria writes, “it was so evil in the seventies. People were buying Gloria Steinem and John Lennon’s lies; sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll. They ended up with overdoses, death, AIDS, abortion, STD’s, broken families, and heartbreak. Wow, Americans believe everything they’re told. What happened to the generation that was going to change the world? They voted into the highest office – a communist.

I was on Al Jazeera once. They were filming our Tea Party in Ft. Lauderdale and purposefully avoiding our black members, because that wouldn’t go along with their “racist” narrative. I filmed this to prove it. Watch it here.

I auditioned for “The Talk” a few years ago. I didn’t get the part. When I tuned in to see who got the role of “token conservative,” there was none. There are no conservatives on “The Talk,” or on “The View,” except Elisabeth. There is only one view permitted on TV – the liberal left. Every channel, every show, except Hannity and Huckabee.

Al Jazeera – stay out of the USA. We do not want your Shariah Law here. We don’t want Gore’s fake science either.

We want Glenn Beck and his blackboard back on TV.

And, Cyndi Lauper, I actually like you alot. I’ve never met you. I hope we can work together someday.

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – liberal girls, and conservative girls! Let’s have Cyndi Lauper and Victoria Jackson back on TV. That would prove there is still a shred of freedom left in the U.S.A.

Victoria Jackson’s book is available here.
Cyndi Lauper’s book is available here.

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  • RRR#3

    God help us.

  • edc

    I love the “comparisons”, go Vicki and God bless you!

  • Lindy

    Great display of a failed argument on abortion. But, I suppose when those left thinkers such as Cindi talk about an “inclusive” society they don’t mean to include those pesky “inconvenient” babies they abort.

  • deanna

    Dear Victoria, I’m enjoying reading your work here. Keep it up and I cheer you on. God bless and protect. Your Sis in Christ, d

  • Meredith Cable

    Victoria, We are not all afraid as it seem you are. Dissenting voices are always welcome in the conversation as long as they are not willfully ignorant or deliberately stupid. You, on the other hand, are both ignorant and stupid. How in the world do you conflate Al Jazeera and Cyndi Lauper? One is a news network, that unlike your conspiracy theory obsessed friend, will air the news, from a different but no less vital position, and not make crap up like Beck in order to justify his insanity. Cyndi Lauper is just a woman who has lived a life in which SHE acknowledges both her gains and her losses, her triumphs and her failures without finding it necessary to shove down the throats of those around her, a book of fairy tales mistakenly identified as the words of God. She finds no need to hide behind religion in order to justify herself. She is much more open and honest and wholly more brave than you and most certainly more “christian” in her attitudes and dealings with others. As far as I can tell. you are unintelligent, uninspired, unaware, and worthy of no more than a simple sneer of derision Face it , you are about as interesting and unusual as the turds I clean out of the litterbox daily and as far as I can tell, made of the same stuff.

    • bluealiendevil

      Funny, I was just comparing you Meredith to what I clean from my litter box! And everything Glen Beck has said in the past has strangely turned into the truth, from day one he has told of every communist in the White House and down to Obama has proven his point, yet you still say he is a conspiracy theorist? You say dissenting voices are still welcome asl long as they are not ignorant and stupid? Down to name calling as everyone who does not have a logical arguement to come back with. All is aware that one is a news network and a person, she is using an analogy to make a comparison. But, wait, you refer to the Bible as a fairy tale, NOW we are finding out who you are! A true athiest does not come down to the views you do, a true athiest does not resort to the name calling you do. A true athiest welcomes both his view and the Conservative view and joins them together.

      • Meredith Cable

        I don’t recall saying I was an Atheist.. You certainly make alot of assumptions from that blinkered high horse upon which you sit. How do you know what a true Atheist does? How in Sam Hill have you decided that Atheism and conservatism go hand in hand? You been hitting the sacramental wine? As far as Glenn Beck “prophecies” go, they have been proven false again and again. There has been no truth, there has been however, delusion, paranoia, self aggrandizement, and the deliberate pedaling of fear and mistrust, to those who lack the skill required to think critically but have a debit or credit card. (1)There is not a communist in the White House, let’s be clear. I know it’s a big scary word, but I think you should stop throwing it around until you know what it really means.(2) The world did not end on 12/21/12 so all the food stores you bought from Beck did nothing but have him laughing at you all the way to the bank.(3) There has been no Caliphate.(4) His “Crime Inc.” theories have been debunked. (5) Obama wanting to create his own “civilian army” that will be deployed to
        implement socialism or Marxism or anti-colonialism (pick one: eenie meanie miney moe) all across the
        country is so completely ridiculous that I had to pee from laughing so hard.(6) Beck called for the formulation of a new currency. Here’s his theory
        for how that new currency will come about: “lacking a sufficient supply
        of gold to back the new currency, the government will instead base it on
        land, and will use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forcibly seize land
        from U.S. citizens”. Need a coat that hugs itself yet? (7) Beck’s talk of time bombs and 100 year campaigns to destroy America were part of his broader assault on the progressivism, which he described as “the cancer in America” that is “eating our Constitution.” Not surprisingly, the historical evidence Beck cited to support his claims against the progressive movement has failed to stand up. Obama is barely a Socialist. I should know, I am one of those, and he disappoints me often. The fact that you are so uncomfortable with someone who is at best center-left speaks volumes about you also, Face it, the Theocratic wet dream world you desire will never come to pass. Do not misunderstand me when I say, this is NOT a Christian country, never has been never will be. It was founded by Deists in order to prevent one single religion from abridging the freedom of others to worship, and to live life according to those religious doctrines . A philosophy that seems to be lost on virtually all Christianists. You have decided that we must all believe as you do, act as you do, pray as you do, because in your unmitigated arrogance, you have decided you know how God thinks and what he/she wants. Here are some simple suggestions for you… Like Jesus?…. Go to Church and pray….stay out of both Temples and Mosques… Don’t like abortion ….don’t have one…., don’t like gay people …..then don’t marry one….. afraid of Socialism,?…. you are out of luck because this is nation has alot of socialist policies and practices always has and always will. Things like public roads, public schools, firemen, policemen, the post office, libraries, Social security, medicare, medicaid, and yes now what you dissenters call Obamacare etc etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseum. Stay out of the bedrooms of people you don’t know… not interfere with decisions others make about their reproduction rights, it’s none of your business,and truly doesn’t affect you one way or the other. You seem to have forgotten that it is not your place to judge…. It will be God’s decision (if there is one) and the consequences suffered,( if any,) by those other than you are also nothing that impacts you. So, stand down, be secure in your faith if it works for you, be happy, pray, sing, tithe,whatever, just leave the rest of us alone and stop demanding everyone be just like you….it is a sure fire recipe for failure

  • Jeff Patty

    Keep telling the truth Victoria!

  • Allison Segreto

    You’re a seriously deluded human being, Victoria…please go home, you’re embarrassing yourself….again.

  • M

    “I was on Al Jazeera once. They were filming our Tea Party in Ft. Lauderdale and purposefully avoiding our black members, because that wouldn’t go along with their ‘racist’ narrative.”

    Al Jazeera – stay out of the USA. We do not want your Shariah Law here. We don’t want Gore’s fake science either.”
    Sounds like you’re the racist.
    But, hey, at least you’re finally funny. You couldn’t say that when you were on SNL.

  • dbassd

    Sindy Lopper is an Øbomination to humanity. But she used to sing pretty well. She is a has been that needs to reaffirm her spiritual connections, or leave the commentary to herself. Her deluded moral decay needs to be straightened up. . .

    • Meredith Cable

      What is truly immoral is people like you deciding that we must all agree and harbor the same illusions. The deliberate unwillingness to live and let live espoused by you and others in the radical right is the crux of what is wrong. Mind your own business. Worship as you want, but do not decide for others what is or is not an affront. It truly is none of your business and the intrusion is neither warranted, or appreciated.

      • dbassd

        Screw you beach. God will decide what is RIGHT or wrong. You just make sure that you are on the RIGHT side, or all is lost. You are a fool of magnificent proportions. Thousands of years of historical adherence to to biblical morals, and you think you know better than all of the people that have been here before you. Get a life of harmony, or lose your life in the end, for all time.
        I will intrude any where I want, and you will never be able to make me stop, unless you have some secret weapon.
        Thank you for not replying, and for not breeding.


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