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Unedited Union Thug Footage

“On Dec. 11, union goons in Lansing, Mich., assaulted Fox News contributor Steven Crowder during a “mostly peaceful” protest of the state’s right-to-work legislation. Thug apologists insisted Crowder was asking for it, and despite video of the assault, some of the media outlets that didn’t embargo the news altogether painted Crowder as the instigator. Embracing full union lapdoggery, some came just shy of suggesting Crowder was assaulted because his skirt was too short,” reports Twitchy.

Steven Crowder says, “The mainstream media has LIED in an attempt to slander me as a fight-starter. This video removes any and all doubt, making those who accused the accuser, look very stupid and dishonest.”

Here is the unedited video.

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  • boyd

    Think about this assault in context with the gun control debate. The tent is your house. The people inside are your family. The jerks are beating down your doors. Watch the video. See any police? Yeah folks, turn in your guns. Good luck with that. Crooks and these union apes only understand firepower in the form of a gun. Why weren’t these union bozos somewhere working? Oh yeah, unions have run off every job except one. Thug. Moms, wives, if you see your man in this video, take action. I know mine would.