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“More Guns Equal Less Crime” Facts

Professor Dr. Terry Lovell explains, “Criminals make a rational choice where to victimize people.” He lists John Lott’s research. Facts prove that “more guns equal less crime.” The left is politicizing this Newtown tragedy. “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” said Rahm Emanuel. At the base of these gun shooting tragedies in Aurora, Littleton, and Newtown is not “guns,” it is “mental illness.” It is the American Civil Liberties Union’s fault that mentally ill people are on the streets. Lesson learned from this gun conversation: 1) there is evil in the world 2) man’s laws cannot prevent evil 3) an armed populace is the only answer.

* The T shirt Dr. Lovell is wearing means “kill communists” and was made by Quang Nguyen who escaped South Vietnam as a boy and became a proud American Citizen. His father and brother fought communism in Vietnam and Quang is now fighting it here in America.

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  • slickzip

    Dr. Lovell is 100% right ,, guns in the hands of good people stop crime ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Joe Ledbetter

    Most Americans will not surrender are guns. Not to the scum in Washington DC. not to the trash at the UN. It will not happen.