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“Guns Were Protection Against KKK”

Professor Dr. Terry Lovell explains “the winds of injustice are blowing,” and we need to protect the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights that come from God not government. Lovell reminds us that our current president called our Constitution a “charter of negative rights.” He has also called our founding father immoral. Blacks used guns to protect themselves from the KKK. Chicago has the harshest gun laws but the highest murder rate. The tragedy in Connecticut is no reason to attack the 2nd amendment explains Lovell. “You protect people by arming them.” “Guns are to protect the weakest from the strongest.”

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  • slickzip

    Liberals are stupid socialist who have diarrhea of the mouth just like ODUMBA

  • fredh

    Why isn’t the hole truth told, guns do not kill , people kill,
    every mass killing since a man killed lots of people shooting from a
    tower at a college in Texas. Every one of these men were on drugs,
    either given to him by the school, or some stupid doctor. Then in the
    last 10 years , these kids are playing games on their computers, and in
    these games they are the one holding the gun killing lots of people.
    75% of all adults including kids can watch porn on the computer. I will
    bet most of these kids had no father in the home, and the mother worked
    out side the home. These kids came home from school to an empty house
    and left to their own devices. Remember the divorce rate is over 66
    percent , an women indicate 85% of all divorces.