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I Am Deeply Grieving… (warning: graphic abortion photo at end)

Of course, I am deeply grieving! Liberals are twisting my heartfelt thoughts of empathy for their own agenda.

I received pages of hate mail simply for pointing out the hypocrisy in Obama’s comments about the Newtown, CT tragedy. My tweet was:

“Obama dramatically wiped a tear as he said, “The majority of those who died today were children — beautiful little kids … They had their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own…”




That comment does not take anything away from my empathy and grief for the families of Newtown, CT. My heart is broken with theirs. Broken. I’m simply saying that I grieve equally for the murdered fetuses, and murdered newborns, and their parents who suffer the rest of their lives. Those children never got to see their birthdays, weddings, or children of their own either.

Obama passionately fought as a community organizer, Senator, and President for legislation legalizing not just regular ol’ abortion, (a baby’s heart beats at 2 weeks), but Partial Birth Abortion (“intact dilation and extraction”), … murdering a newborn baby that survives an abortion. Jill Stanek in the video attached was a nurse who witnessed this horror. Below is a photo of an aborted fetus. Can you look at it? No? Then, how can you do it? It is murder. Whether a human is one week, one month, one year, or in kindergarten, it is alive, a human being, a living soul. (Psalm 139)

Simply for standing up for life, I received pages of “hate speech.” Where does this anger and vulgarity come from? This rage?

Probably the same place murder comes from.

If you can legally kill a newborn, why not a one day old, a one week old who is crying too much, or a one year old? The media is “surprised” that this generation, brainwashed to believe they are equal to a monkey (evolution) or equal to a rock (“species equality”) and who won’t be held accountable for their sins to a God (atheism/humanism), would shoot people like a video game, or put their baby in a toilet or garbage can? This culture of death and the immoral media taught them to do that. Families are broken and fathers are absent.

We need God back in our hearts, lives, families and country, to keep us on the right path, to forgive us and teach us to be holy like Him. We need the Ten Commandments and the Bible back in the school system and the home.

My FB friend Mary Lynn explained the benefits of Biblical teaching:
“Christianity serves the purpose in that it teaches the value of life. It teaches that there are consequences for actions, if not in this life, then in the next. It teaches to love God above all else, and next to love others as you love yourself – even your enemies.”

Here is a random sampling of the responses to my tweet: (I muted the worst words with ***)

Rachel Morrison Holy crap. You seriously just compared 20 children shot to death by a lunatic with legal medial procedures that Barack Obama had nothing to do with. You should seek psychological help, you stupid, stupid woman.
15 hours ago · Like · 5

Stephanie Swartz Please be the next to fall victim to the SNL curse.
15 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Alan Michael Blassberg Three Words….EAT A D**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15 hours ago · Like · 2

Jeffrey W Hall Everyone of you with hate in your hearts and terrible comments are no different than the shooter. Hate is your driving force! You need to stop or we will be watching the news about you! Tammy
14 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Jeffrey W Hall And for those of you who think life starts at the first breath… They have oxygen going through their blood from conception.
14 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 2

Louise Haig Victoria Jackson you are an incredibly stupid woman….
14 hours ago · Like · 4

Rudy Auerbach And here I thought she was just playing an idiot on SNL.
14 hours ago · Like · 1

Christopher Brock Victoria I’ve never heard of you, nor do I care to. Abort a fetus who hasn’t yet to truly begin living and shoot a six year old who has walked the earth and tell me which would make you feel worse.
12 hours ago via mobile · Like

Christopher Brock And Jeffrey did you not see the error in what you said? I personally don’t breath through my blood.
12 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Mark Grant Maybe if someone killed your family and loved ones Victoria you will see how stupid and pathetic your statement is.
11 hours ago · Like

Rance Bennett Why, Mark Grant? The CT shootings were horrible. And so are abortions. You can substitute the word “all” for “the majority” from the presidents quote: “The majority of those who died today were children — beautiful little kids … They had their en…See More
10 hours ago · Like · 1

Anne Delaroche Do not have a clue who you are never was into SNL How you even have followers is beyond me??? Abortion and mass killings are now comparable?Maybe you can raise all these children for all these woman and men who decide they can not afford to have them!D…See More
9 hours ago · Like

Shannon Waldschmidt Wow – you are a complete and total a**hole. The only reason I found this page is because the Huffington Post wrote an article about how ridiculous you are. Who are you again? Oh, that’s right… a fat, dumb, wildly inappropriate, wanna-be relevant, washed up “comedian.”
9 hours ago · Like · 3

Donna Stram What is wrong with you?
8 hours ago · Like

Mandy Green You are a horrible human being.How dare you use this tragedy to get some attention.You are a washed-up loser.
8 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Lebeth Detty You’re an idiot.
8 hours ago · Like · 1

Natalie Curbelo This woman terrifies me. What terrifies me more is the fact that she’s not alone when it comes to these beliefs.
7 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Patrick McGlone You’re not even a has-been, you’re a never was and quite frankly if there is a hell you will surely burn in it for eternity. It will be a similar sensation that those of us endured watching you stumble through sketches on Saturday Night Live. You are a repulsive human being!
7 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Kristy Bartholomew You disgust me..Go get help
7 hours ago · Like

Jeanetmarie Smith This is a democratic Republic, not some Bronze Age theocracy. People have the freedom of choice and President Obama is not responsible for the private decisions families make about child bearing. Get a grip and stop exploiting this tragedy to harp on your favorite subject, Obama hatred.
6 hours ago · Like · 4

NelsonAnd Anais Rodriguez Wow, to blame President Obama for the choices others make is quite possibly the most ignorant thing I have heard in a while. Have you heard about “free will?” What about salvation being individual?! You haven’t?! Then shut your trap and stop making people who love God look bad.
6 hours ago · Like · 4

Charles Carrico Victoria you are a a horrible comic & a horrible Christian..You do know that people like you are causing people to leave Christianity in droves..Keep up the good work!!!!!
5 hours ago · Like

Jessica Scholz You didn’t have to make this political. I for one may not be an Obama fan but he was sincere and heartfelt. The focus in this tragedy should be on the innocent lives that were lost. You cannot draw comparisons and critisize people on issues that do not relate to this story. Set your politics aside and get a sensitivity chip. This is not a time to mock but to love on one another.
5 hours ago via mobile · Like

Nina Spencer Psalm 139:16 You saw me before I was born and planned each and every event in my life before I began to breathe. Every day and event of my life was recorded in your book. That is a Bible quote. If you truly believe the Bible then you must believe that…See More
5 hours ago · Like · 2

Dawn Adele Inmon I, for one, want to thank you. Thank you for finally figuring out that you can’t act your way out of a paper bag. But, this is how you decide to spend your days? Bashing the people who are mourning this tragedy? What you are saying, is that because I’m…See More
5 hours ago · Like
Steve Kirby These children who died were actually born and not still in the process of becoming a human, aborted babies have not had a life yet, they do not know anything or what is going on, DAH!!!!!
4 hours ago · Like

Samantha Datcrzycajun Horace Your very ignorant to compare abortion to this horrible tragedy! Ppl are given that option to abort their child, innocent children were killed here, very very different! God help you you Victoria Jackson…who ever you are!
4 hours ago via mobile · Like

Steve Kirby People like you, you rich people do not like Obama because he wants to hit you with higher taxes, AND THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE, republicans are stupid greedy people who only care about the rich. Are any of you rich people paying for the funerals of the…See More
4 hours ago · Like (NOTE TO KIRBY: I’m sooo not rich!)

Taina Triguero You should be ashame of yourself .. You are a disgusting and insensitive human being posting that c
4 hours ago via mobile · Like

Taina Triguero Comment.. Shame on you
4 hours ago via mobile · Like

Michael Morang Ms. Jackson, its very unfortunate that a person like you, who has so many followers on social media chooses to act out like this. Personally, I have no idea why anyone follows you or even acknowledges you exist, but I’m sure that the parents and famili…See More
3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3

Toby Stroud I think she spent too much time on her head.
2 hours ago · Like

Molly Barbara Loveday I give up- I give up. I can’t help defend against hundreds of stupid childish posts, there’s no way. I’m dismayed and heart broken over our country. I just can’t do it- I don’t have the courage. And Victoria you might as well forget it too- you’re talk…See More
2 hours ago · Like

Miguel Cuevas i think you are one of the most ignorant person ever. how dare you make such statement like this when mourning its happening all over the nation because of this tradegy. you are just desperate for attention and i advice you to keep your mouth shut from now on
2 hours ago · Like

Debra Shaw Gordon You and those who believe the way you believe cause the destruction of society. The women who made the decision to abort their babies did it exercising their free will to choose. President Obama didn’t make the decision for them and a statement like this one, YEAH OBAMA. SAME AS THE MILLION BABIES YOU HAD ABORTED THIS YEAR.” proves that stupid is as stupid does Victoria.
2 hours ago · Like

Garrason Wyatt Obama did not make anyof those women have an abortion. Its their option, sp get your head out of your ass. Ignorant people like are THE reason America has the reputation it does
2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Christian Hayes you ignorant C**T.
2 hours ago · Like

Susan Loudon Bauman Are you seriously so ignorant? Give it up, you are embarrassing and not very bright.
about an hour ago · Like

Susan Loudon Bauman Oh and you sucked on SNL.
about an hour ago · Like · 1

Rebecca Giarratano Ward No wonder you are a has been and have to make statements like this to get any attention at all. Stupid Cow.
about an hour ago · Like

Jeff Olson You are a douche!
about an hour ago · Like · 1

Laura Peters Wow…when did you become such a deluded, unstable, kook with such extreme and senseless opinions? How underhanded and hurtful….you’re a cruel, and sick woman…and to think that I once thought you were light, and funny. It’s disappointing how some people change for all of the worst reasons…you’re just sad, and I feel deeply sorry for you. I hope you get help.
about an hour ago · Like · 1

Alex Latty C**t!
about an hour ago · Like

Peggy Devlin Hoff Laura,where you been? She’s been a looney bin for years, a washed out has been
about an hour ago · Like

Natasha Rose Lombardi From a washed up loony bird who can not get hired for anything!!!! How sad!!!!!
about an hour ago · Like

Molly Barbara Loveday (Rebecca give it up.. Get a clue already. Stupid cow is that the best you can do? Name calling- really what are you 5?) See my little melt down didn’t do any good. I’m OK!!! But guess what- trolls? I’m not going anywhere. Just got my second wind. It’s like talking to a BRICK!!!!!! Vicki their brains are not quite ripe yet.
about an hour ago · Like

Blue Comet You’re a freaking idiot!
about an hour ago · Like

Alan Moore Victoria is unfunny now as she was its said when washed up pieces of sh*t no one ever cared about try to be a mouth piece. You should be forced to say your comments to the people who have lost children in that horrible tragedy and relive your buffoonery and shame over and over again. I hope you and phelps have fun burning in hell together you are filth utter and complete garbage.
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1

James Wright You are a cold heartless c**t. Using this tragedy to push your own agenda.
51 minutes ago · Like · 2

Obama made this political. I didn’t. He’s been trying to violate the 2nd amendment for years. These shootings happen in “gun-free” zones because they are “gun-free” zones and no one can defend themselves. The teachers should be armed.

I’m trying to show how the Bible is relevant to our culture today. That’s why I speak out on issues. The media is shouting liberal God-hating agenda on every channel. Someone has to stand up for the right side. If someone besides Huckabee and Hannity will, then I can quit. It’s not fun and I’m not doing it for attention. I’d rather be doing comedy.

THE ABOVE PHOTO WAS TAKEN AT THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION IN CHARLOTTE, NC SUMMER 2012. A brave anti-abortion activist held that big photo up all day, on the street. No one would look at it. His heart is broken as is mine that our country is so spiritually blind and lost that they cannot see the genocide they are committing. They will answer to God on the day of judgment.

FINAL NOTE: Here is the prayer I posted on FB which the media chooses to omit from their articles about me.

“Lord, please supernaturally comfort the grieving families, each mother, father, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa and friend in Newtown, CT, Wichita, Kansas (six year old Baylee has cancer) and everywhere else people are hurting. I know you can turn evil into something good and eternal. I know saving souls is more important to you, than our physical short lives spent here on earth. Please let our nation wake up and turn back to you before, during, and after our tragedies, not just after. In Jesus name, amen.”

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Rev. 21:4

**To fight the legal murder of innocent souls go to Prolife America.

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  • Sharon Needles

    Victoria…you are so pretty in that picture. What a lovely baby!!

    • Ellie Gaines

      You need your head examined.

      • MARYANN33

        As do you.

  • Brian

    When I see photos like that, my support for abortion does not waver. If anything, it grows stronger. I don’t know anything about the woman who had that abortion, nor do you. The difference is, I care about her. I will do anything to make sure the women who need abortions can get them safely and medically. I looked at your photo, Victoria, will you look at mine? Because this is the world you want to return to:

    • gpsterling

      And mine are not changed, I am pro-choice BEFORE conception. I have personally, unwillingly, witnessed that unnecessary procedure and you, Brian, need to know the great guilt that comes to a woman after the abortion. There are places who love them and help them through those crises and there are those for abortion who are trying to close them down. Thankfully, all of those babies that are considered “trash” are “treasures” in the arms of Jesus now.

  • CharlieGirl

    The intensity of anger & hatred issued in response to your posts is proportionate to the level of Truth that you speak. Do. Not. Stop. Thank you for standing in the face of adversity.

    • George Dawson

      The intensity of anger & hatred issued in response to Victoria’s posts are nothing like the anger & hatred I see expressed here every day against “Liberals”. <= Look it up. Many here are quite familiar with it, even though they do not see it manifest in their own lives.

      • Elizabeth Clark

        you know what, your right the left is not the same as it was in the past, they are the evil hateful ones

      • beelp

        Aw, poor baby. Little Liberal feeling picked on or abused? I feel that way everytime I see another parasite mooching off the public trough, and I see PLENTY of them daily. Big, fat lazy slobs shoplifting, cursing at their (illigitimate brats) and carrying on like the anti-social monsters they’ve become.

        • Purples cool

          Wow, seriously?

          • beelp

            Yeah, seriously.

      • far2right

        A conservative hurting a liberal’s feelings is nothing compared to a murdering liberal torturing, brutalizing and killing their own baby.

        0bama is a cowardly baby-killer of the very worst sort.

        He will pay dearly when he is called to stand before the Judgment Seat of the God who created those babies (56 million and counting) with the intention of them living a full life.

        The souls of all the babies he facilitated their murders will be at his judgment.

        And they will be at yours as well.

        • MarthaK

          Amen to that! I agree with you 150 percent!

      • Steven O’Connor

        I am new to this site, but never have seen death threats to liberals, on any site I am on. Only the libs keep wishing other dead.

  • Krista Brady

    I am an atheist and have never had the urge to go on a killing spree. I know right from wrong and value life. I didnt need a book to tell me how to. There are plenty of god fearing serial killers and mass shooters who think they are doing gods work but you would say they are crazy and delusional. If an atheist were to commit those crimes you would say it was because god wasnt in their life. Get to know an atheist. I know atheists who are more kind and generous than devout Christians.

    • BeBrave

      Krista~ One can’t be God fearing and commit murder. Clearly someone who does has fallen away from God. Of course, you can be an atheist and be kind and generous and not go on a killing spree that is a fact even if you deny your spirituality you can behave morally if you have been shown how. Part of the gift of my Catholic faith, among many, is a guide to life, if you will. Departing from it and sinning, which of course we all do at times only leads to suffering and despair. When society strays from morals…that is what happens. Look back in history and you can see that. That is why its important to keep focus on God to keep us healthy and to help us treat each other well. Strength, peace, and love

    • MARYANN33

      The devil quotes lots of scripture. That does not make a person a Christian.

      • gpsterling

        Absolutely, no more than sitting in a garage makes one a car/or as Corrie Ten Boom’s father said, a mouse in a cookie jar does not make the mouse a cookie. (not a direct quote, paraphrased with same meaning).
        (Get a copy of the movie “The Hiding Place” or buy the book. That was what he said after a so-called “Christian” pastor did not want them to save a Jewish baby.)

    • Elizabeth Clark

      yeah I have heard of people that claim they are atheists and call out to God when they are dying or in terrible pain

      • Brian

        If that happens, it’s only because “Oh god” is an acceptable mild profanity in our culture.

    • Disgusted

      The thing is, you are just as quilty of lumping Christians together as anyone is of lumping atheists together. If someone were a true God-fearing person, they are not going to go around murdering anyone. You don’t like a blanket statement, then stop making them as you did here.

  • George Dawson

    just dropped my son off to school. I think I told him that I loved him
    at least 20 times. I kept repeating it without realizing that I did, and
    each time I said it, he replied back ‘I love you too, mom’ which is
    unusual. He is a loving boy but he is also 14, turned 14 two days ago,
    so sometimes he won’t tell me back he loves me too. But today he
    did…Each time…Then I drove around the curb and my eyes stopped by the
    group of 6 graders who were huddled up sitting in a corner, just
    talking. I don’t know what it is about their little faces but I started
    to cry uncontrollably. I was just howling, and trying to drive out of
    the school at the same time. Two police officers who usually stay in
    their cars were also out, standing by the school’s front door, just in case, and perhaps to reassure people like me. <- This was written by one of those people to whom raw visceral hatred is often expressed toward on your site every day, Victoria. A Liberal, who wishes that assault weapons were not freely available to the mentally ill. You probably will not see this. You are too deep in your own denial about using this tragedy to promote your own agenda of constantly ridiculing and insulting those with whom you disagree. A fortune 500 company indeed.

    • MARYANN33

      Can you possibly imagine what it is like to have 8 miscarriages and those who can bear children just murder them in the womb…Choice?? I am replying to Brian..A choice to be a murderer.

    • MARYANN33

      George. shame on you and on all liberals who worship the devil and don’t even know it. Leave Victoria alone…She is our saint….

    • Elizabeth Clark

      If those teachers were armed this wouldn’t have happened. period end of case, all this killing would stop if the crazies knew that people were armed

      • Disgusted

        There surely would have been a better chance of the children and adults living than there was. We’ll never know, will we.

    • gpsterling

      Victoria is far from a “liberal” as you state. I really don’t know what you have been reading or listening to, but your head truly needs some correcting. So glad you love your son, tho’, and tell him so. It’s a fairly good start.

      • Disgusted

        Victoria is not a saint in that sense. She’s a caring human being who sees the unborn as real people, just as Mother Teresa saw them and warned us that a nation that kills its unborn will fall, and it is.

  • AuntiChrist

    You’re trying to show how the Bible is relevant to our culture today? Victoria, you know the Bible was written by slope-headed cavemen that had never heard of a molecule, a germ, or toilet tissue. Be honest, V, you’re trying to push your own agenda. Which is fine, that’s what everyone does, but don’t pretend that you’re on some Holy Mission.

    Nevertheless, keep up the good work, your site is the most entertaining thing on the web today!

    • MARYANN33

      You are so deeply deceived….I feel pity for you.

      • AuntiChrist

        I stand by my statement, this site IS richly entertaining!

    • Disgusted

      Since I can’t give you a thumbs down, AntiChrist, in the ratings, I’ll just give you 5 billion of them in person.

    • Steven O’Connor

      Do your research, they new about germs. You have no idea what you are talking about. How did the doctors finally find out it was good to wash there hands between patiants. OH, Yeah, the Bible.

      • AuntiChrist

        (citation needed)

  • Molly Barbara Loveday

    I saw two of my posts above and they are in no way directed toward Victoria. I was dismayed by all hateful posts.

  • mesaman

    You can stand proudly before God and state; I was honest, I was correct, and I believe in saving lives, not forfeiting them for some political agenda. We are in the wake of a miscreant president who has gathered the horned and tailed devils as his minions. Thank you for your courage.

  • JABH

    Exactly what I was thinking when O gave his “speech and phoney tear wipe”….MURDERER OF REAL BABIES, and many WILL DIE IN o-”CARE”…you’ll pay for insurance/fines/but NOT for care. God forgive us and thank YOU for having the Babies!!!!!!!!!!!WITH YOU!

    • MARYANN33

      Did anyone see a tear.??…NO!!!! Fake little weasel pres.

  • deanna

    Victoria, I love you. You have a voice. May it be heard. I was made ill by what happened last Friday. Sick to my stomach and weak in the knees. It was a horrific crime. My heart was broken and as the week-end passed, I did begin to think about all the abortions that are legal. These precious babies are murdered when abortions occur. It is a horrific mind set to have that it is alright to abort babies because the mother doesn’t want to raise a baby so it becomes a convenience for the abortion. I also think that people that watch hour upon hour of the seriously violent video games is nurturing a desensitized mind toward killing people. Please keep sharing with others even if others don’t appreciate the truth you are sharing. You’re a precious lady with a godly message. Shine on and be encouraged. Being a Christian Warrior takes courage and that dear Lady is what you are….a warrior. Christ entered the temple with fire in his eye while he carried a whip turning tables over. The pen is mightier than the sword. Blessings to you and I will be praying for you. Your Sister In Christ, Deanna

    • MARYANN33


    • pianoguy48

      Double ditto!! Victoria, I salute you as a courageous woman of faith. May the grace of God be with you and allow you to stand up for what is right against the evil that is so prevalent in this country.


    What a stupid remark below. It is your responsibility to not have sex if you don’t want a child or use proper contraception..You nasty people who write on here are deluded…Victoria is a wonderful woman of courage who fights for those who cannot fight for themselves…Babies in the womb have no say…You are grown and can give the baby for adoption instead of murdering it. No wonder this country is in such a mess…You cause these tragedies to happen…You are an evil person….I vote for the innocent babies at conception or at 6 years old. Lock up the loonies and leave guns alone….I had to adopt my babies. You just kill them…You should be sterilized…

    • beelp

      Oh Maryann33, how cruel of you. Taking “people” to task for not having any responsibility for their actions. Definitely not very PC.

      • MARYANN33

        I am not and will never be PC

        • beelp

          As if I had any doubt. You go girl!

  • BonnieU2

    I posted the same thoughts, and got the same kind of response. I said it isn’t true that this is the biggest “slaughter of innocents” in our country. The biggest slaughter is the 4 million plus abortions performed by Planned Parenthood and others after Roe v.Wade. It’s the truth, and the hypocrisy on the Left is stunningly stupid and blind. They think that “eliminating” babies still in the womb is O,K.” Especially when there are so many other methods of birth control now, implants, condoms, birth control pills, and maybe the one the Liberals hate the most: ” NOT sleeping with strangers when you are drunk, high or desperate”

  • Gidget

    What a dispicable comment. Who would have thought a few years ago people would relish in the murder of an innocent unborn baby. This country is growing more evil every day.

    • Elizabeth Clark

      yep that is true and we have a president that goes along with all the evil today, he speaks with a forked toungue

  • BonnieU2

    Dear Victoria, Don’t worry about the terrible things people say about you. You are telling the truth. Jesus was crucified for the same thing, so you are in good Company and will receive your reward in Heaven for standing up to a fallen and lost world, and standing for the unborn! “All that is necessary for Evil to prevail is for Good people to do nothing”

  • Ron Obvious

    Victoria, it is our lot in life to be scorn and attacked by those who need everyone to agree with them, in order for them to feel good about themselves. If you don’t believe the way they do, even if you don’t say anything, to them you are saying they are wrong by your choices that don’t agree with them. I follow Yeshua Hammashiach, but I am not of Jewish descent, nor have I always been a follower. But I know folks who are “good” folks who don’t believe in God. As a follower of Yeshua it isn’t mine or anyone who follows the teachings of the Bible to ‘Make’ anyone believe… our job is present the truth and the rest is between those hearing what we say and seeing our lives, to make their own decision.

    About the shooting last Friday; I grew up around loaded gun in our home with 2 younger brothers and a younger sister, which we fought amongst ourselves all through our childhood and teen age years, but no matter how mad we go, and we were a hot tempered bunch, none of us ever thought about going and getting one of those loaded guns, and killing the other. We had conflicts with classmates at school, but once again we never thought about using a firearm or any other device to end the lives of those we were fighting with. You got you butt whipped by your enemy and more often than not, you ended up be friends or even best friends after the fights at school. It is how the parent(s) raise their children, is what the real issue here is. When I was growing up in the late 60′s through the early 80′s, parent were expect to discipline their children, and I had my share of whippings with a belt! Yep, I was whipped with a belt, and in most cases, I deserved it, because I did something I knew I wasn’t supposed to do, and I knew the penalty for doing it. I love my parents dearly, and grow more and more thankful for the way I was raised, daily! We would get paddlings in school for misbehaving, and when we got home, we got a belt whipping as well, unless we could prove it wasn’t our fault, which wasn’t the case most of the time. We had shop classes in High School, where the most common thing in wood-working class to make was a gun rack or gun cabinet, and it wasn’t uncommon to see a student bringing a shotgun in a case through the halls to make sure the measurements were correct for that wood working project. We are in a rural area, where we would go hunting before school, come to school with the shotgun or deer rifle in our gun racks go to school, then go back hunting after school, and NOT one time did we have anyone go get a gun out of their vehicle and come back into the school, despite whatever fight or discipline they were receiving during classes! So it isn’t about the availability of firearms that is at fault here or any of the other shootings, it is the mind-set of children has been changed and warped to the point where they don’t think and killing seems like a plausible solution to the problem! All through my high school years, at any given time in any given rural Kentucky high school parking lot, I am sure their were dozens of shotguns, rifles and pistols in their vehicles! We often carried 6″ folding knifes in our pockets, but your never heard of them being pulled on anyone at school! No, you’ll never convience me that you need to ban firearms to protect our children, for the firearms, whether an assault style rifle or single shot shogun are but a tool used by a sick individual or group to accomplish the evil in their hearts. We need to quit medicating our children, teach them respect for life and authority, and bust their butts when they get out of line, and we need to get these slasher movies and most violent games away from those under 13 years old. That said, when we were kids, we did play “army” or “war” outside with plastic guns, but none of us have every killed a single person or even wounded one in anger. We weren’t special children, but rather like the vast majority of other children growing up in that time, in our area. So if firearms isn’t the problem, and they aren’t, and we had our share of godless children back then, and none of them flipped out either, then something else must be causing these murderous tendencies among people of all ages these days! Banning Firearms will make us MORE PRONE to attacks, not less, that is proven facts as well!

    • Disgusted

      You just said it all. It is sad that so many people don’t want to hear it because they’d rather hear the people who tell them it’s all right to do what they already have it in their hearts to do and just need a pass from others to give them their excuse, as if there is any excuse.

  • Brian

    Liberals are ugly people. I am not talking about physical appearance, I am talking about their hearts and souls. The number one liberal issue is abortion. They will fight tooth and nail for the right to kill an unborn child and in some cases babies that have been born. I wonder what the cut-off age actually is in the perverted liberal mind. Obviously we are all upset about the Newtown Connecticut tragedy. Those children were 6-7 years old. I guess it is somewhere in between newborn and 6. Why not protect our school children with armed guards or armed teachers. The unbelievably brave Principle of this school who rushed this sick shooter would have been better off shooting him. Many lives would have been spared. In today’s America, it is fine to kill an unborn or newly born child, but it is wrong to protect yourself and your family.

    • Elizabeth Clark

      at least the ones in govt are, people are just deceived because they don’t take the time to inform themselves, they sure wont get it from the main stream media run by people like George Soros who wants to destroy america

  • Elizabeth Clark

    I agree with you 100% he doesn’t care about anything or anyone

  • slickzip

    Victoria ,,, you are a brave and wonderful lady , pay no attention to all the liberal; fools who hate you most Americans LOVE you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • beelp

    Victoria, the more Politically INcorrect you are, the more I love you. MUAH !

  • guest

    Victoria…..Those People Who Hate You Are The Same Ones Hitler Felt The World Needed To Be Free From… Homosexuals,Degenerates,Selfish Feminist Slugs,Selfish I Come First pot Smokers,Effeminate Men,Bolsheviks,Dykes, Scum Bags Are There Real Names. Did I Leave any Sic People Out”?

    • AuntiChrist

      “Those People Who Hate You Are The Same Ones Hitler Felt The World Needed To Be Free From”
      You need to take a moment and think about that statement.

  • WarDog2099

    The comments left on your msg board are left by supposedly “Loving, tolerant,and enlightened” people who only have “love” in their hearts. But in all reality they are the most vicious, hateful, bitter and miserable people on this planet.

  • ForrestByers

    Dear Victoria, I only have admiration for your courage. Considering the rancor and bomb blast of the left’s vicious rhetoric and the degree to which they seem to just relish rolling in their own prescribed Gore, they have made bloody abortion and outright murder, a sacrament to their own goddess, Gaian, a super imposition of their own moral ambivalence in revolt to the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and whose only Begotten Son Has Proclaimed, “Suffer the Little Children to Come unto Me” and “It Were Better Than an Individual Have a Millstone Placed around His Neck and Drowned in the Depth of the Sea, then to offend one of these little ones”. So speaks the Creator of worlds without end, the Master, the Judge, the Redeemer and the Ruler over life and death, Our Advocate before the Father.Now , that I have thoroughly outed myself, as a supposed, religious zealot, you and I, can find solace, in the fact, stand together with the Man , even Jesus Christ. PS , this really ought to stir them up ! I can hardly wait for the backlash, hang in there , girl !

  • Purples Cool

    Eyeopening. Truly. Good luck with all you do. Light and love sent your way so education and science become a part of your life.

  • Penelope

    Liberals use abortion as birth control because they are so ignorant and stupid.Then they curse people who don’t believe in it.

  • Betty B.

    Victoria, don’t give these nasty comments a second thought. I agree with you 100%. It always seems that after a tragedy like this, people run to church and ask God for help but in everyday life they never utter God’s name except in vain. The loss of those beautiful children is a true tragedy but the loss of millions of unborn babies is just as tragic. How do they claim to believe in God and accept the killing of his children because it’s inconvenient to their lives. They should have thought about that before the act that conceived these babies.

  • gpsterling

    I am so happy that there are still people in our Nation who will stand up for Christian beliefs and fight the evil that has overcome us. Keep on keeping on, Victoria. I really love you.

  • Wendy Gayle Wright Epps

    Keep going–you have a voice and speak for millions of us who feel EXACTLY AS YOU DO about the murder of the unborn, AS WELL AS the loss of the precious lives in Newtown. We are praying for you to stay courageous and keep voicing the truth. We love your heart, Victoria….God sees and weeps with you, and He gives you His strength to fight the battle—don’t give up—you are not alone!

    • MarthaK

      Very well said!

  • DockyWocky

    Victoria is fighting the good fight, but against the full power of Obama’s Propaganda Ministry, the derogatory comments and implied threats will expand numerically at a exponential rate until she is silenced, or becomes lost in the cacophony.

  • gizmo

    As Rush was talking about yesterday, we are all “outcasts” at sometime & have to buck up & move on. ESPECIALLY those of you that are front-line, this is true. Victoria, DON’T let them get you down! As has been expressed the higher the intensity in hate the more Truth you are postulating & exposing their lies & hypocritical diatribe! Nothing that the left is presenting or hanging on to is based on any thread of truth, it is all based on lies, 1/2 truths & absurdity and that is why the left can’t discuss but must force their lies on us.
    Who is it that takes the lives of unborn? “Choice”.Who is it that won’t let us “take care of” murders & other major proven miscrients? “anti-death”. who is it that steals wonderful playful words to twist for their behavior? “Gays”. Who choose to abandon SAFE hospitals & special homes for mentally ill? “Mental health advocates” Who is it that tears apart our history, dumbs down our education, and graduates 1000′s of kids who can’t even read or do simple math? “Educators”.

    This can go on & on. All these people want is power & control. Centralized Government control of all our lives from cradle (if 1 makes it out of the womb) to grave (when Obama’s minions choose not to provide further health care!)

  • MarthaK

    God bless you, Victoria, for speaking the truth! The hatred and anger is due, more often than not, to guilt, I’m thinking! Trying to justify murder of the unborn, yet so vocal against the murder of school-aged children makes absolutely no sense to me! A child is a child, no matter how young or old it is!! Again, God bless you, Victoria!!!

  • Guest

    Obama is exploiting the murder of these children for his own profit, asking for money and using this tragedy as an excuse. Why is he asking for donations? I don’t think it is even legal to do that when you are not running for any office. Certainly requires intense investigation by the Congressional ethics committee.

  • Roger

    Reading those posts above makes it clear to me what type of individuals
    were involved in stoning the Prophets. Here you’ve attacked both their
    lifestyle and Obama their god. Either one would push them into the
    vitriol zone, both together cause a total breakdown of civility.

  • Julie Amos

    Those who condone the murder of millions of innocent unborn Americans are Godless and soulless monsters. Whatever happened to being responsible and abstaining from sex or using birth control ?? Liberals have destroyed everything true , right and moral in America with their promotion of promiscuity and welfare programs and abortions used as birth control ! It’s sick and disgusting .Whats worse is Obama was re-elected by these saps based on phony wars on women. I ask to those dumbdums who believed Obama and his lying regime that Republicans wanted control of your bodies and productive organs , who really has control of them , now, under Obamacare ??? I guess it’s good that you’ll be forced to have abortions or forced to be steralized or forced to use birth control because there will be less LipTurds born. As far as Obama wiping his phony tears , where are your tears for the aborted ? Where are your tears for the hundreds of innocent women and children killed by YOUR drone strikes ?? Oh, I forgot , you say they are just “collateral damage !” Where are your tears for the thousands of men, women and children who were killed in Mexico by weapons your administration sold to drug lords ?. Oh, I forgot , in your eyes , it is a justified means to your end goal, disarming law abiding Americans. President Obama , you TRULY SUCK and everyday is a nightmare with you in our White House !

  • Estelle Wisneski

    Victoria…thanks so much for saying what I’ve been thinking…and saying to anyone I could….about the moral hypocrisy of those who mourn the children who were killed in Connecticut but have no sympathy or empathy for the 4000 babies who are being killed EACH DAY in this nation because of the legalization of abortion almost 40 years ago! They can’t understand why someone would be “evil” enough to kill God’s VISIBLE little ones but don’t see the connection between the moral morass this nation has slipped into these past 40 years (legalized killing of God’s most innocent little ones, contraception, fornication, adultery, now the beginning of the legalization of sodomy (same-sex “marriage”)) and the JUDGMENT we are under because of it! St. Paul warned the Galatians…and us!….”Be not deceived, God will not be mocked! He who sows in the field of SELF-INDULGENCE will reap a HARVEST OF CORRUPTION from it!” We are reaping what we’ve sown! The Old Testament tells us that one of the seven things that God ABHORS is “hands that spill INNOCENT blood!” I’m sorry for the hateful responses you’ve received for speaking God’s Truth. Remember….our Lord told us that if we were of the world the world would love us, but since we’re not of this world the world would hate us as it hated Him. May He continue to bless you with the courage to remain faithful to Him and His teachings and try, simply out of love for them and the salvation of their souls, to help others to come to know, love and serve Him! Obama IS the most pro-abortion president this nation has ever had and voted THREE TIMES when he was a Senator from Illinois not to allow the medical personnel involved in abortions to save the babies who were born alive after one…..that’s INFANTICIDE! God help him….and this nation!

  • Roselyn

    Victoria, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven, if not before. I love the fact that you are so outspoken, and so does God. Please keep up the good work and rejoice in your persecutions. God is with you and will reward you greatly for all eternity! :)

  • Pamela

    Victoria, you are not alone!!! I grieve with you … ” I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself; And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?”… Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching it’s people to love, but to use violence to get what they want”( Mother Teresa) “

  • AuntiChrist

    Blah, blah, blah, abortion is bad, weep, weep! You people need to check the results of the last election. Officially, NO ONE CARES! The right needs to get out of the bedroom and the womb, the people have spoken. If you ever dream of having politically relevancy again, you should concentrate on political conservatism and let people work out their private lives privately.

  • Nancy Ross Assaf

    Victoria, I believe that the people who are able to commit abortion murder do not believe in God. This is how they can justify their position. There’s a sticker we see on cars down here in Louisiana that says: “Ya Mama was Pro-Life, Dawlin’” Thank God for that, you people that live.

  • Saburt

    Thank you for standing up for God and those inicent lives that are taken away before they even experience life.

  • Steven O’Connor

    Hang in there. We support you and know that those who say those such hateful things and then try to say good things about abortions are just plan idiots. They will meet God and answer for what they have said and done as we all do. Good luck and God Bless.

  • hates stupid cows

    you are a stupid cow

  • Melanie

    Victoria, I thought you were cute and funny on SNL but never watched the show much. Now I am so proud of you! Standing up to these idioti, hate filled rants cannot be easy. Thank you for your courage and conviction in the face of evil! God bless you!

  • Anne

    Keep standing up for the innocent Victoria, I know you have God’s heart. I posted a very similar comment on my facebook, and no one said a thing. I guess people think they can attack you because you are a celebrity. I’m sorry people have been so mean. Just remember “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”. You are on the winning side!! Bless You!