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Islam is Nazism with a Religious Twist

We were honored to welcome to our show, Keith Davies, the Director of Rescue Christians, an non-profit organization that provides aid to persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and around the World. There are very few organizations that actually “hands on” help Christians escape prison, death, and torture and start a new life in a safe place. Keith also works closely with Walid Shoebat, former Muslim terrorist, in educating Americans on the threat of Islam and Keith is Director of the Forum for Middle Eastern Understanding. The main stream media is not informing the public on the extent to which Islam has infiltrated our highest government offices and some of our courts. Shariah Law cannot coexist with the Constitution. Islam’s goal is world domination. Murfreesboro, TN, in the center of the Bible belt now houses the largest Mosque in North America. Thousands of Muslims are being flown into Middle Tennessee. This is a terrorist breeding ground right in our backyard. For more information, visit Shariah The Threat.

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  • David J. Goetz

    The media doesn’t want to bear the wrath of their master !!!

  • fredh

    Shariah Law cannot coexist with the Constitution. Yet we have two muslims in congress . Did these muslims take an Oath to the Constitution, or to the Goran . Why aren’t these men in jail, then again why isn’t obama in jail.