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AGENDA 21 FOR DUMMIES (great video)

“Agenda 21 is the agenda for the 21st Century…where everything you cherished and held true no longer exists. It defines itself as a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the U.N. systems. It elevates nature above man. “Sustainable Development” is the philosophy designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of a narrow human elite.”

It’s objectives include:

1) end to national sovereignty
2) abolition of private property
3) restructure of the family unit
4) increasing limitations and restrictions on mobility and individual opportunity

I am currently doing a story on the non-profits I discovered hiding in plain sight, right on Main St. in Franklin, TN, and in it’s neighboring towns of Williamson County. Last night on TV, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean was doing an initiation ceremony for his “Open Space Plan.”

This must be stopped. For more info go here.

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  • Kevin T. Keith

    “Agenda 21 for Dummies” – yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

  • ODB

    None of this is new in the slightest. The government has ALWAYS engaged in development planning, creating different land zones with different rules for business vs. Farming vs. homes, reserved the ability to appropriate private land for roads etc. Historically this has been done by Conservatives more than Democrats.

  • bearclaybornsaa

    In “American Coloring Book-Poisoned Colors” the issues of America’s 21st Century is laid out in a fashion of old reliable morals and values discarded for new modern human social engineering. When a nation [America] deteriorates from within [moral standards] it is very easy for outside forces [U.N.] to dictate protocol for that nation. Hint: America has expeditiously and grossly deteriorated from its constitutional design and forfeited its sovereign protocol.
    DrBear Clayborn

  • dbassd

    Do not give up your personal or national sovereignty with this communistic, NWO plan to enslave you. . .