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Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons

Chuck – Thank you for speaking common sense and truth in an age of media lies, and for being a real American defending the Constitution in a culture of communist propaganda.

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  • Gary

    This is great video by Chuck. Thank you for post this.

  • Blacknblue30

    Victoria and Chuck. You’re both fucking retards. No one is going to take away your precious guns. We just don’t need fanatic simpletons like you having assault weapons. And you are already limited in the scope of weapons you are allowed to have. Can you own a cruise missile you fucking toolbags? NO. YOU CAN’T. So a line is already there, we are just talking about moving it.

    You are stupid beyond words. I sincerely hope you and your families get killed by the next asshole who opens up with an AK-47. .

    • Dayne King

      Dude, you are lame. If you actually watched this video and still don’t get it, you should probably just pack your shit and get out of the US. He explained it simply enough for the mentally challenged to understand. The 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms is for OUR protection.

      Perhaps it will take someone coming into your home and raping and pilaging your family to understand why we have the right to be armed. It is so we can defend ourselves. Just one armed person could have ended the shooting in Aurora, CO, but it was a “gun-free zone”, which is unconstitutional in itself. Basically it is a “potential victim zone”

    • BuckOhio

      You are being satirical, right? Otherwise, you missed a lot of process thinking education provided by your community schools! Liberals BELIEVE they are smart enough to outlaw all that is keeping them from creating a wonderful world. They ignore the truth around them all the time and if you were serious, so are you my friend. They thought if they outlawed alcohol, there’d be less lawlessness. They thought if we agreed to dismantle our ICBMs, the world would be safer. And so on. Wake up. Quit believing in pipe dreams and start working on truth.

  • Blacknblue30

    BTW @e808c6c77eb1567fa6f6c0ceb5b91f05:disqus, thank for proving my point about the people that support this stupidity.

    “This is great video by Chuck. Thank you for post this.”

    Nice grammar you window licking mouth breather.

  • slickzip

    Chuck is a good American ,,,,,,,,,