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Role of a Christian in Post America Days

At church a doctor and I were discussing the ramifications of Obamacare and he said, “You should go back into comedy…you should get back on T.V.” If the most competitive business there is, the entertainment business, actually was that easy, which show should I be on? Glee? I could play the judgmental “Christian” teacher who poo-poo’s all the fun everyone is having with my icky rules. Modern Family? I could play the judgmental “Christian” neighbor who poo-poo’s all the fun everyone is having with my icky rules. In September of this year, I was plugging my book on Los Angeles’ Fox News Live Channel 11, and I had the nerve to mention Jesus Christ, (not as a curse word), and I dared say that our country was founded by Bible believing Christians! Everyone on the set’s mouth was dropped open in shock, and when I walked past the make up room on the way out a woman motioned me in and whispered in my ear, “I agree with you.” If this was the clean, wholesome I Love Lucy era, I’d have a shot at a comedy role on T.V. Guess I was born at the wrong time. Even back in the 80′s when I was young and “in the game,” roles were few and far between that I could get that didn’t involve something embarrassing or downright forbidden for a Christian to play. And, a few roles I did crossed the line. So, is it impossible for a Christian to be in show biz? Now, it is. Of course, great companies like Pureflix are rising up, creating clean, family friendly movies. We should encourage our artistic children to seek out places like that.

I spent the last four years 24/7 trying to warn America that their choice of Obama would bring heartache, fear and destruction economically and spiritually. It seems that I didn’t make a difference. Maybe because spiritual giants like John MacArthur were preaching to their mega churches “non involvement.” In this sermon, MacArthur tells his flock to be meek, and quiet, pay taxes and follow the law, do not protest, do not waste money or time in politics, and only disobey your God-selected leaders if they want you to break God’s law. I agree with much of his Bible based sermon, but strongly disagree with the part about no peaceful protests or involvement in the voting process. We the people could have prevented America dying and Communism being installed by being involved peacefully with prayer, poll volunteering, running for local offices, being on school boards, and supporting Bible believing candidates. How is that against the Lord?

Now, we live in a country where Jamie Foxx can call Obama “Lord and Savior,” and evoke outrageous applause, where a CNN story by Wolf Blitzer claiming “objective” factual reporting does a 20 minute story on the fact that homosexuality cannot be “cured,” and that people who try to help people out of that lifestyle are causing mass suicides, a country where a visit to see the White House with my family included standing in a long line and watching two men “make out” in front of my children and grandchildren, a country where military men are chided for holding hands and kissing while in uniform, and gangs and Muslim terrorists have infiltrated our armed services, a country where earth worship, evolution, and humanism are indoctrinated into all school and university students, a country with women who fight for the right to kill their children, a country where the government and media are so corrupt that lies are the norm, and “truth is the new hate speech” (Pamela Gellar), a country where Christianity is mocked in every movie, TV show, and rap song, a country where the culture is the exact opposite of what it was in 1776 when it was born and blessed by the God that it revered.

What does it look like to be a Christian in the last days of the Roman Empire? on the last day of Sodom and Gomorrah? Right before the prison and execution phase? Well, the wheat will be separated from the chaff.

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  • Kathy Jenson

    I love this lady. I hear her “There’s a communist in White House” song/voice in my head all the time. Keep up the good work Victoria. You are appreciated more than you know.

    • pianoguy48

      Ditto! I think Victoria is a courageous champion!

  • dbassd

    Victoria Dahling
    You are marvelously funny.
    Take the Drs Advise, and do political comedy, just be real. . .

  • Chana L. Keefer

    Excellent post, Victoria. No it’s not popular to speak the truth. In fact it’s the only thing that’s absolutely NOT tolerated. The role of the Christian now? Pray, weep, and connect with God like never before so we forgive and have love to share when the SHTF.

  • glop

    I really like Victoria; she tells it the way it should be, but isn’t. As for John MacArthur, I don’t care much for him or his ideas. He teaches that gifts of the Spirit are no longer viable, yet the Bible says that the gifts are irrevocable. I stopped listening to him a very long time ago.

  • Angie V.

    Great post! You DO have a voice! You DO need to speak! Go girl! :)

  • R. Brancatelli

    God bless you Vickie.

  • Paladin67

    Very well written! Absolutely (and sadly) true…..

  • Fredly

    “Christianity neither is, nor ever
    was, a part of the Common Law.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    “This would be
    the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.”
    John Adams

  • awkingsley

    Post Mortem and a look at a known remedy: With the exception of Ron Paul and Rick Perry, all of the Republican candidates had major flaws, enumerated here as divorced, thrice-married, lying lobbyist, and lying “flip flopper”. When Republicans stop running RINOs and politicians who have bad character, they can win elections. Many candidates are now on to the game of playing the “Christian Card” to win elections. Candidates who loudly proclaim their Christianity have major flaws to overcome: Bush – alcoholism, Santorum – lying lobbyist, Gingrich – thrice-married, Romney – lying flip flopper. My granny always insisted, “Christian is a Christian does”. Republicans need to get on the wagon, and leave the bad character behind when they select their slate, if they want to celebrate the day after the elections instead of crying as so many report.

    Screaming about and trying to legislate against social issues is a Communist inspired game designed to undermine the Christian Church and destroy our country. Pro-Lifers need to realize that the only way to solve their over 30 year dilemma is to quietly vote for a Libertarian-Republican of good character who carries a message of freedom and Constitutionalism and will not allow the Federal Government to pay for immorality or the consequences of vice. Libertarian-Republicans will not allow the Federal Government to continue paying for immorality – the promotion of vice and the consequences of vice, but Evangelical Christians certainly will because they just want to scream about and legislate against social issues, and they make sure those issues are always in the voters faces instead of promoting sound fiscal and economic policy, Constitutionalism, and a return to State’s Rights as the solution. Constitutionalism would quietly end Federal Government promotion of immorality by refusing to pay for it. You would be amazed at how fast the Social Issues will disappear, if you elect a Libertarian-Republican president. Good Luck to other Evangelicals still chasing those unicorns! Evangelical Christians need to move into the light, and stop chasing those lovely beasts! Embrace fresh ideas and Our Founding Father’s approach, and start over.

  • Robert

    The studious believer, steeped in the wisdom of Gods Word, is not surprised by evil doers and the factions which come against him daily. All through history the Word of God is eloquently portrayed as truth, often to the minute detail.
    Christian, stand strong in your faith, for Gods Word will stand when the universe is made new.
    It is for the glory of God, not of any man, that we press on to the mark of reigning with Christ in His Holy city Jerusalem. Events currently in motion within the UN, where they intend to divide Gods land and further oppress the Jews, is prophecy lived out before our eyes.
    Praise God for all the great leaders of Christian truth and for every believer of He who is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life”, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Charles Edwin Tew

      Well said. God bless you and all who stand with Christ our Savior, Protector and Redeemer. Salom. Charles Tew


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