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Entitlements Are Another Form of Slavery

Appearing in the award-winning documentary, “Runaway Slave,” is Dr. Timothy Johnson, the founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation based in Washington D.C. In November of 2008, after being frustrated with the election of Obama, Dr. Tim had a dream, a calling. “I got tired of hearing there were no black Republicans.” The Frederick Douglass Foundation is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage; it is “the largest Christ-centered, multi-ethnic and Republican ministry.” Dr. Tim explains that Martin Luther King was a Republican, as is Alveda King, as was Frederick Douglass, and the Republican Party was formed to defeat slavery, and ensure equality for all Americans; but because of “one or two things the Democrats have given blacks politically”, and the lie the Democrat Party and the media have perpetuated – “the entitlement game,” “the government owes me something,” to keep blacks voting for them, many blacks vote Democrat and many have become generationally enslaved to the government. How do you explain this to people who are in the habit of getting free stuff? Education. Frederick Douglass was an educator. He was born a slave, and was then taught to read by his slave master’s wife, with the Bible. He was married 40 years, went to England, was a speaker, a lay preacher, and great leader in the abolitionist movement. Go to for more information. As C.L. Bryant says, “Run away from socialism, run away from progressivism, run!”

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  • Cat

    Well…the government does owe all people the recognition of their human rights, including economic, social, and cultural rights. That’s not slavery; that’s just doing the job that a government is supposed to do.

    • Eric Zarahn

      The purpose of the government of the United States as defined under the Constitution is not to provide anything except to protect private property rights (including the right of one’s life). Taking from me to give to you is not your right. That is thievery and slavery.

  • Eric Zarahn

    I agree with the idea that entitlements are a form of slavery, but I disagree with the assertion of who is enslaved: Out of the 40 hours I work per week, about 8 of them are spent in toil for others who are getting fat off of my sweat. That is, I am enslaved for 1 day per work-week by welfare queens and their broods, food stampers, and illegal immigrants. This is a form of slavery, and I make no bones about it. Working men and women are the slaves, not those stealing their money.

  • Cat

    Eric, if you want to frame economic, social, and cultural rights in terms of the right to private property, the right to life, and the right to freedom of expression, it can certainly be done. Economic, social, and cultural rights are precursors to private property, life, and freedom of expression, and they should be extended to everyone equally.

    You have never been a slave, any more than I have. You have never been close to a slave, and there are actual slaves, living in the world today, whose jaws would drop at the comparison. There is a world of difference between one fifth of your income going towards paying for services you have access to but don’t fully use, that you resent other people using, and being owned by another human being.

    I work forty-hour weeks too–down from sixty- to eighty-hour weeks a few years ago, for which I am most grateful, despite the damage it’s done to my grocery budget. I am paid for ten of these hours. Before taxes. I have never bothered to calculate how much of my income goes towards maintaining the social safety net that helped me get an education, that gives me and my friends and loved ones access to medical care, that enabled my parents to retire, that, if anything happened, would keep me alive until I could get another job; it is the price I pay for living in civilization, and whatever it is, it’s money well spent.

    • Eric Zarahn

      Thank you very much for illuminating me me about the condition of the world as understood by you, for explaining how I should be be happy to forcibly toil for others who parasitize and destroy my society, and for ensuring me that this toil is not a form of slavery. I am owned in part by these parasites and the politicians who do their will. If I try to prevent myself from being bled by them, they have the power to throw me into gaol. Forcible work for someone else’s benefit with a criminal penalty for failing to comply: that qualifies as slavery to me. To claim that it is not slavery because there are worse forms of slavery is stupid (akin to arguing that someone with the flu is not sick because someone else has cancer). Furthermore, your claimed enjoyment of this condition of servitude has no bearing on my opinion of it. There have always been people who have claimed to enjoy servitude, for one reason or another. So voluntarily bleed yourself to give to the undeserving as much as you want, as I will not try to stop you from doing what you wish as long as it doesn’t interfere with my liberty (a difference between your kind and mine); but your presumptuousness to tell me that i should be grateful for my enslavement by the Left makes me angry. And for your final laughable claim that this slavery is the price of “civilization”: this society that the Left has created is one of decay and rot. Just look outside your door and over the horizon.


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