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I have a gun. I hit the bull’s eye almost every time. I just went to the Nashville Armory with friends to practice shooting. Gun sales have been skyrocketing since the Communist got elected. I asked a friend in AZ what he’s going to do if the government comes to take his guns away. He said, “Call my posse. We are all stocked up on guns and ammo.”

The L.A. Times admitted Obama will probably “try to crack down on civilian purchases of assault weapons.” Obama’s re-election made the Dow sink but Smith and Wesson stock doubled!

The U.K.’s The Telegraph reports, “US guns sales soar after Barack Obama’s re-election -
Gun sales in America are soaring in the wake of President Barack Obama’s re-election with weapons retailers reporting AK-47s flying off shelves “like hotcakes.”

Townhall says, that immediately after Obama’s re-election, “his administration reinforced its support for the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty [ATT], also known as the “Small Arms Treaty.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been expressing full support of the treaty on behalf of the United States for years now while for political reasons, President Obama sat back. Now, the entire administration will be out front in support of ratifying it.”

“Barack Obama is no doubt the most anti-gun president in the history of the United States and his pandering to the corrupt UN should be alarming to anyone who wants to keep their Second Amendment freedoms.”

“Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.” writes, “Obama has a ten year history of anti-gun legislation. Obama supported every possible restriction on the Second Amendment, defending such restrictions as “not only constitutional, but eminently reasonable.” (Sean Noble, “Senate Democrats’ Proposals Take Aim At Weapons Control,” State Journal-Register, Feb. 15, 2001) Obama missed only one major anti-gun vote—not because he opposed the restrictions, but because he was vacationing in Hawaii at the end of 1999.”

“In March of 2011, President Obama told the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence that the institution of more gun control was one of his administration’s top priorities. According to Fox News, at that time Obama told Jim Brady, “I just want you to know we’re working on it. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

In another related Breitbart piece, “I’ve been around long enough to know that the U.N. has little regard for our Constitution and none at all for the Second Amendment,” LaPierre said. “But I never thought I’d see the day when an American White House would tolerate a proposal that would literally gut one of our most fundamental freedoms in this country.”

Why is Obama so adamantly against the 2nd Amendment? Because he is a Marxist (Communist).

The Blaze credits high gun sales not only to the Communist, but also to “the ‘preppers’ who are preparing for the economy to collapse, the power grid to go down, for a meteor to hit…and for the polarity change, when the north and south poles switch.”

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  • John Smith

    You are so full of misinformation. The UN treaty is to prevent assault weapons from getting to other hostile countries, like from Russia to Iran. Are you in favor of guns for Iran?

    Obama doesn’t want your guns, and if he did, it has little to do with Communism (which he isn’t, BTW). Can you point out an anti-gun law he has passed? The things the NRA is fighting against has nothing to do with

    Also, the Dow went down for a few days as it tends to do, but has increased in the charts for 6 month, 1 year, 2 year and 5 years under Obama.

    • Mark Wolchko

      Obama is indeed a marxist/communist. if you don’t acknowledge that fact, you are either lying or greatly misinformed.

      • Guest

        John Smith … keep drinking the Kool Aid, man … I swear it’ll do ya’ good! Blind as a bat!

    • Rob

      Hey John,you obviously have not been getting enough oxygen!! You have to come up for some air once and awhile when servicing your messiah!!

    • ozob96

      John, keep on drinking the Kool Aid, man … I swear it’ll do ya’ good … honest! This guy just got 4 Americans killed trying to get assault weapons to his Muslim Brotherhood buddies … and you (for real) can’t see that? I continue to be amazed!

    • mrsgunnut10

      John, I’m afraid that you are un-informed,have no inkling about what the Treaty says, or have been completely brain washed by Obamass himself. The Treaty not only wants to control your “assualt” (this is a misnomer, there is no such thing as an assualt weapon), they also will be going after your Shotguns, Pistols (semi-automatic and revolvers) plus all magazines that hold 10 rounds or more, even your little 22 Cal. weapons. Now what comes next? How about registered hammers, screwdrivers, ball bats, clubs, Pellet rifles and pistols,kitchen knives, forks, glass items that can cut, and even Grandma’s knitting needles plus anything else that can be used as a weapon (even sling shots). By the way I have several weapons that have been classified as “Assualt Weapons” settig in my gun cabinet for years. Would you believe this – These weapons haven’t assuallted any body, even me, ever since they were purchased. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired. As an add on, Obamass has been the most certified & best Gun Salesman since he came out against guns in the History of these United States of America.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      There is a simple rule to follow in every circumstance – if the UN proposes it, it is not to your benefit.

      • caskinner

        That’s for sure. The UN is corrupt just like the Obambam administration is.

    • Doc Greene Sr.

      You are either a troll or you are ignorant. Obama is following the plan that has been used successfully by every communist before him such as Joe Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, and many others. You can not force an armed populace into slavery.

    • squirrel

      You must be Obamers greatest fan!

    • sha49tn

      No, YOU are wrong. It’s intent is to disarm Americans, & make it illegal for us to have ANY gun of any kind. And, Obama is very much a communist. All of his ideas, & programs can be found in the Communist manifesto.

    • Joe Zimmerman

      You must be drinking that yellow stuff ODUMBA gives you to drink ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • HotFlight

      John Smith…What is the name of the stuff your taking…My God it must be good!
      The UN treaty is to prevent assault weapons from getting to other hostile countries…YEP…Just like Germany did in the 30′s & 40′s… (it has little to do with Communism (which he isn’t, BTW), I’ll bet you think the sky is green and grass is blue, that birds don’t fly and ships sail on dry land…LA LA land is OK for a bit, BUT, Is all I can say or think about you, What a Poor Fool…You John will probably be one of the first to go!

  • Stacy Kristine Quick

    the southernors are so


    adopted and raised by them.

    a VERY hardcore old-school bunch

  • Nadine

    Good for her..

  • ReaperHD

    It’s time to send the UN packing along with the coommie trash in the white house.

  • Dan Shaw

    The Small Arms treaty as it currently is written does not inhibit our second amendment rights outright. What it will do is raise the price of all imported arms and ammo as well as start restricting them. After it is in place I believe it will only take another UN vote to modify the treaty to start ouright outlawing certain weapons from civilian ownership and so on. Once the US agrees to this stupid treaty it opens the door to total UN control of our 2nd admendment rights.

  • Esther Mae Egan

    I am proud of Vicki and her stand. For years, I was a member of the NRA, but did not own a gun. Then I was threatened and deiced it was time to get off the fence and do something about it. In the Bible the Lord even said if you don’t own a weapon sell your coat and get one. The Bible says Luke 11:21 When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: Luke 26:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. There are many other passages in the Bible that can prove the point of having a weapon, sword, gun to be used for protection. Before I owned a gun as I said I respected the rights of others to own one if they choose, but I was a member of the NRA I have since joined other organizations that respect my right to the Second Amendment. The Bible does not say “gun” but weapon/sword. A man’s hands could also become a weapon.

  • sha49tn

    If you go to the WH site for petitions, there’s a new petition on there for the US to leave the UN, & to kick the UN out of the US.

  • Joe Zimmerman

    ODUMBA will n ev er get my guns ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • bennitchi

    Hey you people who have doubts about owning a gun and worry about shooting someone or even killing someone. Well be assured you are not making the decision to kill him or even shoot him he made the decision to be shot by going into your home where he has no business being. So if you shoot and kill him it was his decision that he got shot. So fire away and lets get rid of some of the scum in our country.


    Historically, all tyrants of any power immedialtely collected ALL arms of the citizens/subjects, before lowering the BOOM on them. Makes sense. You wouldn’t want to be unseated from power if you were a tryant. VIS: Mussilini, Hitler, Mayuosetung, Stalin, Castro, etc etc. The United States would never have begun, via revolution from King George had he NOT tried to DIS-ARM the colonialists. The un-armed are actually the Dis-armed. Dis-arming the pilots of our planes, makes all passangers more likely to be HIGH-JACKED. If you are walking around UN-ARMED, you are actually D I S – A R M E D. Wake up and smell the communism at your door. Patriots ! To ARMS ! Cling to your religion and your GUNS!


    A totally mis informed public has re-elected a communist. They don’t know what they have unleashed on the USA. I dread the future. We don’t have long, I feel. Thankfully, I live in a red state. GOD help us all. We may soon see an un imaginable consequence to stupidity, on the part of the american electorate. We will RUE the day. It is becoming more clear every day, that we can’t live in freedom, only die free. AND, I would rather die free or die fighting for it than live in tryanny. The liberty we have taken for granted these many years, is in grave danger of being taken away permenantly. More so true now than any other point in our history. —-Lord GOD….. Please “bless America”…..AGAIN.


    John Smith typifies half of the american electorate. Uninformed, misinformed, miss the pot and hit the wall. Most of their kind doesn’t recognize the threat until tooooooooo late. Then they run to us for cover and help. Cool aid is still cheap.

  • Connie Fowler

    Since the liberals don’t respect the constitution and want to change it, can we now make it mandatory to be over 25 and be a full-fledged taxpayer in order to vote? I think that’s only fair, since these low information voters influence my life in big ways. I’m 56, and have a long life ahead of me. I don’t want these idiots deciding my future. Husband and I have our gun stash, also.

  • Raymond Mars

    I love the lady’s blog, she tells it like it is.


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