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Hamas in Ft. Lauderdale

Hamas supporters were out protesting against Israel in Ft. Lauderdale this past Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012. This was reminiscent of their protests in Dec. 30, 2008, when they shouted, “You losers, F*** yourselves, dump, dump Israel, there is no Israel, Go to He** Israel, etc.” in the streets of America.

Nov. 17, 2012

It’s obvious that the inauguration of Muslim-sympathizer Obama has fueled anti-Israel activities and emboldened Muslim terrorists. If we don’t impeach the impostor soon, this will only continue and heighten.


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  • watcherofolde

    It didn’t help matters to un-elect West either, you stupid lazy un informed leftist Floridians! You got what you voted for!

    • ahb111

      you need to correct that there were almost 100,000 extra voters that voted in St Lucie County alone.
      So who actually voted for Murphy? 141% voted. This should void the vote, in my humble opinion.

      • Teresa

        My Grandson turned 18 last March and lives in Port Saint Lucie he registered as a Republican, his Dad is a Marine. He was turned away at the voting booth. He was very upset. I lived in PSL for fifteen years it is corrupt. I moved two years ago from there. The city council and everyone is corrupt.

    • Connie Fowler

      So true. They can live with their own idiocy.

  • Daily Kenn

    Very frustrating watching the culture shift that’s turning our nation in a mess.

  • Orrsra

    Ship them all back to their homeland or arrest them for hate crimes

  • Troy Michael Sorrell

    Pray for these lost people. It doesn’t do any good to pay them back with the same behavior. Just pray for them to see the “TRUTH” and that Jesus Christ is coming back for His church. God will PROTECT Israel too.

    • just me

      Amen. . . they are blinded. We know who wins the war!

  • jb80538

    time for muslims to leave the US!

  • Harry

    it would be nice if there were more people like ms jackson who aren’t afraid to call obama a communist.for you libs who deny it look up the NEW party newsletters from 1996 where they announced their members who won election-obama state senate.their newsletter admits they are communist

  • hongryhawg

    Muslims; the new Blacks

  • Tim in Delaware

    There must be a two-state solution. Israel must be secure within basically its 1948 borders. The Palestinians must have an independent, sovereign nation-state consisting of Gaza and the West Bank. The immediate holy-to-three-religions sites in Jerusalem must be internationalized as a neutral territory protected by the United Nations. The Palestinians must be able to have the remainder of the Arab quarter as their capital if they wish it, and the Israelis must be able to have only the Jewish sector, less the to-be-internationalized holy sites, as their capital if they wish it. In general, the “settlements” of Israelis on what was intended to be Palestinian Arab land as of 1948 should be vacated; adjustments to reflect “facts on the ground” should be based on even-handed swaps. Those Palestinians who were forced from their land in 1948 and still living should be guaranteed the “right of return”; their descendants who were then unborn who would otherwise have inherited the land should be compensated monetarily if they are not allowed to reside on the land involved. This solution should be imposed by the international community. Sixty-four years of low-intensity conflict alternating with all-out war, waiting for the parties to come to agreement, are enough.

  • stealth101

    Much of this mess is the blame of LIBERAL WOMEN who not only voted for Obumma, but made their wimp husbands/boyfriends do so and allow the Commie EDUCATION system to brainwash these last TWO generation of young people/children!!

  • Joe Zimmerman

    ODUMBA and dumbocrats love muslims ,,,,,,,,,and hate JEWS ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Robert Christopher Laity

    HAMAS is a terrorist group. Arrest the Bastards. Muslims are degenerates. Obama is a Muslim. Do the Math.


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