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I Have No Money

I don’t vote R to protect my money. I have no money. And, I don’t have health insurance, I can’t afford it, but I’m still against Obamacare. Why? Because it’s about the good of the whole, not about me.

Libs can’t get that. They pretend they care for the poor, but their policies have made the poor poorer.

Socialism makes more people poor. Capitalism makes more people rich. It’s just an economical fact. A great DVD on this is “Moral Capitalism.”

Countries that use a lot of energy are able to protect their “environment” more than countries that have no energy. Fact.

Obamacare will ration health care, bankrupt the system, and topple our standing as the best health system in the world.

Weakening our military will make us unsafe and the world unsafe.

My husband, a Metro-Dade cop of twenty years voted for Governor Rick Scott, knowing he would slash police salaries in order to balance the budget. My husband risked his life 30 years, protecting the public, and now when my daughter enters college, we have $ 800 less a month. But, he voted for Scott. It’s the principle.

We have principles. We know that freedom for all is more important than a couple bucks more “for me.”

My accountant once told us to stop giving so much money to charity. She said, “You’re giving more than you can deduct from your income tax.” My husband said, “That’s not why we’re giving. God suggests 10% of our income be given to the church, or the poor, so we try to do that or more every year.”

I drive an old Honda Civic. I heard that Joe Biden tithed $60 one year.

So, Libs don’t give me that little act that you care about others. I see how you really operate.

Just to set the record straight, my family doesn’t vote R because we are greedy, it is because we are intelligent and loving toward others. It’s better for a person to have freedom than a free phone.

So the next time you make fun of me, I just want you to know who you’re talking about.

(** As of this writing, my husband is looking into getting me health insurance, which means I’ll have to stop payments on the pick up truck I just bought, because we needed 2 cars, and ruin my credit for seven years.)

Facts Obama Voters Should Know:

Socialism is:
A system of authoritarian political control
It’s anti-freedom
It’s phase one of communism
Promotes laziness
Europe is socialist and they are BROKE
You own NOTHING while the government owns EVERYTHING
It lets the government tell me what I can and can’t do with my money
Destroys free markets
Lowers quality of life
It’s tyrannical
It’s detrimental to individual liberty
Punishes hard working individuals
Defines man not as “created equally” but instead “deserves everything equally”
Gives the common man no reason to excel, thrive, succeed at anything.
Nazi Germany/Stalin/Ottoman Empire/China/North Korea/Cuba..need I say more?
If it’s so great, why did Canadians, Cubans, and Europeans flock to America when they needed immediate specialized health care? ….. Cause when they needed help, they were told to “Get in line!”

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  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    God bless you. My family has to make the same hard choices. Freedom to succeed or fail is the way it’s supposed to be.

  • gr0o

    You are, hands down, the stupidest person on the planet.

    • caskinner


      • gr0o

        Yes, she’s that as well.

        • caskinner

          You nimrod

          • gr0o

            Why, thank you. I did not expect such effusive praise from anyone on this bat-shit crazy moron’s website.


          • John Hagman

            Your here dumb ass

          • gr0o


          • Tim Hunter


    • just sayin

      Unbelievable that you can make such a statement when it is clear you have a brain smaller than an ant!

    • Obumass

      Typical liberal view, anyone who disagrees with you you is stupid. Guess what that makes you.

      • gr0o

        I don’t think every person who disagrees with me is stupid, far from it. People like Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, Don Rumsfeld, Grover Norquist, are so smart they scare the shit out of me because they use their powers for evil. Victoria Jackson though? Dumber than a bag of bananas.

    • be nice

      Didn’t your parents ever tell you that if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all? I may not agree with everything she said, but this is her opinion and she is entitled to it. This is your opinion of her, and while you are entitled to have this opinion, you should have kept it to yourself. You just made yourself look ignorant by posting something like this on someone’s blog.

      • gr0o

        No, my parents didn’t suffer fools gladly and neither do I. If this washed up, useless bigmouth was benign, I wouldn’t bother, but the nonsense she spews is wrong, racist, bigoted, and often downright treasonous. She does not have a basic working knowledge of our own government, let alone the types of government she claims we’re heading for. Ironically, one the few “socialist” programs we do have is law enforcement. So “socialism” is putting the bread on this dipshit’s table. Her stupidity is dangerous because she uses her (really effing annoying) voice to convince others that her perverted translation of gospel is somehow an effective argument against human rights, reason, or critical thinking.

  • kimbriel

    Victoria, I commend you for your values. I checked out the first link. I seem to remember that Clinton’s welfare reforms of 1996 were urged by politicians on both sides of the aisle, that it was part of Clinton’s move toward being a centrist Democrat, and that the House and the Senate (Republican) passed these reforms. This is not really a link to support Tea Party solutions.

    • Justin

      Doesn’t matte anymore what Clinton did:

      • kimbriel

        My comment was in response to the article she linked to, which was all about Clinton’s 1996 Welfare Reforms. Obama’s “gutting of welfare” is not prescient here.

        • just sayin’

          They were NOT CLinton’s welfare reforms my friend. You have your history screwed up!

    • just sayin

      You seem to remember? I actually DO remember. Clinton was AGAINST welfare reform and lost two votes and he threatened a veto, but when he realized it could not be overriden, he finally acquiesced! Then he claimed it was his policy. BS. Clinton only did it because he would have had his veto overridden again!

      Just so you know, another thing lost on Democrats. Clinton’s bar bouncer stole over 500 FBI files on prominent Republicans, which is probably what led to their ability to strongarm support for Socialist policies over the last 15 years! People forget that, but can you imagine the secrets they were able to hold over people? That is why I believe term limits are the only thing that will rid us of corruption. They can only blackmail the old guard as long as they are there!

      • kimbriel

        If that’s true, it actually contradicts Victoria’s point even more, which is that liberal policies hurt the poor. So what you’re saying actually points out that it was conservative policies that hurt the poor, and that Clinton was backed into a corner.

  • John Mueller

    Like other people have said many times, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Pulling stats out of the air and making up the rest and then saying that it is “fact” does not make it so. Please educate yourself and then get a job so you can pay for that truck payment.

    • just sayin

      Yea, John, stats made up out of the air, “Bureau of Land Management Oil and Gas Statistics”. You, my friend, are the fool. This entire column looked like it made sense to me and I am not the smartest person in the world, but an excellent thinker! If someone needs education, it must be you that needs how to learn to “read” the captions on the statistics! BOZO.

  • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

    I am in the same situation. I took early retirement, & was going to continue to work part time, but due to health issues, can only work once in a while. And, I have 2 years before I can qualify for Medicare. So no way can I afford another payment to have insurance. Keep up the good work!

  • Loffrey Wodring

    “topple our standing as the best health system in the world” – Total and utter rubbish, the American healthcare system is no where near the top for the average person.

    And just to add not one country in Europe is socialist.

    • modine Gunch

      If Europe is STILL the richest area in the world, why aren’t you there?

    • jwst sayin

      Really? Spain is not run by socialists and is not broke? Methinks you need an intelligence transplant.

  • Daily Kenn

    Posted by Victoria – but who wrote it?

  • modine Gunch

    You go, girl. You are so right on. Thanks for all your notes.

  • Old Moe

    Victoria, I find it so amusing that the really stupid, uninformed and utterly ridiculous people write such absolute worthless crap about you. The fact they do says it all about them, i.e., that they should keep their ignorance hidden except when they gather with friends (assuming they have some). You described socialism to a “t.” While I was in graduate school in the late ’60s, socialism was beginning to creep into the classroom teaching. It bothered me so much that I got copies of the Communist Manifesto to check it out. I could see very clearly why my Father (a prisoner of war in WWII) had joined the Army. He did it to protect you and me (as well as the ingrates who harshly criticize you) against the despots whose desire was, and continues to be, the annihilation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Victoria, you hang in there and do things your way because you are much brighter than the nimwits criticizing you. They are what is now known as “Takers.” Old Moe here.

    • Obumass

      Old Moe, thank you for such a well written enlightening post. Your father is a true hero. You are mine.

  • Shane Simmons

    ‘My accountant once told us to stop giving so much money to charity. She said, “You’re giving more than you can deduct from your income tax.” My husband said, “That’s not why we’re giving. God suggests 10% of our income be given to the church, or the poor, so we try to do that or more every year.”’

    Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

  • Tim Hunter

    I love how this “idea” of socialism has grown here in the US. Also, to claim we have the best health system in the world is laughable.

  • Louis Klar

    I completely understand. My wife and I are both well into our 60′s. Raised five kids. Scrimped and saved. In 2008 and 09 lost half of our old age savings. We still work, and yes we still save and tythe. the problem is Barack Obama found out that we did not loose all of our money and that we have started saving again so that hopefully we will NEVER be a burden on anyone. I understand that he has figured out how to take control of our money now. it looks like though that we will never be a burden. Read the health care bill. The only health care plan that it has for people over seventy is pain medication. It has been nice knowing all of you.


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