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Did Obama Really Win? FACTS

After listing ALOT of facts; O receiving foreign campaign cash, O’Keefe’s Veritas proving multiple votes, military ballots denied, Obama winning every state that didn’t require photo ID to vote, Philadelphia GOP poll volunteers being physically removed and Obama winning 100% of votes there, Obama winning 99.8 percent of the vote in 44 Cleveland districts, and in another Ohio county, Obama winning 108 percent of the voters registered, 5.5 million Republican votes are not accounted for…

If our voting system is not honest and accurate, we are a third world country with a dictator. How can we do nothing to expose this fraud?

Joseph Farah of says he is “challenging the Obama campaign on the acceptance of those illegal donations.” Farah says, I’ve filed a Federal Elections Commission complaint at considerable cost. I have no illusions that it will be easy to challenge a sitting president within his own bureaucracy. But I’m doing it. Meanwhile, some in the press would prefer that I be charged with voter fraud for efforts to expose the system. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Democratic machine tries something like that.”

Let’s help him. See story here:

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  • LinkMaster111

    You’re a joke.

    • a dude


  • Michele Salami

    Victoria, America died. Why are you still here. We voted against god and so you are no longer welcome here. Pack your bags and move on. Our plan to make America a socialist, communist, marxist, fascist state is almost complete. As soon as your friends are gone then we can start issuing the mandatory welfare checks. We can also start the 1% eviction patrols so we can turn their mansions into housing projects. Congress needs to get to work writing the laws that will make success illegal. Hurry it up and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We gots lots of work to do!

    • pambarnes

      Why are you even here? Take your hateful words and go to a site that you’ll like better, like .

      • Seyshen

        Wait, so Victoria Jackson is the only one allowed to use hateful words? VICTORIA JACKSON IS A DICTATOR! SHE’S TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS, ONE BY ONE, STARTING WITH FREE SPEECH. Flip-flop your arguement to fit the situation. Mitt Romney & his ilk have taught you well.

    • Marees1963

      Here’s a better idea, how about you pack your bags and hit the road? Since our country was founded on God given principles (any idiot with logical reasoning knows this as it is well documented) your ideology is the one that is foreign and belongs in the likes of China and Russia.

      • James Smith

        Wow, you totally missed that this person was joking, making fun of people like Victoria (and apparently you) who think that Obama is a communist Muslim atheist plot. Because this is ridiculous paranoia, you’re getting spun up by false news stories, like the lie about Obama winning states that don’t require photo IDs to vote. Is Obama a Muslim, an atheist, or a follower of Reverend Wright? It can’t be all three.

        • Wellington Green Santa

          You obviously don’t understand what “Black Liberation Theology” is. It is a type of Black ruled communism that mixes Muslim hatred with anti-Christian Anti-white rhetoric that all Jews and whites are Satan and that only by exterminating whites and Jews and whites can black people become free. This is what “Reverend” Wright preaches and has nothing to do with God.Google “Black Liberation Theology” to find out what Wright and others like Joseph Lowery, (the man who Obama chose to give the benediction at his inauguration ceremony in 2009 because Wright had been exposed for his hate mongering) actually preach from their pulpits.

          • Drop Three

            Whites and Jews AND Whites?

            We’re screwed!

            /you know how I know that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about?

          • Theworldisavampire

            Wow. If Obama is part of a white hating group that wants to exterminate white people then he must be having the most awful internal fight with himself, you know, because his mother was white. Also when googling, should I just pick the first thing that pops up? Because the source shouldn’t matter, right?! Since everything you find online is true?

          • URKiddinMee

            Read his, I mean Bill Ayers, books. Then let’s talk.

        • rrr3

          James your eyes shall be opened.

      • Seyshen

        So, Christianity is the only true religion? Thanks for the tip.

        • rrr3

          There is only one God.

          • Seyshen

            Oh. Thanks. I wasn’t sure. My boyfriend mentions his name during sex a lot. I should have known.

      • URKiddinMee

        Uhhh, I THINK it was meant as sarcasm, and I score pretty high on Reading Comprehension.

    • Bobby H.

      The fool has said in his heart, there is no God! A fool and his folly shall soon be parted. And only fools have a smart ass come back to this!

      • Seyshen

        If there is a God, and people like Victoria prayed for Mitt to win, what does that say about God’s political stance?


      Sounds to me that you are as obtuse as your supporters. How dare you slander a women who only wants the best for our Republic, as I do. What a complete an utter blooter – why weren’t you on a jet plane ago with Sean Penn, Alex Baldwin, Susan Surandan, etc. however keep up your trash talk… sounds to me your the real arse here!

  • Justice

    Turn off Fox News, Vicky. It’s the 2012 and a Black Man is President. Get Over it.

    • Don Harris

      Why bring up race? Is his complexion the only verifiable fact that you could find about him?

      • James Smith

        No, actually Victoria brought up race, by posting a variety of racist tweets about whites being better than non-whites, Obama’s blackness apparently bothers Victoria. It’s funny you mention verifiable facts, since Victoria’s post here and her ideas are fed by lies, misunderstandings and innuendo. Like tweeting that Obama may secretly be gay, and thus somehow unfit to be President.

        • Seyshen

          Lets also take into consideration that she tweeted a link about missing military ballots that was written by a satire website similar to The Onion. She loves fairy tales.

    • VictorsDaughter

      He’s a fraud, and he won this time by fraud. I don’t care what color he is – he’s a lying arrogant dictator who is guilty of treason, among other things. Do your homework, Justice, I mean, Airhead. You lefties judge people by race, color and class, just like O’Bummer does. D-sheep!

    • Bobby H.

      President of his own fan club! The only time he ever tells the truth is when he is in pain or cornered.

      A real man would admit his faults, but not him. And he is a 50/50 boy. Way to go Victoria!

  • Deb Revell Fortman

    Have you seen this????

    It’s over 21 states now, and rising, each state needs at least 25,000
    signatures within 30 days or it to be presented to the White House.
    This started the day after the election, Texas has over 50,000 already. Looking to see in the millions.

    • Seyshen

      Let them go.

      • Marees1963

        Oh, but where would you liberals get your freebies then? Welfare state can’t exist without the workers who pay into it.

        • Seyshen

          I don’t know. I make about 500k a year, so I don’t qualify for hand outs.

          • Drop Three

            I’m sure you smell of rich mahogany.

          • Seyshen


        • James Smith

          Actually, Texas is well in debt and is among the highest user of federal welfare. The US would profit by letting Texas secede. Which it won’t.

    • Kimberley

      People are signing it. Not the state. I holds the same amount of water as any other internet fad petition. Don’t be dumb.

      • Don Harris

        The People ARE the state. Or they should be.

      • Marees1963

        Really? Me thinks you need a civics lesson. Pay attention, people are the power in this country. You may want to read the Constitution while you’re at it.

  • Seyshen

    It’s “A LOT”. Two words. You’re illiterate as well.

    • Roboref

      Yes, that’s the important thing to focus on. Let’s not worry about the fact that this nation has been hi-jacked. Let’s worry about whether or not someone said a lot or alot. Let’s worry about whether someone knows how to pronounce a word. Not whether they have ignored the Constitution, or even if they want to hand over our country to the UN. Yes, let’s worry about grammar. That’s what’s important now.

      • Seyshen

        She’s an insane, alarmist, hate filled bigot. She should be either committed or brought up on charges of incitement. First of all, you have no idea how I voted, who I supported or how I feel about what happened. I’m a born & bred 1% trust fund baby with a lot to lose from these changes. I’d just rather not be lumped in with a vile creature like this.

        • Don Harris

          “She’s an insane, alarmist, hate filled bigot. She should be either committed or brought up on charges of incitement” Did you know that both the Soviet Communists, and German Nationalist Socialists (Nazis) often silenced their opponents by having them committed to asylums?

          • James Smith

            Just like Obama! Obama, you Nazi! Stop putting your critics in asylums! FREE VICTORIA JACKSON!

          • Seyshen

            Wow, it usually takes a few more posts before somebody gets called a Nazi. She needs help. Now that Obamacare is rolling out, she should be able to afford it. I guess that makes me more of a Socialist.

          • Drop Three

            Boom! Full Godwin!

          • locolobo321

            Don you are part of the problem. If you think socialisim is so great then go to Europe and see how well it’s working for them. As a Marine I’ll stand with my country & fight the sociailist movement.

        • VictorsDaughter

          Since when doesn’t a citizen have a right to her opinion? Oh, that’s right. You’re either left or non-existent. So much for tolerance – you lefties are the haters.

          • Seyshen

            Hate speech & incitement are not covered under “freedom of speech”. That’s when. Again, someone else who thinks they know where I stand in the spectrum of politics. Your opinion of me & my stance is wrong. I can say that with conviction.

  • Stephen

    This hit a more personal note: our son’s ballot postmarked Oct 24th NEVER arrived till one day after the election!! Great in your face 15 DAYS and a (so whaddya gonna do about it joe citizen?). Coincidently the (female) mail person’s response was oh (ho, hum), you’ll have to contact the Va election Secretary’s office ?! WTF ! No apologies nor accountability, the ballot also had “if undeliverable in 10 days return to the Lynchburg, VA. secretary of elections so why the heck was it delivered to us 15 days late?! Tell me no one else experienced this ?! Oh yeah the military votes that a, ummm – no one is really talking about either?!

    This election has been a wholesale sell out of real us citizenry for a puppet regime and why are GOP members ok with it all? Guess that’s also why they are ok with both General Petraeus ousted over less than a Bill Clinton “shenanigan” yet still okay with a certain muslim Major killing in cold blood 13 and remaining out of jail and no dishonorable discharge ??!! Seems freedom is now for sale to the highest cash bidder and all supporters of political correctness!

    Regarding socialized Obamacare …6 yrs ago I could CHOOSE to have a HSA/FSA accnt for up to $5,000 now no more than $2500 pretax dollars a true savings in this upside down world of irrational thought trumping reality especially with increasing Rx costs and decreasing formulary options one shoe fits all( right in our keisters if not on our throats)!

  • pambarnes

    I love you , Victoria ! Keep up the good work standing up for the Christian values that this great country was founded upon. We conservatives must unite and let the God-less Liberals know that they are NOT going to keep getting away with their corruption and their attempts to take God out of our country’s values.

    • James Smith

      Actually, many of the most famous founding fathers were not Christians but “deists” who made a variety of statements criticizing Christianity. That’s why the phrase “In God We Trust” wasn’t added to US money until the communist scare in the 1950s, which Victori apparently thinks we’re still going through. That’s also why the Declaration of Independence references “the Creator.”

    • Seyshen

      Christian Values? Hate, bigotry? Doesn’t “Christian” mean “Christ-like” or “follower of Christ”? I must have missed where in the Bible Christ said to hate people or to turn your back on those less fortunate.

  • pambarnes

    The Evil One and his minions think they are going to get away with stealing another election; but we Conservatives are uniting to shine the light on all of their corruption. The truth WILL come out !

    • Seyshen

      I’m surprised you’re not more upset. G.W. only stole one election. I guess Democrats are finally getting better at rigging an election than Republicans. What an outrage.

  • Kimberley

    Wow. Cry moar.

  • Daily Kenn

    How to annoy liberals: :D emand the truth!

    • Sandy 8 Go

      Actually, you annoy liberals by using stupid smiley face emoticons Ina sentence. Nicely played!

  • Daily Kenn

    List of states petitioning for secession:

  • Marees1963

    Don’t pay attention to the “tolerant” liberals Gloria, they’re not interested in facts and they’re only “tolerant” of their twisted ideology.

    • Seyshen

      Oh, man. Twisted ideology? First, we liberals steal an election from the Christian Right, then we steal their modus operandi. We’d be going straight to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks, if God or it really existed.

  • Marjorie Haun

    Victoria, the best patriots are standing with you. Take heart. Your voice is amazingly important and you’re one of our “Joan of Arcs” that is emerging as we fight the fight of our lives.

    • Scott Corwin

      Im sure the REAL patriots who shed blood for this country would take offense to you using that term in support of a secessionist traitor.

      • quiet_forest

        Sir, answer four questions for me. First, when was the last time that Congress successfully stopped a President from making law through Executive orders, a violation of the Constitution? Second, when was the last time Congress exercised its authority over the coining of money instead of allowing a private bank to do it, another violation of the Constitution? Third, when was the last time Congress, and not the President who does not and never had the Constitutional authority to do so, declared war? Fourth, when was the last time that a sitting President actually obeyed a Federal court order? Add the answers to the fact that the last administration set up a comprehensive domestic surveillance system that the KGB could only have dreamed of, and the current administration has claimed the authority to incarcerate and/or kill American citizens at the stroke of a pen, and no sane person can believe that the Constitution is still in force. Coincidentally, any serious examination of election fraud concludes that Nixon beat Kennedy, Bill Clinton did not win his second term, Al Gore beat George Bush, and the rightful primary winners in both 2008 and 2012 were Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton.

        We lost control of our money supply and economy in 1913. The national security state was born in 1945, and reached maturity in 2001. Our police forces have been militarized, and will soon be nationalized. Congress and the Supreme Court have become all but superfluous, and by 2014 it will be obvious to all that they are merely figureheads. At this point, the people and the states have only one option, and I agree with you that it is not secession. The states must call a second Constitutional Convention, and then call up their National Guard and irregular militia to back it up. As terrifying as it may be, this is the only option left to us to put an end to this Cuba-esque take over.

        You, sir, can deny the facts in front of your nose all the way to your cell at the re-education camp, if you wish. That is your right. I prefer to see reality for what it is. Victoria is, indeed, a patriot, and a brave lady.

  • dms

    Close your eyes people. Imagine no color, only facts of actions. Listen! Only then will you, that love to throw the race card, truly understand what has happened to America. Evaluate the complete decay of the American system and look at the whole picture. We are in DEEP DODO people. Stop bickering and hating and face facts and start fixing! The hand outs have to stop. Work/give your time for the handout you are given. The WPA (for those who are NOT intelligent enough to know what that was) gave people jobs, building and improving national parks etc. They earned what they received for a hard day’s work. THEY had self respect.
    In 1935, FDR convinced Congress to establish the Works Progress Administration, to broaden the approach of the CWA (Civilian(Civil) Works Administration), which had cost too much to continue. The WPA constructed roads and public buildings and post offices. Besides basic construction works, the WPA hired artists to paint murals in public buildings, and writers to prepare guide books of states and areas of interest to the public. In the South, authors were sent out to interview people about what they recalled about slavery. Plays were performed in areas where people had never seen live entertainment. The National Youth Administration, part of the WPA, provided jobs for 2 million highschool and college students. The WPA spent more than $11 billion and employed 8.5 million people by the time it was ended in 1943.

    This needs to be re-instated.
    Maybe we should build a pipe line, x-crossing America to pump water from flooded areas to drought stricken areas. It happens every year and billions are spent giving government aid to those who have lost everything. Start pumping what out of flooded areas before it destroys property. That should fill some idle time of welfare recipients.

  • Tag Ramney

    As a long time Evangelical, I have to say that I think VJ is right (go VJ!). Sinners and satanists have put this president into power. The godly voted for Romney, and the vote has been forged.

    The problem is that the parents of the children who have now voted have not disciplined their children enough. Regular beatings for disobedient children need to occur on a regular basis. More cross burning needs to take place, and children again need to be punished harshly. Burning and stoning should be mandatory, as well as water tests for possession.

  • bobmann101

    If we were not able to stop Obnama before the election it is too late now. With The Bilderberg Group, UN, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Court, Open Society Institute, Center for American Progress, Tides Foundation, islam, CAIR, Club of Rome, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Communist Party, Socialist Party all backing Obama gives Obama the power and the money to stay in power for a long time. After Jan. 2013 he will fundamentally change the America. In time blood will flow in the streets of America!!!

    • Drop Three

      Don’t forget the gays. They are going to redesign the flag to make it more fabulous and gay sexy.

      • bobmann101

        I think BHO will use his own insignia or logo for our new flag.

      • Seyshen

        Finally. I like the idea of the stars, but they could be a little more glittery. Horizontal stripes? Two words. Ne Ver.

    • Sandy 8 Go

      My son tripped on the curb last week and scraped his elbow, OMG, THE BLOOD HAS ALREADY BEGUN TO FLOW ON THE STREETS, God help us all.

  • johnhorse

    ovomit IS a Marxist Socialist Communist and I do not believe that there are really that many people in this country that stupid to have givinen him that many votes.If there are, this Country is TRULY DEAD.I feel for the grand and great grand children that will never know what a great country this was before it died.Right now there are thirty states that have petitioned the white house to secede from the union I AM ALL FOR IT.

    • Jesse Lewis

      Just don’t call yourself a patriot, unless you have Benedict Arnold in mind.

      And leave your Gadsden flag behind – REAL patriots fought under that flag.

  • Duh!

    A LOT IS TWO WORDS! Get back in the house, quit wearing pants, and no one wants to hear a woman’s opinion on politics, stick to what women know! Cooking, child-rearing and cleaning!

    • Seyshen

      If Mittens had gotten elected, we’d already be on that road. I should have voted for him. I see that now.

  • Rundvelt

    No true Christian could have voted for Mitt Romney. Chrisitians say there is one god. Mormons say there are many. And they also say that God is not unique, there are many like him.

    What is happening here, is that Victoria alters her Christianity whenever it suits her. Like most people. She believes in Christianity Version 201,453,309. That being her own version of Christianity.
    What’s sad is that you have a person making absolute statements about where the country is headed, but cannot rationally examine the fact that the Jesus she believed in used divine powers to keep a party going (water to wine miracle) and prefered to leave a good smelling corpse rather then feed the poor (The Woman from Bethany).
    I’m just glad that the majority of Americans are intellectual adults.

    • Seyshen

      Well said.

  • clyptoad

    Some put their trust in donkeys and Nazi versions of the swastika. Some put their trust in elephants and the $. But I put my trust in the Lord my God and nothing else. Yes, the liberals won this battle and that’s okay. I know who is still in control and all the liberals, Marxist, Communist, and Black Liberation Theologists will not change that regardless of how much they spew their hatred of Him or me or Victoria. I really feel sympathy for them. I see them shaking their little tiny fist and screaming obscenities in their tiny little voices at God as if standing at the edge of the sea and demanding that the surf not dare make its way near them. Funny image, yet very sad at the same time. Again, it’s okay. They will not live forever and one day they’ll step into that place where we all will have to travel. If in this life If they failed to accept Him and believe in the One who died for them, they’ll immediately understand what’s happened and what they’ve done once their spirits are forced to take that step outside their dead lifeless human remains. There is no metric for assessing the misery, pain, and anguish that will accompany that moment…because it won’t be just a moment…it will be forever…time will no longer exist. All their hatred, anger, and malice will not change anything…their knees will bow to the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They can choose to do so as a beloved follower and believer in Him during this life or as a guilty defendant sans a defense in the next. The whole ‘fire insurance’ approach isn’t what’s being elaborated here. They shake their tiny fist because they refuse to believe they are sinful and in need of being rescued or ‘saved’. They have been deceived and blinded. I pray they will be convicted of their sin and realize that Jesus died to take the penalty of their sins away so that they can live forever in a place that Scripture tells us is beyond what the mind of man can conceive; eye has not seen nor ear heard the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. Like Greece, Rome, Babylon, and these haters of God, America will pass away someday, and in fact it may have already started that waning process. I do not relish in that thought nor do I find any pleasure in it. I sincerely believe that God has demonstrated via America His Power and Might when a people truly affix their existence to His ways and precepts. I’ll continue to support organizations and people like Victoria who stand for those principles of that former America and will continue to strive to make it last as long as possible…but when it ends…I’ll be just fine….you can too…open your heart and spirit to His voice and love…there is nothing that can compare.

  • MeMikeT

    Liberals, invaders of the body snatchers, that’s what they are. Liberal elites are the ones that turn their backs on the less fortunate. They give from their surplus to keep the less fortunate at bay instead of showing them the way. They would rather give the less fortunate a fish than to teach them to fish. Liberals are masters at ‘do what I say, not as I do’. Liberalism is the seed that produces the weeds that choke the growth of success. Liberalism is a band-aid not the cure. Liberalism, the religion of the elites. Liberalism gives good intentions a bad name. The path to hell is paved with Liberalism.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for Obama and now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. Obamas Big Government Control will now destroy America,the Supreme Court, the Republican Party and anything else that stands in his way as payback for slavery and other so called social injustices.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about this Black Devil Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.—–Original Message—–

  • Tchiock

    I will support Joseph Farah in his efforts—Everyone should~

  • Louis Klar

    What absolutely bothers me more than anything else is that for the last 50 years when the corruptionand law breaking by the liberal Democratic party is so cotton pickin blatant and obvious not a dang single weenie Republican says a single solitary word about it in a way that counts. Oh they pund their chest for FOX news. Then they just go about their job protecting business. I am loosing site of who is worse. Help me.


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