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TribLive Article: Jackson Finds Humor, Helps People Find Truth

The signature bow. The blond hair. That voice.

“Saturday Night Live” alum Victoria Jackson has a few things she’d like to get off her chest — and she’s not worried about whether or not you’ll like what she has to say. Having long ago established herself as the queen of the “ditz” thanks to countless comedy roles playing to her perceived persona, her latest turn in the spotlight involves using her signature airhead comedy to call attention to political hot potatoes. She’s Christian, she’s conservative, and she’s not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone holding a liberal point of view — from national talk-show hosts like Joy Behar and Alan Colmes to people on the street.

Her political web series, “The Victoria Jackson Show,” has garnered its fair share of attention while successfully provoking an instant reaction that more often than not swings to the extremes. Love her, hate her — there is no in-between. So how exactly did she go from “Saturday Night Live” to Tea Party princess? Her recently released autobiography “Is My Bow Too Big?” starts from the beginning — her Baptist roots, getting discovered by Johnny Carson and invited to perform on “The Tonight Show” 20 times, what a Baptist virgin was doing hanging out at the Playboy mansion, what it was like spend six seasons on “Saturday Night Live” and why she absolutely hates politics.

Question: “The Victoria Jackson Show” gets a lot of attention … is it the right kind of attention?

Answer: I’m just telling the truth. If people want to call me names that just shows what an ugly person they are. I have truth on my show that you can’t show on the liberal mainstream media. I’m very proud of it.

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  • Molly Barbara Loveday

    I cannot believe no one has posted on this yet. I’ve read plenty of books but no where near the number Victoria has I’m sure. But as a rookie writer, I have to say this is the most compelling book I ever read in my entire life- (I’m not saying that because I’m a huge huge huge diehard- wish I can meet her in person fan and get her autograph of VJ. hint hint lol) I’m saying it- because this is a inside story- it’s like you’re there in person and you feel how Victoria felt during the rough and sad times in her life. People thinks she’s a airhead- boy are they way off base. No one can stand up to her wit and intelligence. When people won’t tell your own IQ score- Then It must be off the charts. She is a whirlwind- when people try to stand up to her, they won’t know what hit them.